Muscle Builder, Vol 14, Num 12, Page 40, February 1965

Here Is The Spectacular Contest Photo Report You've Been Waiting For:


IFBB American Director

* In a time of great racial strife we of the International Federation of Bodybuilders can be justly proud of the reputation we have built through our total disregard of prejudice. In our more than eighteen years of existence we have never shown partiality towards a member- regardless of nationality, color of skin or religion. Through our organization men of every race have won contests without prejudice. This has served to unite our members.

Those who travel under our banner travel in peace. In Moscow or in Johannesburg. . . in Cairo or in Tel Aviv. . . in Harlem or in Little Rock - where bodybuilders gather they walk on common ground anchored in understanding.

We bodybuilders are a funny breed. We don't care what color a man is what religion or nationality he is. If he's a bodybuilder, we like him. Everywhere throughout the world tension is released and enemies become pals when bodybuilding is the meeting place. We share the same ideals. We think in terms of improvement. We think in terms of human success and we loathe everything that is against man himself.

We have for eighteen years reveled in a WORLD'S FAIR OF PEACE. We will for eighteen eons continue to personify the theme of the 1964-65 World's Fair - peace through understanding. For it is only through the same understanding we IFBB bodybuilders have known these many years, that the world will achieve peace among men.

And so - in this spirit of peace through understanding - the curtain flew open to reveal our pageant of nations - each contestant holding the flag of his homeland. The fans went wild with excitement as the flashbulbs flooded the sea of contestants on stage with light. The music. . . the lights . . . the golden sparkle of trophies. . . the beautiful girls. . . the world's best built men. . . the exciting color of it all - a grand preview of things to come!


As the curtain closed the spot flashed on and I introduced the judges. First there was Bill Cerdas, a MR. NEW YORK title-holder, well-known and respected in the field. Then, Leroy Colbert - a favorite with the fans . . . that man with the world's largest arms who now manages the World Health and Sports Center - a health foods and exercise equipment store at 84th and Broadway in Manhattan.

Our next judge would be introduced later. Now he was backstage, getting ready to perform at the opening popular Ed Jubinville, IFBB New England Director. Ed is a well-known muscle-control artist, and tonight he would introduce his new act. Then he would join the judges, in time for the competition.

Next. . . Jack Meinero of the Mr. V Sports Shop at 520 Third Avenue in Brooklyn. Jack is East Coast Photographer for MUSCLE BUILDER and has been in the muscle business for years. Tonight, for the first time at a big IFBB show, he would leave his customary spot at the camera and serve as judge. Tom Minichiello would also judge - New York's most popular gym owner. Tom knows his muscles . . . he should - he teaches Weider methods 12 hours a day at his Mid-City Health Club at 25 West 36th Street, in Manhattan. Not only top bodybuilders (Harold Poole, Freddy Ortiz, John Maldonado - to name just three) train at Tom's; the Mid-City is also a haven for weight-conscious wrestlers. Name one, for instance? Bruno Sammartino . . . that's who!

And all the way from Miami that grand old-timer. . . Dr. Frederick Tilney - respected by everyone in the game. Doc Tilney made the trip to take part in this contest - the contest destined to go down in history as the greatest ever. Doc is now in his 70's. . . looks younger than 50 . . . has the physique of a man of 30 . . . and feels like 20.

Dr. Kimon Voyages was with us too. Kimon is an outstanding chiropractor - and certainly knows his muscles. He has served as IFBB judge on numerous occasions - and has as background a roster of physique titles. He practices in Manhattan, at 110 West 34th Street.

And all the way from Santa Monica . . . Russ Warner. Russ has been in the Iron Game for many years - and is now in charge of Weider West Coast. He is also West Coast Photographer for MUSCLE BUILDER. To his credit as a photographer he has some of the greatest pictures ever taken of the greats - including Steve Reeves. Tonight he would serve as judge.

With the introduction of the judges over, I then had the audience meet several other key officials, seated or standing ready at various locations. . . Joe and Betty Weider . . . Carsuo. And then I introduced IFBB President Ben Weider.

Ben gave a rousing speech and set the pace for the evening as he mentioned a few of the foreign bodybuilders who would compete. Excitement was keen. . . and now the show was on the road!


I took Ben's place on stage - and I could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone was ready for our first act the fabulous Ed Jubinville.

