Muscle Builder, Vol 14, Num 2, Page 12, March 1964



If you saw the big 1963 IFBB MR. UNIVERSE - MR. AMERICA - MISS AMERICANA SHOW, then re-live this great moment by reading this exclusive article. If you missed it - "see it now" through this blow-by-blow account of the big day. Here's what happened at the biggest IFBB show ever!

At any moment the steel fire curtain could start on its bone-crushing downward trip. If it had happened, it would have meant the most dramatic ending ever for a physique show.

Steel fire curtains are positioned at the very front of the stage - 5 inches thick - thousands of pounds that when lowered completely separate the stage from the auditorium. They're used in case of fire on either side, to prevent it from spreading.

When up they completely block the stage opening - and so impregnable are they that you can hold a boxing match on one side and an opera on the other, and the loudest cheers on either side will not penetrate the curtain.

A hydraulic system is used to lift and lower them into place - and once they start down slowly there's no raising them until they touch bottom. If the system is faulty, the downward trip is final - and the end of the show can come at any time.

Such was the case at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on the day of the big 1963 IFBB Mr. Universe - Mr. America - Miss Americana Show. The hydraulic system had been out of order for days, and only on this day had the curtain been raised - forcibly - to make way for our show. It could start down at any moment - it could end the show at the beginning - but the Gods were with us all the way!


Tension soared as the top men filed in early that afternoon for pre-judging. It would be the greatest gathering of physique contestants since the old Mr. USA days, when Reeves reigned King. Even the oldtimers couldn't recall a gathering of so many greats.

Included in the Mr. Universe lineup were Harold Poole, Larry Scott, Yvon Brunet, Allen Keene, Jerry Winick, John Bianculli - and other greats familiar to fans everywhere. In the Mr. America there was Reg Lewis - and Freddy Ortiz, Arthur Harris, Carlos Rodriguez, Dominick Juliano, Larry Powers, Ernie Phillips, Hugo Labra and Leo Pereira - to name a few greats. Would Scott beat out Poole for the Mr. Universe crown? Would Lewis beat out Ortiz - or Powers - or Labra? And who would take second and third place wins - Most Muscular and runner-up?

Hopes were high as the men checked in and changed. Excitement mounted in the gym, specially set up for warmups and last-minute training. The time for pre-judging arrived - and as each man went through a series of poses that afternoon - individually and in a group - it became even more difficult to hazard a guess as to what decisions were being formed by the judges. Surely, they were in a tight spot - to separate the very best from the best men ever.

Pre-judging raced on . . . and then the stage lights went out for a brief rest until evening - showtime and finally judging.


It was 7:45 and the lobby was jammed with fans. In the crowd could be seen notables from every part of the world - staunch IFBB supporters who never miss a contest - many new faces among the younger set - AAU bodybuilders, who aren't permitted to enter "outside-the-AAU" contests, who came to "water their mouths" over the huge trophies - AAU officials who came to see what a great show looks like.

Most unusual this evening was the great number of former AAU bodybuilders who "came over the fence" to join the IFBB, and compete in our contests. Star attraction was Harold Poole, one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world - recognized as such by all, but who - for some unknown reason - failed to make the mark with the AAU. This would mean immediate banishment by and from the AAU; unlike the IFBB, the AAU does not allow its members to compete in "outside" activities.

Backstage it seemed almost as crowded and even more exciting - as the contestants and performers checked in. The band was already in the pit, and the trophies were on stage behind the outer curtain - to be seen as soon as the curtain rose. Caruso was ready out front with his camera - as were Doug White, Jack Meinero and Russ Warner - and dozens of magazine and news photographers and reporters. Caruso's assistant was backstage, taking candids of the stars. The contest staff - Bill Goba, Rory Gordon, James McClure, Paul Thomas, John Twichell and Tom Williams - was ready. They and producer-director Bud Parker, IFBB American Director, had everything under control. Official hairstylist Frank Ferrera and assistant were busy trimming hair - doing their part to help the gals and guys look their best.


