Muscle Builder, Vol 8, No 9, Page 13, December 1966


by Bud Parker, IFBB American Director

EACH succeeding year sees a bigger physique and beauty spectacular held by the Internationl Federation of Bodybuilders at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It is difficult to believe that in coming years this show, one of many similar shows held throughout the world annually, will get even better, but, if the past years are examples of what can happen from one show to the next, then the 1967 version will boast even more top champs than ever before. And this past presentation was great.

FROM as far away as Japan and Argentina champs journeyed to Brooklyn this past September 17th to clash muscles in four top events, the most coveted in all the world -- the MR. AMERICA, MR. UNIVERSE, MR. WORLD and MR. OLYMPIA contests. It was a gathering of more top physique stars on any single stage than ever, in all of bodybuilding history. Champs like Larry Scott, Chet Yorton, Chuck SIpes, Sergio Oliva, Harold Poole, Dave Draper, Don Howorth, Frank Zane, Rock Stonewall, Jorge Brisco and dozens more fought in the battle for fame and fortune.

THERE were beautiful girls in the fifth event -- the MISS AMERICANA beauty contest. There was a band. There were great variety acts known the world over -- handbalancers and tumblers and a strongman. There were nearly four dozen of the most beautiful designed trophies ever to be awarded in any physique show. There was a $1,000.00 cash prize for the MR. OLYMPIA winner. And -- there was a record capacity crowd of thousands who flowed in until every bit of available space was filled in the great auditorium that has housed some of the most famous grand opera companies. The fans themselves came from near and far, some from as far as Australia, to see this historial event. As the moments ticked by the thrills mounted. We share these moments with you in the next six pages.


THE annual MR. AMERICA event is anticipated by the nation's top champions. This year the battle would be especially rough, with such favorites as Rock Stonewall, Don Howorth, Chet Yorton and Frank Zane meeting head-on. Just look over the lineup of stars.

Short Class: Roman Austin, Leon Brown, Ed Giuliani, Frederick Warren, John Laboy, David Mastorakis, Vinnie Reno, Hector Rivera, Rock Stonewall, Hank Zarco. Medium Class: Robert Ascolese, Tommy Aybar, Frank Bagan, William Beach, Ron Damon, Eddie Martin, Hiram Vaughan, Frank Zane. Tall Class: Paul Anderson, Don Howorth, Julian Jackson, Clinton Josephs, Chuck Rotter, David Sheppard, Jerry Valente, Chet Yorton.

Prospective entrants are evaluated as entry forms are received by the IFBB early in the year. After preliminary eliminations are made (to assure a contest among only those bodybuilders who possess muscular development great enough to clash in such a coveted event), the contestants must meet early in the contest day for pre-judging. Here the judges may study the men carefully. Evaluations are made, and the final decisions are reached in the evening, when the contestants pose before the audienceunder proper lighting conditions and in their own routines. This is when posing comes into play, because an expert poser can show his muscles off to best advantage. This is the crucial time in any contest, and in this contest the judges really had to work. The lineup of physique experts included Leroy Colbert (famous champion bodybuilder who now operates the World Health & Sport Center in New York); Ed Jubinville (famous muscle control artist and IFBB New England Director); Dr. Jules Levine (body builder chiropractor and co-owner of the R & J Health Studio in Brooklyn); Tom Minichiello (popular owner of the Mid-City Health Club. in New York, and IFBB New York Director); Franklin Page (well-known and highly respected writer for Iron Man magazine); Chuck Renslow (promoter of physique events and IFBB Director for Chicago); Lud Shusterich (famous bodybuilding champion now stationed in London, as IFBB European Director); Dr. Kimon Voyages (famous physique champion and chiropractor).

This contest came last in the first part of the show. After the National Anthem, in which the entire "cast" of contestants took part by appearing on stage before the audience, with the American flag, IFBB President Ben Weider, spoke briefly. The show opened with a bang -- internationally acclaimed handbalancer Cal Claude. The audience brought the house down with applause. Equally popular was the well-received next act, Chuck Sipes performing strong-man stunts -- which included blowing up and popping it with the force of lung power, snapping a heavy link chain with the hands, and bending an iron bar with arm power alone.

Next, the MISS AMERICANA lineup. Then, the MR. AMERICA contestants, each man posing individually under perfect lighting conditions, each man thrilling the audience with his routine.

The winners would not be announced until much later in the show. This is how it went: MISS AMERICANA -- 1. Robin Horowitz (overall winner); 2. Linda Lees; 3. Gerri LoBosco; Most Shapely, Angelique Holloway.

MR. AMERICA -- Overall winner, Chet Yorton. Short Class: 1. Rock Stonewall; 2. Hank Zarco; 3. Ed Giuliani. Medium Class: 1. Frank Zane; 2. Tommy Aybar; 3. William Beach. Tall Class: 1. Chet Yorton (overall winner); 2. Don Howorth; 3. David Sheppard. Most Muscular, Rock Stonewall. Best Arms (trophy donated by the World Health & Sport Center), Chet Yorton.