The curtain opened on the bare dais - an overhead spot fixed on it. I stood at the mike with a rundown of poses - short "titles" I would announce for Ed just before each pose. And as I announced each pose - Ed appeared . . he'd rush out of the stage wings mount the platform. He had mastered each pose - its every characteristic. Based on years of experience, he had gathered the worst - the funniest - the most ridiculous poses he had ever seen. . . and from this he put together a series of about 20 - including the nervous bodybuilder, the guy who tries to sneak in an extra pose, the "get-it-over-with" poser. . . and 17 others - all hilarious. Of course, Ed put his muscle-control muscles to good use. . . and those ears wiggled. . . his rump bumped. . . his biceps split. . . the midsection rolled . . . his shoulders became unhinged and the fans roared with laughter as applause shook the theatre.


And so, with muscle-control in the air, I rubbed my magic lantern - and in the flash of an eye our belly dancer appeared - the beautiful Soraya Melik . . . from the land of Arabian Nights. Months before the show when we were thinking up acts, we thought a belly dancer would be a unique addition to our usually entertaining muscle shows. Now, remember - a belly dancer isn't a stripper. . . she remains fully clothed (in what little is "full" in the first place!) from beginning to end (and. . . what an end!). A-n-y-w-a-y . . . the curtain flew open and out came Soraya - sheer silk floating behind her (don't worry. . . was securely attached to her!). She was ravishing. . . a real beauty with real talent. And as Marty Kaye and his band poured forth Egyptian melodies, Soraya danced and her belly rolled. The fans went wild. . . here were real muscles put to real use - something different. . . seen by many for the first time. Soraya is tops in her field. At this writing she is entertaining at the Golden Horn, a top nightclub on New York's Broadway. Soon she will leave for Las Vegas - where she will appear at the best places. And tonight she was great.


It was "natural" that Soraya followed Ed's act. . . first his version of muscle-control, and then hers. Now the fans were applauding Soraya and I had a great idea (just between us . . . this was planned months before) . . . a bit of competition between Ed and Soraya. It came as a complete surprise to the audience. I called for Soraya and Ed, and they joined me on stage - and then I challenged them to a muscle-control contest. The fans roared in approval - and good-natured Ed and Soraya took their places in the center, under the spot.

Ed bounced his pecs . . . Soraya . . .! Soraya rolled her belly. . . and Ed waved his abs. And this went on for a few brief minutes of some hilarious entertainment. And to their surprise, I gave them each - in behalf of the IFBB - a small trophy. Everyone approved. This bonus "act" turned out to be one of our very best.


Dominick Juliano would appear later as a contestant. He was in great shape. But now he would appear as Frank D'Amore, Jr. - under his professional name.

This is how it went: the curtain opened to reveal a hobo dragging a sack. The music played as the spot followed the fellow (Frank) as he went through his antics. He was dressed for the part - a baggy outfit complete with tattered hat. Then he opens the sack, and to everyone's delight - another hobo crawls out.

The two go through some spectacular maneuvers - and then the second hobo stands on Frank's head. And with the grace of a swan, both strip themselves of their outer garments the old rags. There stands Frank in his tux - and on his head his beautiful partner in her abbreviated costume. The audience goes wild every time.

As the music played the team demonstrated some great handbalancing as their act flowed on. Then the highlight - the climax. . . Frank does a Roman Chair Situp as he Presses his partner overhead. This he does on a special device - a kind of professional Roman Chair - and the audience. . . and especially the bodybuilders who can better appreciate the difficulty of the feat - goes wild. A thrilling act - a beautiful performance that can be seen and enjoyed time after time.


Next. . . the first of our three contests - the MR. AMERICA contestants. Now the fans would see the greatest MR. AMERICA competitors ever - every man a champion. Now the fans would know how difficult a time the judges had at pre-judging earlier in the day. . . how difficult a time they would have now in selecting the winners - winners among winners.

Freddy Ortiz (Mid-City Health Club) was in the greatest shape of his life. When he posed the walls themselves shook from the thunderous applause. How he does it no one knows . . . but he keeps improving. Tonight Freddy's only competition would be Harold Poole (Mid-City Health Club) - in his best shape. He and Freddy could match bodyparts - except for the legs. . . Harold's were a bit more muscular - and just that little bit made the difference.