Showtime, and the anxious crowd quieted as they stood for the "Star Spangled Banner" - traditional at IFBB shows held in America. The National Anthem completed, the fans took their seats as the house lights dimmed to the overture - music from "Bye Bye Birdie." It was rousing - and put everyone in the right mood for the excitement to come.

The curtain rose and the spot hit Bud Parker as he came out to welcome the fans and introduce the judges. The crowd roared approval at the sight of the huge 6-foot-high trophies. The judges were seated in special box seats just above the stage - a vantage point for critical judging. One by one they stood and took a bow as the fans cheered - especially for those they knew so well. Experts all, first there was Philip Bloom - physical education instructor at Lafayette High School in Brooklyn, who is also a Naval Reserves Chief; then, Leroy Colbert, that "Man With the World's Largest Muscular Arms" - who was cheered the loudest; Abe Goldberg, well-known New York gym operator who is now with Figure Tone Health Studios in Scranton, Pennsylvania; Ed Jubinville, IFBB New England Director and "World's Greatest Muscle Control Artist"; popular Tom Minichello, trainer of the stars who owns and operates New York City's Mid-City Health Club; Dr. Michael Schlossberg, now a practicing physician in New York City - and long-time bodybuilder; Dr. Kimon Voyages, multi-title holder especially known for his great legs, now a successful chiropractor in New York City; and famous West Coast photographer Russ Warner, who served as Head Judge. The ninth man - Dr. Frederick Tilney of Miami Beach - had to forego the honor as a consequence of a muscle sprain. (Speedy recovery, Doc!)

With judges' introductions over, Bud then introduced the President of the IFBB, Ben Weider, of Montreal. Tradition calls for Ben's official welcome - and he always adds a few rousing words in behalf of the IFBB. This year's theme concerned the progress of the Federation, and met with great applause. Then - emcee for the first part of the show - the one-and-only George Eiferman, last year's Mr. Universe.

George has a style all his own - and the fans love it. And he took great pride in introducing the first act - longtime friend, Dominick Juliano. Dominick is of the Eiferman era, and, like George, is still in great shape. In fact, he would double as a performer and contestant this evening. Using the name of Frank D'Amore, Jr. - in honor of the great handbalancer who trained him - Dominick stumbles out disguised as a hobo, dragging a potato sack. As the music plays on, he performs miraculous handbalancing feats with the sack - tossing and bouncing it into place - and maintaining grace throughout. In time the sack pops open, and, to everyone's surprise, another hobo crawls out. With the second hobo on his head, they both strip their outer garments - to reveal Dominick in a tux, and the second hobo in a beautiful one-piece bathing suit a beautiful gal still standing on his head. As the act builds, the handsome couple goes through difficult movements, and the act reaches its peak with Dominick performing a Roman Chair Situp as he Presses his partner overhead - her feet cradled in his hands. At this point the curtain falls - as the crowd cheers. A spectacular finish for a spectacular act.

George again. . . to introduce the second act - the fabulous Chuck Sipes, Mr. Universe 1961. Dressed in dark blue sweat pants and a see-through shirt with strongman-type wrist-straps, he enters to thunderous applause. Mammoth is the only word to describe super Chuck - and he looked great this evening. As suspense mounted, Chuck performed his most famous strength feats - bending heavy steel spikes with his fingers snapping a heavy steel chain with his hands - and blowing up a heavy rubber hot-water bottle until it burst. This last feat brought down the curtain to the tune of shattering applause.


Out came George with a few great jokes, and then. . . the first competitors - the lineup of beauties competing for the Miss Americana title.

As each gal stepped into the spot to parade before the fans, cheers and applause drowned out the band's music and encouraged each contestant to give her very best. With the individual posing over, the girls stepped out together each wearing an IFBB gold medallion, to be seen by all as the judges weighed their final decisions. Beauties all - one could only guess the winners' names. Would the top gal be Dottie Giles of New Jersey, or Sheri Lewis (Mrs. Reg Lewis) of California? Who would win Most Shapley? Dorothy Hansen or Marie Fernandez?

