IronMan, Vol 28, No 1, Page 34, November 1968

Schwarzenegger & Tinerino Win Mr. Universe Titles In London

by Achilles Kallos

I have no doubt in my mind that the 1968 NABBA Mr. Universe Contests held in London at the Victoria Palace Theatre on the 21st of September, 1968, were the greatest physique championships ever held.

Many organizations hold so-called Mr. Universe contests in Europe and America but they cannot compare with the NABBA's superbly run show held yearly in London. Competitors come from all over the world.

America, Argentina, Algeria, South Africa, Australia and nearly every European country send representatives. Other organizations cannot boast this amazing patronage. The standard this year, in my opinion, was the highest ever. In the Amateur Section over 70 competitors assembled and two Mr. America winners had to battle it out. Whilst in the Professional division three of the world's greatest physiques fought it out. A few unknowns gave some of the top boys tough competition. First of all, before describing my views on some of the competitors let me tell you something of the workings of the judging.

We were all booked in at the Royal Hotel where the pre-judging was held one day before the actual show. This took a full day and we were split into various height classes. The Amateur section was divided into three divisions: class I, those who were over 5'9"; class II between 5'6" and 5'9"; class III up to 5'6". This enabled the judges to adjudicate in a fairer manner. The Professional section had only two classes because of fewer competitors.

To begin, each height class was lined up and inspected in repose. Then each competitor came out to individually pose for the judges. There was no posing light, nor was any oil allowed. Only a fair decision could be arrived at in these circumstances. There were 15 judges, namely: Jean Stoos, France; Dr. G. Garbe, Germany; U. Devetak, Italy; L. Sell, Ian McQueen, Bill Stevens, Bert Loveday, H. Wrigley, Ken Latham, Bill Noms, Ted White, O. Heidenstam all of the United Kingdom.

The next day we went to the Victoria Palace Theatre which was the venue for a quick dress rehearsal, which is always necessary for a smoothly-run show -- shows for which NABBA is world famous. The actual show was entertainment at its best because there were also variety acts between the posing displays of each height class.

Now to tell you about some of the competitors.

AMATEURS -- Class I -

TALL MEN -- The current Mr. America, Jim Haislop, was closely beaten by a much improved Dennis Tinerino (1967 Mr. America). It must have been one of the toughest decisions for the judges to make. Haislop has a terrific taper, similar to Steve Reeves', and very good legs. Whilst Dennis was more rugged with bigger arms and pectorals. Frank Richard of England, who is only 22 years old, beat famous Vic Downs of Canada. Whilst the current Mr. Britain, big Brian Eastman, could only place fifth. That's how tough the competition was!

AMATEURS -- Class II -

MEDIUM HEIGHT -- This most probably proved the toughest to judge because the first three were very evenly matched. On the other hand, the standard in this division was not as high as the other two height classes. Roy Perrott of England has competed in several Universe competitions and always gives a good account of himself, and won this height division, with Arthur Fairhurst of England a very close second. Janko Rudman of Sweden placed third and had improved tremendously over last year.


SHORT MAN -- Once again the short men proved difficult to judge. An unknown Italian, Franco Colombo, now living in Germany, gave Wilfred Sylvester the fight of his life. Wilfred emerged the winner. Franco subsequently won the most muscular title. The Austrian, Adolf Ziegner, placed third and won the best arms title. His arms measured 20 inches at a height of 5 ft. 5 inches.


With three Universe winners and a highly regarded American, this section was very exciting.

SHORT MEN -- We were fortunate in seeing the Puerto Rican-American, Freddy Ortiz compete in this division. Most probably he has the greatest pair of arms in the world. They must measure at least 20 inches, and when you consider his height 5'6", this is truly fantastic. Freddy's posing routine was something quite different -- he would go into a pose and slowly flex his muscles until fully expanded. This thrilled the audience; they thought they had seen his muscles fully flexed, but then Freddy would expand them even more. John Citrone of England beat out Ortiz in a very close battle. John looked to be in the best condition of his life. When I saw him pumping up in the dressing room I could not believe that a man could pack so much muscle into such a short frame. Former short man winner, Yves Permal of France, although in excellent condition, placed third.