And Hugo Labra (Muscle Beach Weightlifting Club) was in outstanding shape. If he had been in Freddy's height class, would he have overtaken the great Ortiz for 1st place? Joe Nista (Nista's Southland Gym) was greater than he appeared to be when he was featured as a cover man for the August 1964 MUSCLE BUILDER. Dominick Juliano (Mid-City Health Club) was in outstanding shape - as the audience had seen earlier in the evening. And big Chester Yorton an IFBB newcomer - looked unbeatable. He should make his mark as a champion in coming IFBB contests. Another IFBB newcomer was Don Howorth, also tremendous.

Nick Perrotti (Mr. V Sports Shop) had just won the Most Muscular award in the 1964 IFBB MR. WORLD CONTEST. How would he do tonight? And John Maldonado (Spartans Athletic Club) reminded many of the great Carlos Rodriguez.

And how would Frank Zane (Figure Tone Health Studios) do? When he last appeared at the Academy, he took the 1964 IFBB MR. MASSACHUSETTS 2nd place title. What about Bernie Booth - that tremendous teenager from Massachusetts? Or Royal Colditz - the amazing youngster from New Jersey? And that unbelievable 15-year-old, Robert Ascolese (Ortega's Gym) of New Jersey? Whenever this lad makes an appearance the fans wear themselves out applauding. If he keeps going at the same pace. . . (Continued on page 88) we will soon have another Reeves on our hands. Keep your eye on him.

Or Roman Austin from Long Island? He's come a long way since his first IFBB competition a little over two years ago. He's another fellow to watch closely. Or Eddie Davis. . . Tommy Aybar (Mr. V Sports Shop) . . . John Benefield . . . Richard Bachus (Chattanooga Health Club) . . . Ed Giuliani (Spartans Athletic Club) . . . Ralph Kleiner (Triumph Health Studios) . . . Joe Koytila . . . Eddie Weller (Chattanooga Health Club) . . . Bob Liles (House of Health) . . . Leonard Huntley (Syracuse YMCA) . . . Gary Levy (Mid-City Health Club) . . . Raymond Alfonzo. . . Papl Mastropasqua?

Words cannot describe these contestants . . . study the photographs and you will know how difficult a time the judges had in determining the best of the very best in America. And here's how it all came out: Overall Winner. . . Harold Poole; Short Class. . . 1st, Freddy Ortiz; 2nd, Joe Nista; 3rd, John Maldonado; Most Muscular, Freddy Ortiz. Medium Class. . . 1st, Hugo Labra; 2nd, Dominick Juliano; 3rd, Nick Perrotti; Most Muscular, Hugo Labra. Tall Class. . . 1st, Harold Poole (Overall Winner); 2nd, Chester Yorton; 3rd, Don Howorth; Most Muscular, Harold Poole.


Even intermission is exciting at IFBB shows. Backstage we were busy getting the second part of the show ready. Everything must run like clock-work. . . even a minute wasted could throw a show off-course and make for a boring evening. And a few well-wishers came back with their compliments-to tell us how great everything looked from out front. This included a number of top AAU bodybuilders -- who are not permitted to compete in IFBB contests, according to AAU rules. In fact, earlier in the day during pre-judging, Joe Abbenda and John Decola (among several top AAU men) were permitted to watch proceedings (this session is closed to all except officials, contestants and the press)-to show two AAU bodybuilders how the IFBB runs things for the fairest decisions possible. These fellows enjoyed the afternoon and we were happy to have them as our special guests.

But getting back to intermission. . . out front-in front of the theatre on the street-there was excitement too. Later in the show we would feature a strongman-"Iron Jaw" Joe Interliggi from Brooklyn. But now-as a bonus act for the fans-Joe would pull a station-wagon (loaned to us by Jack Meinero of the Mr. V Sports Shop) by his teeth-half way up the block. And in the station wagon were about 25 spectators-and on top (pity Jack's car roof!) and on the hood there were 35 more-for a total of 60 men. This meant that (assuming that each man in or on the car weighed 150 pounds) the total weight to be pulled added up to 13,000 pounds!