And then the big moment of a physique contest - the first male contestants in the Mr. America Contest. The lineup of nearly 50 men was something to behold. Each man would come out individually and pose on the dias, then step off as the next man came on, and would then wait until everyone had posed to come back on stage to be seen with everyone else.

The fans cheered as each man stepped into the spot. There was popular John Benefiield (ex-AAU) of Connecticut, in top shape - gifted with broad shoulders which he had packed thick with muscle. Martin Bogosian of Rhode Island, Frank Klutka (ex-AAU) of Pennsylvania, and Henry Vega of Illinois all looked great. There was Ramon Alfonzo and Dave Walters and Royal Colditz. And 17-year-old Bernie Booth of Massachusetts was in top shape. So were Lionel Pereira and popular Bob Burke.

Really outstanding were Arthur Harris (ex-AAU), making a comeback after years of being absent from the bodybuilding scene. Art was thick with muscle and in top shape - real competition. Henry Jay, Tony Grimek, Tommy Vrola, and Nick Perrotti all looked good. New on the East Coast scene was Ernie Phillips (ex-AAU), great California bodybuilder who has won numerous titles, and who has been featured many times in this magazine. His definition was outstanding this evening - and friend Hugo Labra (ex-AAU) was really in top shape perfect symmetry and packed with rockhard muscle. Outstanding newcomers were Ronald Cuspard (ex-AAU), holder of many Pennsylvania titles, and super-cut-up Carlos Rodriguez (ex-AAU), representing the U. S. Marines. Carlos is certain to make a deep mark in IFBB records in months to come.

Ronald Smith (ex-AAU) of Michigan added to the scene; so did George Fernandez (ex-AAU). Dominick Juliano (ex-AAU) had been long-absent from bodybuilding, but had - through his professional act - maintained peak form. Tonight he would surprise the most critical with his super shape and posing skill. And popular Larry Powers and Rock Stonewall are never disappointments, with their good looks, rock-hard muscle and super cuts. Symmetry is their by-word!

But the real contest was between Freddy Ortiz (ex-AAU) and Reg Lewis (ex-AAU). Freddy made his big splash in the 1962 IFBB Mr. Universe Contest, when he placed 1st in his class. Never before seen to any notable extent, he surprised and shocked the world that night - just one year back. So phenomenal - all that muscle on a 5'5" frame. As you regular readers and fans know (from Freddy's exposure through the IFBB and this magazine), Freddy can well be called the "original Mr. V." His super-wide shoulders and huge chest taper drastically at the waist - and the muscle is picked up again in his powerful legs. His fantastically muscled back ripples - and when he throws his hands above his head, sucks in his midsection and expands that rib-cage - he sets the fans shaking - and shouting for more. His arms are an outstanding feature - 19 cold! In the past year he has cleaned up at IFBB contests - including the 1963 IFBB Mr. New York title, and all minor awards as well.

Reg was in great shape - many thought the greatest in his life. Fantastically muscled and symmetrical, Reg weighed in at 210 - with a 50-inch chest. He was super - and there was no denying it. He was great - as much muscle as Freddy had - super size and super cuts - but who could choose between the two? The judges had to make a decision - and the fans could only guess at this point. It would be a final decision between Reg and Freddy - and the judges were not to be envied this evening.

So great were these two fellows that the fans forced them back on the dias for second poses by applauding and whistling - and yelling for more. Each man was forced to return as soon as he stepped down - for "seconds." And the fans loved it.

As each man stepped out of the spot after posing, he would disappear offstage - to make a clear stage for the man on the platform. In the wings were the director's assistants - helping to keep the men grouped - and giving each man a solid bronze IFBB medallion and 18-inch gold muscleman statue. As the last man stepped into the wings a slight pause - and then as the band struck up a rousing tune, all the men stepped into the picture - for the judges and fans.