A special Best Poser trophy (donated by the R & J Health Studio) was awarded to Frank Zane, a MR AMERICA contestani who was considered by the judges to be the best poser in the entire show (excluding the MR. OLYMPIA event).


WHEREAS the MR. AMERICA event is open to American bodybuilders, the MR. WORLD contest serves foreign bodybuilders almost exclusively. Occasionally , an American is accepted for competition, but unless he has already won many titles in the United States, and is recognized as an accomplished physique star, he is not encouraged to compete in this event -- essentially the domain of non-American bodybuilders. This practice helps maintain a proper balance of bodybuilders in both events, dividing the men equally, and not weighting either event heavily; that is, the practice helps assure an equal number of top men in both contests, discouraging switching at random, by Americans who feel they might have a better chance of winning in this event should the MR. AMERICA contest draw an unusually high number of champs any one year, and vice versa.

Like the MR. AMERICA and MISS AMERICANA contestants, the MR. WORLD entrants underwent preliminary eliminations and pre-judging. The second part of the show started off with a spectacular tumbling act, and then went right. into this event. Just look over the lineup: Short Class - Pedrito Aquintey (Philippines), John Bianculli (New York), Sidney Burrows (Bahamas), Lloyd Derrell (Trinidad), Elliot Gilchrist (Grenada), Germain Godbout (Canada), Takeshi Kimura (Japan), Sal Quintana (Puerto Rico), Burnell Williams (Bermuda). Tall Class - Tony Carroll (Bahamas), Vic Downs (Canada), Dennis Gauthier (Canada), Al Keene (Massachusetts), Sergio Oliva (Chicago, originally from Cuba), Winston Roberts (St. Vincent).

The contestants were well received during the posing, especially Sergio Oliva. In fact, the house rocked with applause when he came out, an IFBB newcomer who, out of dissatisfaction, recently abandoned the AAU, after winning such titles as JR. MR. AMERICA and losing many others -- for reasons best left unsaid. The IFBB and all his fans welcome him. And this was his contest, winning it without a battle. Here are the results.

MR. WORLD -- Overall winner, Sergio Oliva. Short Class: 1. Elliot Gilchrist; 2. Burnell Williams; 3. Germain Godbout. Tall Class: 1. Sergio Oliva (overall winner); 2. Al Keene; 3. Vic Downs. Most Muscular, Sergio Oliva. Best Arms (trophy donated by the World Health & Sport Center), Sergio Oliva.


MOST American bodybuilders choose first to compete in and win the MR. AMERICA contest before tackling this one. Occasionally, however, a champ will "bypass" that contest and go right into the MR. UNIVERSE, The same is true of foreign bodybuilders, who prefer to first establish themselves at home before going into international competition. Why? This event is second only to the MR. OLYMPIA contest in the prestige department. Because of this -- because the IFBB encourages only established champs to compete in the event, and because the champs themselves understand this and impose self-restraint in order to maintain the prestige level of the contest, the lineup is especially superior -- and the challenge is really great.

Just look at this lineup: Short Class: Ed Bates (Trinidad), Gabe Boudreaux (California), Steve Burnett (Trinidad), John Maldonado (New York), Kazutosi Ozasa (Japan). Tall Class: Moise Benmergui (Canada), Jorge Brisco (Argentina), Dave Draper (California), Franklyn Greene (Trinidad), Frank Klutka (Pennsylvania), Joseph McKenzie (Trinidad), Alfonso Torres (Mexico), Glen Wells (Bahamas).

The winners were: MR. UNIVERSE -- Overall winner, Dave Draper. Short Class: 1. Gabe Boudreaux; 2. Kazutosi Ozasa; 3. John Maldonado. Tall Class: 1. Dave Draper (overall winner); 2. Jorge Brisco; 3. Glen Wells. Most Muscular, Dave Draper. Best Arms (trophy donated by the World Health & Sport Center ), Dave Draper.

This was the final event before the presentation of awards. The finale was a spectacle to behold -- the finest physiques in the world gathered on one stage. Excitement built as the winners were announced, accepting trophies and striking a pose for the fans and camera enthusiasts. The flashbulbs popped,and the thunderous applause and cheers shook the hall.

With the presentation of the last award, the stage was cleared and the lights adjusted for the final contest, the most coveted physique event in all the world -- the MR. OLYMPIA contest. A hush fell over the audience.


THE first man out was Chuck Sipes, former MR. AMERICA and MR. UNIVERSE winner who possesses one of the finest physiques in the world. His rock-hard definition and massive proportions thrilled the fans. He was in great shape. In any other event he would have won -- but this night it was a fight among the greatest. The fans roared their approval.

Next, Sergio Oliva -- just minutes before proclaimed MR. WORLD. Sergio is massive and possesses ideal proportions that are defined to their limit. Recognized as one of the world's all-time greats, he is just "beginning" his career as an IFBB champ. Like Sipes, in any other event he would have taken the title without effort.

Next, Harold Poole, former MR. AMERICA and MR. UNIVERSE. Harold was looking at his best this night, far superior to his development last year -- when he lost the OLYMPIA title to Scott. The audience recognized that improvement and cheered him wildly. He was thick and cut-up. His posing routine was perfect. At this point it looked as if the contest would swing his way.