The street was jammed. Flashbulbs made night look like day. . . Joe was ready. . . the area in front of him was cleared. . . his harness was attached to the front bumper. . . the other end to a hunk of leather. Joe faced the auto. . . held the hunk of leather between his teeth. . . hands on knees in a squat position-and slowly pulled the auto for a distance of a half block. The crowd went mad with excitement. . . and when the cheers died down it was time to rush back into the theatre for the second part of the show. The beautiful music played by Marty Kaye and his band welcomed them back.


Marty Kaye wound-up the overture as the house lights went out and the stage lights flashed on. I came out and introduced the first act for the second halfthe Fabulous Malony (Ruppert Payne) and his calypso group. The rhythm of the islands filled the air.


Next. . . the second of our great contests-the MISS AMERICANA. Unlike the men, the girls don't use a posing dais. . . they walk onto the stage into the center area and go through a very pretty routine. One follows the otherand after each gal, the statistics on the next one are given. Each contestant poses and then steps into the stage wings. Later, after the individual posing-all the contestants come back so that the judges and fans see them together. This is the same procedure used for the men's groups.

For all the contestants, the band plays light background music-which gives the showing a professional touch and makes for very pleasant viewing. So, to this music, each girl posed-and the fans cheered and whistled approval. The most beautiful contestants included Beverly Hebert . . . Diane Alonge . . . Elva D'Amore (Dominick's niece. . . the one in the act) . . . Geraldine Guido . . . Dottie Hansen. . . Kathy Macri . . . Priscilla Paquette . . . Rose Marie Davis . . . Denyse Harve (Charles' wife, from Canada).

Here's how it turned out: Overall Winner. . . Beverly Hebert; 2nd, Priscilla Paquette; 3rd, Geraldine Guido; Most Shapely, Geraldine Guido.


After the individual posing. . . the girls came back as a group-and then the curtain closed. While the stage-hands moved the dais into place, I gave the audience a rundown of awards-so that everything would be crystal-clear at trophy time.

Now we were ready for the MR. UNIVERSE contestants-a great sampling of the best-built men in the world. Everyone knew that Larry Scott (Vince's Gym) was competing-and everyone knew that it would be impossible for anyone to beat Scott. . . now in his best shape. But what everyone didn't know was that the competition would be keen -even for the great Scott.

For instance, IFBB newcomer Jorge Brisco of Argentina had just won the 1964 IFBB MR. WORLD title in Canada. He had never before appeared in America . . . had never been featured in American magazines (he will now-many times in MUSCLE BUILDER and YOUNG MR. AMERICA) . . . and he was absolutely great.

And what about Rock Stonewall (Eaton's Dietary), who had just won the 1964 IFBB MR. NORTH AMERICA title-and his class in the MR. WORLD? Now he was better than ever. Or Christopher Forde of Trinidad-super wide and spectacularly muscular?

Then there was John Tristram (Vince's Gym) . . . always looking great, but at his finest now. It would be hard to beat him. And that man with the most in symmetry, Sam Martin (Muscle Beach Weightlifting Club)? Or Allen Keene (Natick Health Club)? Or John Bianculli? Or Burnell Williams of Bermuda. . . or Larry Powers (Mr. V Sports Shop)looking absolutely great-plenty of size and cuts for the poor?

How would Eliyahu Amrani of Israel do? Or Norman Callender of Trinidad . . . Henry DeCourcey of Canada. . . Ben Mergui (Studio Montreal) . . . Vic Downs (Vic Tanny's of Toronto) . . . Arthur Elden of the Bahamas. . . Kingsley Poitier of the Bahamas. . . Wilfredo Rodriguez. . . Ray Rusnak of Canada . . . Earlington Sheppard of Bermuda. . . Charles Harve (Studio Montreal) . . . Alfonso Torres of Mexico. . . Alfred St. John of Trinidad? How would these -- our best UNIVERSE contestants fare?

But it was something to see and hear when Scott came out to pose! In all my years in the Iron Game I have never witnessed anything like it . . . and I doubt if very many others have. As soon as the "La. . ." of "Larry" was off my tongue. . . cheers rumbled from the fans. They clapped. . . they screamed. . . the girls swooned. . . they yelled. . . they whistled. . . they stomped their feet. Many in the audience actually felt the floor shake beneath them. You could almost feel the building shake. Everyone loves Scott-and now they wanted as much as they could get from him-his every pose.