TALL MEN -- This division had only 6 entrants, and Arnold Schwarzenegger had little difficulty in winning it. He went on to win the overall title, but make no mistake, he did not have it all his way. Citrone and Ortiz proved formidable opponents. I had not seen Arnold before, and was very impressed with his overall size and muscularity; however, some thought that he did not look as good as last year.

I have not mentioned much about the variety acts because full reports will be published by others. Besides, I was too busy backstage taking photographs and chatting to various competitors. I was impressed with the friendliness and sincerity of the boys. Many of us had traveled thousands of miles to attend this mammoth show. Some of us could not converse freely with the Germans, Italians, French and Swedes because of the language barrier, but we somehow understood each other.

I had long chats with Jim Haislop and Dennis Tinerino. Both were very friendly and sincere. Dennis contemplates returning next year to compete most probably in the Professional section, whilst Jim doubts if he will compete in another contest because he would like to settle down and get married soon.

The British competitors in particular were most helpful. Brian House, Arthur Fairhurst, Frank Richards and Roy Perrott were always willing to assist whenever called upon. I photographed these four fellows at Rusty Wodds gymnasium. I intend reporting on their training ideas shortly.

Gregory Arax of Paris, the world famous photographer, was once again at the judging and show, taking photographs. He is 72 years of age and has been coming over to each Universe contest since its inception some 20 years ago.

All in all, the 1968 Mr. Universe contest proved a thrilling event in my life, and I'm sure many of the other competitors felt the same.

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- Arnold Schwarzenegger is the new professional Mr. Universe, beating out Citrone and Ortiz.

- John Citrone, greatly improved over last year, was the winner of the short mens class in the Professional contest.

- Dennis Tinerino, back again this year, was the Amateur Mr. Universe winner.

- The group above includes Franco Columbu, 2nd in amateur class three, Wilfred Sylvester, first in class three, Dennis Tinerino, first in amateur class one and Amateur Mr. Unvierse, Roy Perrott, first in amateur class 2, Arthur Fairhurst second in amateur class 2.

- Photo at left shows the perfection of the physique of Wilfred Sylvester, the Amateur Class Three winner. On the opposite page (below) we see the measurements and other data about the competitors that will be of interest, including the photographers' notes as to the winners.