Then -- Larry Scott, the title-holder. The applause was ear-shattering. With the perfection of a seasoned poser, Larry mounted the dais and went through his poses. In the best shape of his life, he was clearly the choice of the audience -- judging by the ovation. When he stepped off the fans cheered for more.

The selection would be difficult for the judges, and the panel wanted to be certain, so they asked the contestants to come out and pose together. The men mounted the dais and, side-by-side went through various poses. Now all eyes were studying.

A brief intermission was called to give the judges time to reach a decision. There is no prejudging for this event, and the experts would have to start from scratch in selecting the best man among the finest in the world. They worked at it for nearly 20 minutes -- and then the announcement was made: "MR. OLYMPIA for 1966 . . . Larry Scott."

The fans applauded and whistled and stamped their feet in approval, and IFBB Chief Joe: Weider presented Larry with his commemorative silver plate - lined with $1,000.00 in cash.

Then, something startling -- Larry took the microphone, thanked all his fans sincerely for their years of support and confidence in him, and announced that this would be his last competitive event. He was retiring from the posing dais, stepping out of the picture to make room for the new champs. Of course, Larry will continue to train and write and pose for MUSCLE BUILDER and MR. AMERICA magazines -- but this would be his last appearance as a contestant. Then too, he will appear at numerous IFBB shows throughout the world, this year and next. In fact, immediately following his win he left for Europe, where he traveled from country to country appearing at IFBB events as special poser, thrilling his thousands of fans everywhere.

Even when the curtain fell for the final time this great event would not end. The thousands of fans rushed around the stage door and awaited the champs -- who filed out and passed through the crowd, shaking hands and giving autographsthe end of an historical and memorable evening.


- IFBB Chief Joe Weider joins the winners on the dais. Left to right - MR. WORLD Sergio Oliva, Weider, MR. UNIVERSE Dave Draper, and MR. AMERICA Chet Yorton

- Left to right: MR. UNIVERSE Dave Draper, IFBB Chief Joe Weider, MR. AMERICA Chet Yorton, MISS AMERICANA Robin Horowitz and MR. WORLD Sergio Oliva. All Join Hands in congratulations.

- The spectacular linup of more than 100 contestants look on as Frank Zane strikes a pose for the fans -- after being chosen Best poser. He also placed 1st in his class in the MR. AMERICA.

- MR. AMERICA Chet Yorton -- a perfect balance of muscular size, definition and symmetry. It was a tough fight. He also won Best Arms.

- Frank Zane was Yorton's closest rival. He won his height class. Many believe he will take the title with ease in 1967.

- Don Howorth was another favorite. He placed 2nd to Yorton in the same height class. Did lack of definition in the legs cause his loss?

- Rock Stonewall placed 1st in his height class. he was also chosen Most Muscular in the MR. AMERICA competition. Another favorite.

- Hank Zarco placed 2nd in his class. He is noted for his massive proportions -- a result of the new Weider principle, Giant Sets.

- Former MR. AMERICA / MR. UNIVERSE Chuck sipes performed his famous strongman routine. He also competed in the MR. OLYMPIA competition.

- Special awards were presented to the contestants who traveled the greatest distance to compete, left to right: Takeshi Kimura (Japan); Pedrito Aquintey (Philippines); Jorge Brisco (Argentina); Kazutosi Ozasa (Japan).

- IFBB Chief Joe Weider joins a few of the top winners for photos. The MR. OLYMPIA competition followed this impressive gathering.

- MR. WORLD Sergio Oliva. He also won Most Muscular, and Best Arms. A former AAU champ, this was his first IFBB competition.

- Third place winners Germain Godbout (left, Short Class) and Vic Downs (Tall Class) pose for the fans. Both are from Canada.

- Burnell Williams of Bermuda placed 2nd in his class. Burnell is IFBB Co-director for Bermuda. He also runs a successful Weider gym.

- Elliot Gilchrist of Grenada won his height class -- his closest rivals being Sergio Olvia and Al Keene. He's a strong contender.

- Al Keene placed 2nd in his class -- a notch behind Oliva. He was in the best shape of his career, exhibiting perfect proportions.

- Sal Quintana of Peurto Rico failed to place -- but only because of the extremely keen competition. He should well with some improvement. (that's what it says)

- Kazutosi Ozasa (left, Short Class) and Jorge Brisco (Tall Class) placed 2nd. Ozasa is from Japan, Brisco from Argentina.

- MR. UNIVERSE Dave Draper -- in a class by himself. His outstanding muscualr size definition and symmetry could not be beat.

- This is only a small part of the crowd that gathered at the stage door after the show -- to congratulate the champs in person.

- IFBB Chief Joe Weider congratulates MR. OLYMPIA winner Larry Scott -- and presents him with the commemorative silver plate and $1,000.00.

- Scott's rivals, left to right: Chuck Sipes (MR. AMERICA/MR. UNIVERSE); Sergio Oliva (JR. MR. AMERICA/MR. WORLD); Harold Poole (MR. AMERICA/MR. UNIVERSE).

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