Scott is a master on the platform. He's calm. . . he's collected. . . he's cool. He just glides from pose to pose-with grace. When he stepped off the platform . . . the audience cried: "More. . . more. . . more. . . more. . . more. . . They would not relent. . . and Scott had to come out again for a few more poses. The fans were satisfied. . . and they were numb and hoarse from stomping and cheering. Not since the days of Reeves has anyone bodybuilder received such an ovation. . . and while Reeves' contest days were before my time, I feel certain that the ovations given him were not so great as this for Scott.

Here are the results: Overall Winner: Larry Scott. Short Class. . . 1, Rock Stonewall; 2, John Tristram; 3, John Bianculli; Most Muscular, Rock Stonewall. Medium Class. . . 1st, Larry Scott (Overall Wiuner); 2nd, Jorge Brisco; 3rd, Burnell Williams; Most Muscular, Larry Scott. Tall Class. . . 1st, Christopher Forde; 2nd, Sam Martin; 3rd, Allen Keene; Most Muscular, Christopher Forde.


Now the judges would deliberate and finalize their decision. Officials would join us on stage for the finale-and while things were being set-up behind the curtain, "Iron. Jaw" Joe Interliggi would entertain. First, Joe lifted a heavy table with his teeth-as he danced to the music of Marty Kaye.

Then he twisted and untwisted dimes with his teeth. . . hit a soda bottle on top with such force that its bottom was knocked out. . . pick one of our biggest bodybuilders (Ben Mergui - weighing about 225) of the floor with his teeth. . . tear planks of wood apart with his teeth . . . have two of our strongest bodybuilders try and lift him off the floor by his ears (and they couldn't!). And the most amazing thing about this fellow (especially when you remember that he had just pulled a loaded auto weighing 13,000 pounds) is that he stands 5'4" high at a bodyweight of 123!


And now the awards. . . the beautiful trophies (custom-made by Arthur Schneider of the Atlantic Trophy Company in Manhattan). The biggest stood 7-feet high . . . and the "smallest," nearly 3-feet high.

One by one they were given to the winners as the names were announced as the fans roared approval. And then the three big winners-the title holders for 1964 . . . Hebert, Poole and Scott. All three took their places on the dais, and then Ben and Joe Weider joined them with personal congratulations. This was the highlight of the evening-the highlight of the year in the world of muscles! And the music played as the flashbulbs popped-and excitement was keen as the curtain fell on another great-the greatest-of all physique shows!


To tell you what goes into such a show in just a few words would be impossible. Each show takes months of planning. . . and countless hours of work. I enjoy every minute of it-as Ben and Joe Weider do-as Jon Twichell (my key assistant, who takes full charge of the contestants the day of the show-and who is in command of backstage during the show) does. And Roy Gordon, Paul Thomas and Bill Goba -- without them we could never have run a smooth show. Thanks to Frank Ferrera, our hairstylist - who did his part in helping the guys look more handsome and the gals even more beautiful. And to Roger Villeneuve, House Manager at the Academy who stands ready to solve every technical problem. And to Fred Thomas of Bermuda, who on his visit aided us tremendously-as did my personal friend, AI Townsend. And thanks to the dozens of people who did their most for this show of shows!

But most of all-thanks to Ben and Joe Weider. For without their years of work in establishing the IFBB and making bodybuilding what it is today without the Weider System which built the champions-all this could not have been. . . all this could not be. To them go thanks for the organization-for the system-for the methods-for the tools -for the champions themselves. . . for all these go into making a show.


No . . . it isn't over. While in town Caruso photographed every contestant and every exercise of every champion. These photos, along with the contest winning routines and diets, will appear in MUSCLE BUILDER and YOUNG MR. AMERICA for months to come. The training tips of the champions themselves will appear in these magazines and in VIGOR and ALL-AMERICAN ATHLETE-and you who read these articles and see the photos will benefit greatly will through similar training one day join the ranks on stage for another great IFBB contest!