Class 3 (up to and inlcuding 5 ft. 6 in.)
No Name Country Age Height Weight Neck Waist Thigh Calf Upper
1SYLVESTER, WilfredSt. Lucia225-316516½2724½16½18¼47
2CHENIER, JacquesFrance255-3¾17516½29½25¼16½1747
3RADCLIFFE, ArthurEngland395-415516½292415½16½45
4BUTT, Mohammad UmarPakistan335-415016½3023½15½16½44½
5WILD, AlanEngland315-416016½29½2415¾1747
6LE CREN, Jean JacquesFrance245-4½1681727½24½15½17¼46½
7ASHTON, KenWales285-516416½2923½1516½47½
8COLOMBO, FrancoItaly265-51761726½25½17½1850
9ZIEGNER, AdolfAustria295-521818-26182052
10WYATT, MichaelEngland345-514015¾28221515½44
11MASHINI, ShipoS. Africa-5-5175------
12BAKER, MichaelEngland315-5½17816¾3025161849
13HOUSE, BrianEngland295-5½1761730½2417½1748
14McFARLANE, HarryJamaica295-5½18817½282517½18½48
15VIOLA, FerruccioItaly-Argentine245-51181------
16BOZAN, Kamal MhmadSyria285-618017½2924½-17½48
17PILIOTIS, MichaelEngland275-6175163125161848
Class 2 (over 5 ft. 6 in. and up to and including 5 ft. 9 in.)
No Name Country Age Height Weight Neck Waist Thigh Calf Upper
20AHMED, MushtaqPakistan265-6¼16516½3024½15½16½45½
21BABEL, AlainFrance275-717816½29½24161746
22WILLETTS, EricEngland205-717516½2823½1616½47½
23FAIRHURST, ArthurEngland325-7½18617¼3025½16½1850
24DUFFIELD, TonyJersey, C.I.295-7½180173024½1717¼46½
25KALLOS, AchillesS. Africa375-819517½3224½1717½49
26GOBETZ, HaraldAustria235-8222182925½17½18¾53½
27PERROTT, RoyEngland315-819017½32251617½49½
28RUDMAN, JankoSweden285-8¼1961831½2617½1953
29LUNDE, LarsNorway215-8½177162723¾16¼1747
30BLOKZEIL, BobHolland325-8½21217312617¼1849½
31EVERLET, RaymondFrance295-8½19317¼28½25½17¼17¾47
32RUDERHAM, PeterJersey, C.I.335-8½1891732½2516¼1750
33LOIS, BaldoSpain245-8¾19917312617¾18¼50
34TAMPELLINI, RuegeroItaly295-918017292516¼17¾49
35FOSSUM, JarlNorway225-91901729½25½171849
36DE-COLA, JohnUSA---------
Class 1 (over 5 ft. 9 in.)
No Name Country Age Height Weight Neck Waist Thigh Calf Upper
39BOYA, AlphouseCongo265-9½19616½31¾24½15¾1846¾
40LAGOUAG, MouloudAlgeria255-9½18016½-24¼15¾17¼45¾
41MAZZOLI, RobertoItaly285-1018416½29½2415¾1749¼
42RIEDMEIER, HelmutGermany245-1022517¼30½25¼1718½51
43BULL, DouglasEngland205-10½199173024½16½1848½
44RICHARD, FrankEngland225-10121817½3225½17¾1851½
45KEYSER, ChrisS. Africa-5-10½195------
46GREAVES, HenryTrinidad365-1120517302616¾1949
47DOWNS, VicCanada395-11225173226½171949
48HAISLOP JamesUSA265-11½220183227¼1818¾51½
49KEINRATH, KarlAustria256-223018½31-18½19½53½
50MLADENOVIC, PeterYugoslavia266-121018---18¾52
51ROUGH, NormanScotland316-021217¾3026½17½18¾52
52TINERINO, DennisUSA236-0½-1833-1820-
53BYRNE, PadyS. Ireland306-1200173324½16½16¼47½
54EASTMAN, BrianEngland236-122017½3027171850
Class 2 (5 ft. 8 in. and under)
No Name Country Age Height Weight Neck Waist Thigh Calf Upper
57MEYSSAIN, EverardFr. Martinique315-416215¾29¼23½15¾16¾42
58DEIANA, GiuseppeItaly255-4½164172924¼15½1643
59CITRONE, JohnEngland255-518016½3125½16½18½49
60INGEBREGSTEN, LudwigNorway245-5¾180173123¾1617½48¾
61ORTIZ, FreddyPuerto Rico285-619016½2724½16½19½50
63WEIMER, FriedrichGermany255-6½17816¾3025161649
64JORDAN, AbeS. Africa285-6½18018322516½18½49
65MUNOZ, Jose DonatoSpain375-718017302516¼17½48
66JACOBS, SergeBelgium275-717916¾292516-47
67POLLARD, TheodoreEngland255-717816½30251616¾46½
Class 1 (over 5 ft. 8 in.)
No Name Country Age Height Weight Neck Waist Thigh Calf Upper
68LOUVIERS, JacquesF. Guadeloupe275-8½19816½30¾25½16½17¾47½
69BUBB, JohnEngland335-8½18916½312516½17¾48
70KLEBER, NicolasF. Guadeloupe285-9¾20216½32½25¼17¼17¼47¼
71KEENE, AllenUSA265-9185------
72PLUTON, EmmanuelF. Martinique275-10½22517¼29¾2616¼17¼49½
73SCHWARZENEGGER, ArnoldAustria216-225418½32-1921½58

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