Muscle Builder, Vol 11, Num 2, Page 25, March 1961



From the ends of the earth they came . . . from France, Italy and Hungary . . . from England, Scotland and Ireland . . . from Mother India and the Land Of The Rising Sun . . . and from such far-flung islands as Guadaloupe and Trinidad. Then, with a solid phalanx of magnificently-built men from Canada and the United States, the second IFBB Mr. Universe - Mr. America contest got under way!

And what a show it was, with glamour and glitter from performers and spectators alike! Fully as many physique "greats" were in the audience as there were competitors on the stage, and all agreed that this was the greatest physique show ever held under one roof!

Montreal's Monument Nationale was the scene of this titanic event . . . the best-organized (a low bow to live-wire Ben Weider). It was also the most smoothly-run (credit sufficient rehearsal time) . . . the most colorful (because of the infinite variety and types of physiques, and the nationalities of the contestants) . . and the most competently-judged (thanks to such impartial experts as Dr. Frederick Tilney, Joe Plaia and famed wrestler and physique photography, Tony Lanza).

For once . . . for a unique once . . . no grumbling or sounds discontent were heard when the winners and runners-up were announced. If any contestant was disappointed with his showing he rightly blamed only himself and his muscles which were not quite on a par with the winner's. Because of the stimulus of this event (a little competition never hurt anyone!) you can be sure he'll be back next year . . . loaded for bear, with blood in his eye - a sure winner!

In the Mr. Universe division (one competes in either this division or the Mr. America division - not both), the clear winner was popular Chuck Sipes of Sacramento, California. Chuck, as all of you know, walked off with the Mr. America crown in last year's event. This year the much-improved Chuck (his legs were absolutely fabulous and a complete transformation from last year!) was cheered to the rafters . . . and what competition he had! None other than famous Ray Schaefer Mr. America 1956 - was on hand to make Chuck look to his laurels . . . as were Mr. Trinidad - Michel Hercules (that's his real name, too!) . . . Mr. France - Tony Bartoli . . . Mr. Italy - Giuseppe Guarisco.

Chuck's deeply tanned physique, however, stood out from all others . . . such massive muscle size coupled with such sensational muscle definition has not been seen in many a day. His long-famous midsection was more stunning that ever . . . deep, rock-hewn abdominals that made the spectators gasp when he tensed them. Add to that his mighty arms, his super-man chest and those powerful thighs and you have a composite of the type of physique star that Mr. Universe stands for.

Yes, a worthy Mr. U is Chuck Sipes, and when called on to accept his giant trophy and to make a brief speech, Chuck was so overwhelmed at being chosen the winner, and so overcome by the tremendous ovation the audience and participants gave him, that he burst into tears! Here is a gentleman . . . a sportsman . . . and above all, a man of deep humility who is worthy indeed to uphold the traditions of a Mr. Universe. May his tribe increase!

There was, as usual, three classes into which the Mr. U competitors were grouped, according to individual height. Class C was the less-than-five-feet-five, and here the powerfully-built young Japanese star, Ken Tojawa was the winner. Class B was the less-than-five-feet-eight height grouping . . . with Mr. France - Tony Bartoli the undisputed winner. What a powerhouse he is!

Finally - with the audience holding its collective breath - the Class A (over five-feet-eight) winners were announced. Giuseppe Guarisco of Palermo, Italy was third. . . the sensational Michel Hercules (of the prophetic name) was second. . . then the auditorium rocked with applause when Chuck Sipes took first place and the Mr. Universe title.

Ben Weider had wisely decided to offer a prize for the Most Muscular Man in each of these divisions, for to some bodybuilders this means quite as much as winning the over-all title. In short men's class the award was made to Santi Chakrabarty of Calcutta, India - a young man who uses only Weider Basic-Power Methods, and who along with his massive physique has the most incredible muscular definition! A worthy choice for "Most Muscular" in this division.

In the medium-height class, Bill Cook of Ireland was outstanding. He was warmly applauded and generously deserved this special award.

But the real muscle sensation of the entire three classes was Serge Numbret of Guadaloupe whose definition was surely acquired via a sculptor's chisel . . . it was so dramatic that the audience stood up as one man and cheered Serge to the echo! Even his definition has definition!