Keep posted. . . never miss an issue of MUSCLE BUILDER or YOUNG MR. AMERICA. In addition to the latest bodybuilding photos, exercise routines, diets, gossip, weightlifting news and everything in the world of muscles-you will read announcements concerning IFBB shows held in your area throughout the year. And right now--read the contest ad on the 1965 IFBB MR. TRI-STATE SHOW, which will be held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on May 8th. Read about it now. . . send for your entry-blank. . . order your tickets early. The ad gives full details. The date of the big 1965 IFBB MR. UNIVERSE - MR. AMERICA - MISS AMERICANA SHOW is September 18th. It will be held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. . . and this I assure you: IT WILL BE BIGGER AND BETTER THAN THE 1964 SHOW! "Impossible!" you say? Then come and see. , . you can't afford to miss it! And keep posted for detailed announcements on this show -and for the special ad, which will break soon. The ad will give full information, including ticket prices and where to send for them. So keep your eyes open. . . 1965 will be a big year in the world of muscles-and you're in for a big time. . . and big muscles too!


- Left to right: Freddy Ortiz (Short Class); Geraldine Guido; Hugo Labra (Medium Class). Missing is Harold Poole (Tall Class) . . . for the Most Muscular and Most Shapely awards. Freddy and Hugo competed for the MR. AMERICA title - and placed 1st in their class. Harold won the title. Geraldine placed 3rd in the MISS AMERICANA. Text gives details.

- Top left: IFBB Hairstylist Frank Ferrera applies the "finishing touch" to pretty Beverly Hebert's hairdo. This candid was taken backstage, before the show. Who knows . . . Frank's mastery may have helped Bererly win the MISS AMERICANA crown! Top right: Frank D'Amore, Jr. and partner - performing the most thrilling stunt in their act. Read on for details. Bottom left: Don Howorth "oils up" backstage. his really great physique won 3rd place in the MR. AMERICA. Bottom right: Soraya Melik "wowed" the audience. This article gives an amusing account of her act.

- Top left: Roman Austin . . . only 17 and already competing with the best. Top right: Chicago's Ralph Kleiner looked great. He failed to place in this contest - but the competition was really stiff. Keep your eye on him in the future. Right: Larry Scott - who "waled away" with the MR. UNIVERSE crown. He is the "greatest" in the world. Bottom left: Don Howorth looked sensational - size and symmetry. Bottom right: Wilfredo Rodriguez . . . only 5'1" but a yard wide.

- Top left: Larry Powers was his best, but he failed to place - because of the stiff competition. Top right: John Maldonado . . . thick and defined. He placed 3rd in his class in the MR. AMERICA. Center left: Allen Deene - a study in muscular symmetry. Center right: Chester Yorton . . . tough to beat. He placed 2nd in the MR. AMERICA. Bottom left: Freddy Ortiz - as fabulous as ever. Would he have won hadn't Poole competed? Bottom right: Harold Poole took the MR. AMERICA title. He has just the right balance of bulk and definition. Note the calves.

- Top left: Nick Perrotti looks better every time he competes. He placed 3rd in his class - in the MR. AMERICA. Top right: Chistopher Forde placed 1st in his class, and won the Most Muscular award in his class. Man . . . what a taper Center right: Frank Zane. He failed to place . . . but only because of keen competition. Bottom left: Joe Nista competed for the MR. AMERICA title. He placed 2nd in his class. Bottom right: Tommy Aybar looked sensational . . . but he failed to place in the MR. AMERICA.

- Top left: Rock Stonewall . . . in great form. He won his class - as well as Most Muscular . . . in the MR. UNIVERSE. Top right: Charles Harvé was at his outstanding best. Center left: Hugo Labra . . . something to see - even when relaxed. He won his class and Most Muscular - in the MR. AMERICA. Center right: Burnell Williams of Bermuda. Bothom left: Jorge Brisco of Argentina. He placed 2nd in his class (the same class Scott was in), in the MR. UNIVERSE. Would he have won the title hadn't Scott competed? Bottom right: Ray Rusnak of Canada . . . a classic chest.

- Top left: Dominick Juliano placed 2nd in his class in the MR. AMERICA. Read about him and his act in this article. Top right: Bernie Booth . . . only 18 and already matching muscles with the best. Center left: John Tristram looked really great. Competition saw him take 2nd in his class in the MR. UNIVERSE. Center right: Eddie Davis . . . only 18 and well on his way to the top. Bottom left: Royal Colditz is going places. He's 19 - and he's come far since his first IFBB appearance nearly two years ago. Bottom right: Kingsley Poitier of the Bahamas looked great . . . but did not place. What a taper!

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