It was a great sight - the greatest single collection of bodybuilders the world has ever seen. There they were - mountains of muscle - in the best condition ever - each one wearing his medallion and holding a statue, which glittered under the colored lights and spots. The fans cheered louder than ever - and with a few closing words from George, the fans took a last look as the curtain came down - for a brief intermission.


Out front the fans greeted friends and discussed the fabulous contestants they had just seen - great beauties and muscular giants - presented royally. Everyone guessed who would win these two contests - and talked of the coming Mr. Universe event with great enthusiasm. Expectations were high - and the IFBB would not let them down.

Backstage it was jammed. Bud and assistants were readying the performers and Mr. Universe contestants for the second part of the show. Relatives and friends who had come backstage to visit were busy getting "first-hand" opinions from the contestants themselves - as they wished them well. Many notables in the AAU (who had somehow gotten past our guards) were seen backstage congratulating their friends and admiring the huge trophies. Among them was Joe Abbenda, who especially wanted to see his ex-rivals.

The intermission bell sounded and the fans hurried back to their seats as the band drummed up a rousing medley of songs. Seen making a dash for seats were Rico Tomas and Sam Martin among others. The lights dimmed - the spots flashed on - the curtain rose, and Bud Parker (who would emcee the second part) came out to open the second part of the show.


Chuck Sipes, billed as "The Prince of Bodybuilders," opened the second part with his fabulous posing exhibition. To the music of "Exodus" he sailed through his poses - as the fans sat spellbound in amazement. The curtains opened and closed on Chuck, who left a memorable impression on everyone - first as strongman and now as poser.

Next, a Karate demonstration by Paul Arel, Ralph Gigliotti and team. The big feature was Ralph's 13-year-old boy, Mike - the youngest Brown Belt in the country. This lad was personally selected by the master himself, Masutatso Oyama, to appear in the 1963 Madison Square Garden Championships. Super is the word to describe the demonstration lots of entertaining and instructional action. And what was different compared with most Karate demonstrations was that this one was "Karate in action." That is, rather than demonstrate technique alone, the group put together short dramas - such as a girl being attacked by a madman and Karate experts protecting her. This made Karate seem even more valuable a skill to all. Karate, Inc., by the way is located at 242 Sisson Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut.

The time came for the Mr. Universe Contest - and it was, like the Mr. America, the greatest single collection of bodybuilders ever. Represented were many countries - including Spain, where bodybuilding recently gained a foothold through the efforts of the IFBB. Jose Donato Munoz did his country proud with his sterling efforts and excellent physique - as did the other bodybuilders that evening.

There was popular John Bianculli; Arthur Elden and J. Edison Deleveaux of the Bahamas; Jorge Brisco of Argentina; Allen Keene of Massachusetts; well-known Harry Scott and Jerry Winick; Mike Torres; Rick Quartau; Jimmy Ferri, Guy LaChapelle, Dominic D'Alassandro, Denis Gauthier and Jean-Claude Lepage of Canada; Burnell Williams of Bermuda - to name a few of the greats.

Every man looked super - in the best shape ever. Yvon Brunet looked greater than ever - and if he didn't win, he was destined to come close. But it was a clear contest between Larry Scott (ex-AAU) and Harold Poole (ex-AAU). These muscular giants would battle for top honors - and from the looks of them, one could only guess who would come out on top.

So great were Poole and Scott that the audience demanded a second set of poses of each man - as they followed the same procedure used in the earlier Mr. America competition. They were both great - greater than great - and each had an equal number of supporters in the audience. This would be the most difficult decision of the evening - of all time - maybe even greater than that decision made back in 1947 when Reeves won over Eric Pedersen.

Poole had long been recognized as one of the world's greatest. He had failed to make the mark as an AAU champion, and, because of the IFBB's reputation for fair play, decided to "come over" and try his hand at making a name through the IFBB. He was heavily muscled and had super cuts. Scott was in great shape, too. He was even better than last year - when he was super - when he won the 1962 IFBB Mr. America title. But could he beat out Poole? Was his back as muscular? How did his other parts compare? It was close - and it would be a tough decision.

