IronMan, Vol 12, No 3, Page 30, October 1952


WE ARE PLEASED to carry a brief report of the "Mr. Universe" contest held in London July 12. This event, which is now held regularly in London every year has been divided into a professional contest and an amateur contest. This year the professional title was won by Juan Ferrero of France. As you can see from photos in this issue Juan has a marvelous physique and we are sure he well deserved the honor bestowed upon him.

In the amateur class the title was awarded to Mohamad Nasr about whom we know very little. He is an Egyptian bodybuilder. Each group was divided into height classes. There were no Americans represented in this event.

Following are the listings of how the men placed in each class and divisions.

Class 1
WinnerCorrie PretoriusS. Africa24*
2ndArnold DysonEngland24
3rdRoger NovarroBeligum15
4thGeorge WilliamsEngland7
Class 2
WinnerJuan FerreroSpain33
2ndCharly KlejniakPoland28
3rdPaul NewingtonJersey23
4thTed AstonEngland12
5thGeorge HarrisEngland9
Class 3
WinnerMonohar AichIndia19
2ndJack OllertonEngland12
3rdJames HarrisEngland11

*Pretorius elected winner over Dyson by 4 votes to 3.

Professional Mr. Universe: JUAN FERRARO

Class 1
WinnerMohamad NasrEgypt37
2ndJohn LeesEngland33
3rdDennis StallardWales30
4thTed WhiteEngland18
5thHenry DownsEngland17
6thNorman EliasEngland12
Class 2
WinnerMervyn CotterN. Ireland35
2ndJim SaundersEngland32
3rdTony WellerEngland25
4thJoao BaptistaBrazil22
5thErnest MartinsonEngland17
6thEric EasthamEngland16
Class 3
WinnerMark LewisEngland36
2ndDennis WinnEngland28
3rdMyrddin PalmerWales26
4thGerard ZappaBelgium23
5thRon ElandS. Africa22
6thThan TunBurma12

Amateur Mr. Universe: MOHAMAD NASR, Egypt


- Photo at upper left shows the stage and part of audience. Second photo is of MERVYN COTTER, MOHAMED NASR (Amateur Mr. Universe) and MARK LEWIS. Bottom is another photo of same men in a different pose. Photo directly below is of CHARLY KLEJNIAK.

- Photo in upper left is of the power physique of little 4'11" MONOHAR AICH of India. At upper right is another photo of MOHAMAD NASR of Egypt, the new "Mr. Universe" in the amateur competition. He is married, has one child, and is a graduate of Fouad El Awai University and an inspector of the Egyptian Ministry of Social Affairs. He is 6' tall with a 17" neck, 50" chest and 17¾" arms. At lower right is a photo of MONOHAR AICH, JUAN FERRERO (Professional Mr. Universe) and CORRIER PRETORIUS of South Africa. Photo in lower left shows Reg Park making a 435 bench press. It is said that he has made 465 in training. He was the sensation of the show with his great posing.

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