You're going to read his fascinating training routine in a forthcoming issue of Muscle Builder or Mr. America. And let us urge you to make a determined effort to read about it. It's the absolute most!

It is really unfair to comment on Ray Schaefer's showing because Ray has made a trying trip of over a thousand miles by car with his wife and a sick child. In addition to several mishaps on the road he had the misfortune of having his unbraked car crash into another. We consider it a triumph that Ray even consented to appear at all, because with such distractions he had no chance to exercise or pump-up like the others. Still he looked most impressive, and when Joe Weider photographed him the next day - after he'd had a good rest and had taken a stiff workout - he was the Schaefer of old . . . only a million times better! Just wait until you see his pictures!

In the Mr. America half of this mammoth contest there was a more generous admixture of teen-age bodybuilders with those of the more mature, Mr. Universe type of muscle man. Here the definitive goals of each division were sharply pointed up.

Naturally, one expects a greater maturity of physique and a more outstanding degree of muscular development from a Mr. Universe than from a Mr. America, otherwise there would be little point in presenting both.

It was because of this that Ben and Joe Weider favored a winner in each height class rather than an over-all winner such as Mr. Universe must be. Wisely, Joe and Ben feel that this stimulates competition. . . heightens enthusiasm for more rugged workouts. . . speeds muscle-building efforts. . . and more quickly zooms the Mr. America into a true Mr. Universe champion.

Hence, each man in each height class is legitimately entitled to be called Mr. America. Again, the sound practice of highlighting the Most Muscular Man in each division as an added incentive to harder training and more spirited competition, was scrupulously observed.

In Class C (the short men's class), blond, handsome Germain Godbout of St. Hyacinthe, Quebec was the winner. Germain took the Mr. Canada title two years ago and was in even better shape this time. In this class the "Most Muscular" award went to John Bianculli of New York for his exceptional definition.

In Class B (medium-height class), Larry Cianchetta was the outstanding man and therefore winner. Larry never looked better. . . nor more like his idol Steve Reeves! The "Most Muscular" award in his division went to popular Sam Martin of California and New York, who is both wonderfully symmetrical (he has the most terrific thighs and calves) and dramatically defined.

In Class A (tall men's class), a newcomer no one had ever heard of walked off with the Mr. America title. He's a young architect from Dallas, Texas named Gene Shuey and if ever a classic Greek statue could come to life it would look just like Gene! Standing 5' 11" and weighing 190, Gene has 18½ inch arms, a 52-inch chest, shoulders as wide as a barn door, classically-sculptured deltoids, wide, w-i-d-e lats that taper sensationally into a neat 28-inch waist (which, when he sucks it in slightly measures 23 inches and can be encircled by Gene's two hands!) . . . and his sensational legs with statuesque thighs and calves that would make even the great Steve Reeves do a "double take"! Read about Gene's unique Weider TriSet method of building his arms. . . the "triple-seven" Curl which will appear in next month's Mr. America magazine.

In the Most Muscular Man judging, popular Jean-Charles St. Mars, last year's Mr. Canada, was unchallenged. Jean was even better than last year and we hope that in next year's contest he will compete in the Mr. Universe division. . . he's going to be just that great!

The judges' decisions in all classes of this mighty contest were warmly seconded by the audience which numbered well over 1800 . . . the largest ever seen for this event.

Probably the most impressive sight was the final line-up of all contestants across the great stage, banked at one end with a tremendously impressive array of giant trophies.

As President Ben Weider called each contestant on stage, he awarded him a medal which was hung around the contestant's neck. When all eighty of them had filed on stage, the brilliance of the medals suspended from crimson ribbons made a stirring sight, and it was a memento which each contestant - whether he won or lost - will treasure all his life.

Immediately after the contest a reception was given by the City of Montreal at the City Hall. All the contestants were served refreshments and were greeted by His Honor, the Mayor of Montreal.