When the individual posing was over the fans were hoarse from cheering. Then every man came out - in a group for that last look-over by judges and fans - as the band played and the lights gleamed on the muscles - the medallions - the statues - the trophies. There they stood - representatives of the most active bodybuilding countries in the world - from Canada to El Salvador (Julio Menendez) - from Spain to Trinidad (Michael Hercules) - from New York to California.


To allow all the contestants - from the Miss Americana to the Mr. Universe to the Mr. America - to gather behind the closed curtains for the Grand Finale, an act must be scheduled between the last posing and the end - something out front. Tonight it would be the Eifermans - George and Toby.

With Bud's introduction over, the Eifermans came on - George with his trusty trumpet and beautiful Toby in her evening gown. George clowned and Toby sang (a beautiful voice!) - the greatest husband-and-wife team ever - packed with good looks, charm, and talent. The fans really cheered them.


And then the big moment came - the Grand Finale and the presentation of awards. The curtains flew open and a sea of beautiful gals and muscular fellows made the scene. IFBB notables and trophy girls were on stage - all gathered for the big moment.

One by one Bud Parker called the winners' names - from the official list just given him by the Head Judge. As each winner stepped forward for his trophy, an official made congratulations as the cameras clicked and the flash bulbs went off. Tension mounted with every presentation - as the time grew closer for the title awards - "the big 3." At contests of this sort, every winner is happy - even the ones who come just short of winning the major titles. But there is always some disappointment among those who just miss by a hairline. The IFBB, however, preaches good sportsmanship and so deep is this feeling among IFBB contestants that the final outcome is cheered by all - because it is an honest and fair outcome.

As in all IFBB contests the judges did an excellent job - one praised by all - one cheered and not booed by the fans - one each man could be proud of. So, as the show reached its zenith and Joe Weider's beautiful wife, Betty, joined her husband and brother-in-law, Ben, for the official title presentations it was clear to all who would take the crowns - a double win to the Lewis family, Mr. America 1963 Reg and Miss Americana 1963 Sheri - and Mr. Universe 1963 Harold Poole. At the announcement the fans brought the house down with deafening applause - and the winners took their positions beside the six-foot-high trophies - as the music played on - the fans cheered - and the flash bulbs bathed the stage with light. And then the curtain fell - for another year - leaving behind one of the greatest of memories.


For those of you who like to have the full story for the record, here goes:

Miss Americana

Winner: Sheri Lewis
2nd: Dottie Gilles
3rd: Dorothy Hansen
Most Shapely: Sheri Lewis

Mr. America

Overall Winner:
Reg Lewis
1st Place Class Winners:
Hugo Labra
Freddy Ortiz
2nd Place Class Winners:
Arthur Harris
Dominick Juliano
Carlos Rodriguez
3rd Place Class Winners:
Larry Powers
Ernie Phillips
Leo Pereira
Most Muscular Winners:
Arthur Harris
Hugo Labra
Freddy Ortiz

Mr. Universe

Overall Winner:
Harold Poole
1st Place Class Winners:
Larry Scott
Yvon Brunet
2nd Place Class Winners:
Allen Keene
Jerry Winick
Angel Evans
3rd Place Class Winners:
Rick Quartau
Burnell Williams
John Bianculli
Most Muscular Winners:
Harold Poole
Larry Scott
Yvon Brunet


So mammoth were the trophies that automobiles and small trucks had to be hired to take home the booty. In fact, Reg's 6-footer and Scott's 4-footer were too big to be carried home by plane, so Joe arranged to have them shipped by express.

It is the aim of the IFBB to promote physical fitness throughout the world. To do so - to provide the motivation beginners must have to reap the harvest of benefits through bodybuilding - to inspire more and more champions to train hard for IFBB competitions - to justly reward the winners for their years of hard training - the very least the IFBB can do, does and will continue to do is to award appropriate trophies representative of the efforts of the winners. And we believe that 6-footers are the least we can present to top winners. Their massiveness is significant of the effort it takes on the part of the individual winner to build a physique.

We present every contestant with an IFBB diploma, a beautiful solid bronze medallion and an 18-inch gold muscleman statue - all in recognition of each man's training efforts - to further him on to train harder and harder for bigger and better gains - and to inspire all who see to reap the same harvest of benefits. We provide world-wide publicity in Muscle Builder, Mr. America, All-American Athlete and Vigor magazines - to expose the champions to fans and talent scouts everywhere to help further individual success - and provide outlets that may lead to a career in the movies. We see to it that top photographers and reporters from such magazines as Show, the international press and national talent agents are present at major IFBB shows to see for themselves the potential that is so high in each contestant.

We shall continue in our efforts to further bodybuilding - and our main vehicles will be our magazines and our shows. Slowly but surely we are binding the peoples of the world together through good health and big muscles - and we will not cease until it is an IFBB world of good health and good will for all men everywhere!


- A big moment at the 1963 IFBB MR. UNIVERSE - MR. AMERICA - MISS AMERICANA SHOW - The twin presentation to MR. AMERICA and MISS AMERICANA, MR. and Mrs. Reg Lewis, respective winners. On hand at left were that handsome couple, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Weider, and Ben Weider, IFBB President. Note Reg's 6-foot trophy behind him.

- In the spotlight - MR. AMERICA 3rd Place winners, left to right: Larry Powers, Lionel Pereira, and Ernie Phillips. Can you identify some of the hopefuls in the background?

- Presenting Hugo Labra with his MR. AMERICA Most Muscular trophy is Canada's Roger Gerard, IFBB Representative for Montreal. Note Art Harris on the platform, also a MR. AMERICA Most Muscular winner. So was Freddy Ortiz, representing the Short Man's Class.

- Two of the best in the show - 1st Place MR. UNIVERSE winners Yvon Brunet (left - Short Man's Class) and Larry Scott (Middle Man's Class). These fellows lost the title win to Poole by inches!

- Beauties all - Miss Americana winners, left to right: Dottie Hansen, 3rd Place; Sheri Lewis, Most Shapely; and Dottie Gilles, 2nd Place. Later, Sheri was declared MIS AMERICANA.

- Popular Jerry Winick (left), Angel Evans (center) and Allen Keene took the MR. UNIVERSE 2nd Place wins. Keene is one of New England's fastest rising physique stars.

- Canada's blond bomber, Germain Godbout, MR. CANADA winner. He was tough MR. UNIVERSE competition.

- Henry Jay, a strong MR. AMERICA competitor, owns his own gym in Massachusetts. Keep your eye on this boy!

- Two comeback wonders (after several years' absence) were Dominick Juliano (left) and Art Harris (center). Newcomer was Carlos Rodriguez (right). The trio won the MR. AMERICA 2nd Place class wins.

- Phenomenal Freddy Ortiz (left) dominates this picture. He, Art Harris (center) and Hugo Labra won the MR. AMERICA Most Muscular awards in their respective height classes. Note the famous gold statues every contestant received, still in their cellophane covers.

- He needs no introduction - fabulous Larry Scott, last year's MR. AMERICA. Larry just missed the MR. UNIVERSE title win to Poole. He won 1st Place and Most Muscular in his height class.

- Big Reg Lewis - more spectacular than ever - walked off with the 1963 MR. AMERICA crown - beating Hugo Labra and Freddy Ortiz out of the title win.

- Angel Evans looked great - and impressed the judges to the tune of 2nd Place MR. UNIVERSE win in his height class.

- Dominick Juliano made a spectacular showing - after years of being absent from the barbell scene. He won 2nd Place MR. AMERICA in his class. Dom also performed as handbalancer. Article gives details.

- Bob Burke - bigger than ever! Bob really looks powerful at his increased bodyweight. He was a hard-to-beat contender in the MR. AMERICA CONTEST.

- Super-cut Larry Powers looked great. He won 3rd Place MR. AMERICA in his class. Larry is now training down for even more definition - and he will be a real contest threat this year.