While in the city for the three days of pre-contest judging, the contestants received free room and board and were granted training privileges in all of Montreal's fine gyms. We heartily acknowledge the cooperation of Billy Hill, Clement Desjardins, Roland Claude, Leo Robert and Jimmie Caruso, who made every contestant welcome in their respective health studios.

Well, what does it all prove. . . are the Mr. Universe and Mr. America titles just that. . . titles, without importance except to the winner and to the world of bodybuilding on that significant day?

We believe most strongly that each title won advances the causes of healthful bodybuilding across another frontier . . . and that this annual gathering-together of top bodybuilders from all over the world proves to the world that weight-training the Weider way is of paramount importance in building a healthier, happier, more successful civilization.

When men of good will and good physique gather together from every corner of the globe - compare their different types of muscular development - learn from each other new techniques, new routines, new short-cuts to muscle building - when they "pool" their muscle "know-how" in a common cause to help others live the bodybuilder's way of life. . . then the whole idea of the Mr. Universe - Mr. America contest takes on a vital new meaning.

For if each tiny candle that is a new Mr. Universe or Mr. America continues to shine brightly, soon multitudes of others will find the way to a super-abundant, super-healthy life. If our annual event did nothing more than that it would be a worthy event indeed, and worth the attention of all men everywhere who want to improve themselves and their lot in life.

It is to further advance that high ideal of the physiculturist's way of life that soon the Weider organization will make a concerted drive to publicize these ideals even more.

Joe Weider is now working out a plan whereby winners and runners-up in these annual Mr. Universe - Mr. America contests can be put on an annual salary and sent singly and in groups to make public appearances and give muscle-building demonstrations in the cities and towns of the United States. They will bring the gospel of good health earned the Weider way to millions who are now unconversant with weight-training.

Ben Weider began this experiment this year, and over a period of several months popular Billy Hill and Ed Theriault have given countless demonstrations for leading Canadian department stores sports-departments. . . going all the way from Montreal to the furthest tip of British Columbia.

Has it been effective. Terrifically effective! If you had seen Montreal's famous Eaton's department store during the three days of the recent Mr. Universe - Mr. America contest you would have noticed long lines of people waiting outside. Inside, many of the stars who took part in the contest gave stunning demonstrations of the efficacy of weighttraining, and boys and men of all ages - not to mention interested mothers and sisters - simply ate it up!

Today, more than ever before, the health of our country and of the world is of paramount importance - we must be strong, we must be healthy to survive. That's why the Weider organization will soon be sending teams of bodybuilders of national and international repute into your midst. . . to show others the way. Look for them. . . go up and greet them. . . shake hands with them . . . they are the ambassadors of health who may change your life and fortune!


- (Left) The man with the "most" in muscles - CHUCK SIPES - who took the Mr. Universe title is congratulated by JOE WEIDER. That young powerhouse at Chuck's left is KEN TOJAWA of Tokyo. (Below) A complete unknown took the Class A Mr. America award. Popular Texas-born GENE SHUEY is congratulated by Joe Weider. He's flanked on the left by GERMAIN GODBOUT and on the right by LARRY CIANCHETTA.

- Fined-down to razor-sharp definition, JEAN-CHARLES ST. MARS won in his height class. (Center) A special award went to Californian SAM MARTIN for the Most Muscular Man in his division. Sam has especially noteworthy legs and calves.

- A diploma, a medal and the good wishes of JOE WEIDER go to the man with the 20½-inch arms - LEROY COLBERT. Although Leroy didn't compete, his muscle exhibition drew bravos from the huge audience.

- Above: A Trio of powerfully built New Yorkers. L to R: LARRY CIANCHETTA, winner of the medium height division in the Mr. America contest; BOB BURKE, runner-up in the medium height class and SAM MARTIN winner of the Most Muscular Man title, in the same class. Left: Signing the visitor's book at the Montreal City Hall are, L to R: CHUCK SIPES, BEN WEIDER, JOE WEIDER, MRS. BEN WEIDER and GENE SHUEY. Right: Ben Weider congratulates winners in the Mr. Universe contest. L to R: KEN TOJAWA of Japan, winner of the small mens class; Chuck Sipes, winner of the Mr. Universe title and TONY BARTOLI of France, winner of the medium height division.

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