- From Trinidad's Tobago Bay was Michael Hercules - and a tribute to his name he was. He just lost a win by a hairline - and we hope to see more of this boy's fighting muscles in the future!

- Here he is - fabulous Freddy Ortiz. Freddy is a master poser. He won MR. AMERICA 1st place and Most Muscular in his class. Note his 19-cold arms!

- Nassau's favorite son - Arthur Elden. Popular bodybuilder who has been a MUSCLE BUILDER cover-man and featured star, made a fine showing in the MR. UNIVERSE CONTEST. This boy is really coming up . . . keep your eye on him.

- Always smiling (and he has reason to here!) is Hugo Labra - MR. AMERICA 1st Place and Most Muscualr winner in his class. Those are his trophies - the 3- and 4-footers!

- Return of the native - Mike Torres - New Yorker back from a brief stay in Puerto Rico. Mike looked terrif' - and came close to winning a trophy in the MR. UNIVERSE CONTEST.

- By popular demand - John Bianculli, who never fails to thrill the fans with unxepected super poses. John won 3rd place MR. UNIVERSE in his class.

- Hard and chiseled as rock was Chicago's Rock Stonewall. A MR. AMERICA contender, he just missed winning a trophy. He's improved a lot in the past year - and is bound to make a big splash in the 1964 IFBB contests!

- A favorite was Ernie Phillips, ex-AAU newcomer to the IFBB. He joined other ex-AAU champions who vied for top honors in this show. Ernie won MR. AMERICA 3rd Place in his class.

- Harold Poole - in his super back pose. This ex-AAU champion thrilled the fans - and his terrific physique won him the 1963 IFBB MR. UNIVERSE crown. Article gives details.

- From Bermuda - Burnell WIlliams. Burnell's first real introduction to bodybuilding was through MUSCLE BUILDER. Soon after he made the pages of this magazine. Now he is a regular IFBB competitor - and in this MR. UNIVERSE CONTEST he won 3rd Place in his class.

- Yard-wide shoulders Willie Cormier made a great showing. From New Jersey, this boy is destined for success in the Iron Game. He was a strong MR. AMERICA contender.

- Solid as rock was Hugo Labra. More-muscle-per-square-inch describes this fabulous star - who won MR. AMERICA 1st Place and Most Muscular in his class.

- Gerard Gauthier's frame presented a symmetrical study. He posed well and impressed the fans with his chest expansion stills. Gerard competed in the MR. UNIVERSE CONTEST.

- Nothing was more spectacular than Harold Poole's Most Muscular pose. It helped him win the MR. UNIVERSE crown - and won him the Most Muscular in his class. Note the fantastic delt separation.

- Chuck Sipes - in another pose . . . part of his terrific posing routine. Chuck performed to music in a special exhibition. This former IFBB MR. UNIVERSE was great to see in action.

- Eddie Robinson sports 19½ arms at 5'6". He competed in the MR. AMERICA CONTEST - and has been making great progress in IFBB contests during the past year.

- "The Prince of Bodybuilders" - Chuck Sipes. Chuck didn't compete . . . he was a special guest . . . featured muscle poser. Here he's shown performing an abdominal isolation. He also performed strength feats, described in article.

- Jerry Winick's Most Muscular pose was super . . . but it didn't top Larry Scott's, who won the Most Muscular award in their height class. Jerry won MR. UNIVERSE 2nd Place in his class.

- Spain's lone entry - Jose Donato Munoz, MR. UNIVERSE contender. Thanks to the IFBB, bodybuilding is now flourishing in Spain. Article gives details.

- Dynamically lithe describes Harry Scott. Harry has super cuts - and a great all-around physique. It was only because of the intense competition that he failed to place in the MR. UNIVERSE CONTEST this year.

- Ronald Cuspard, IFBB newcomer. This ex-AAU champion holds many Pennsylvania physique titles. He was strong competition in the MR. AMERICA CONTEST, and we hope to see more of him in the future.

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