Muscle Builder, Vol 10, Num 3, Page 21, December 1968


West Coast Editor
(Photos by Juda)

WHEN I was a kid so long ago, I used to love to play with chemistry. One of the experiments I would do was the "magic" one in which we dropped in some chemicals and watched the liquid miraculously go from clear to a brilliant color. Of course, what was done was to prepare a solution with other ingredients that would condition it to become colored with the next and correct chemical. As I remember, it was a beautiful color and I never ceased in delighting in doing the experiment.


Short Class

  1. Rock Stonewall
  2. John Moldonado
  3. Warren Frederick

Medium Class

  1. Frank Zane
  2. John DeCola
  3. Peter Caputo

Tall Class

  1. Don Peters
  2. Richard Giofu
  3. Robert Woods
Overall Winner & new Mr. America
- Frank Zane
Most Muscular Man in America
- Zabo Koszewsi.
Best ArmsJohn Decola
Best ChestMike Katz
Best BackRock Stonewall
Best AbdominalsZabo Koszewski
Best LegsFrank Zane


Short Class

  1. Joe Nista
  2. Elliot Gilchrist
  3. Jose Donato Munoz

Medium Class

  1. Chuck Sipes
  2. Roy Callender
  3. Steve Burnette

Tall Class

  1. Conrad LaFramboise
  2. Tony Carroll
  3. Christopher Ward
Overall Winner & new Mr. World
- Chuck Sipes
Most Muscular Man in the World
- Chuck Sipes
Best ArmsChuck Sipes
Best ChestRoy Callender
Best BackChuck Sipes
Best AbdominalsChuck Sipes
Best LegsNubuo Takemoto


Sergio Oliva


Maurice L. Baker

I can't help comparing what has just happened with that chemical reaction. I just witnessed another type of phenomenon. This one was a more physical than a chemical one. For months the ingredients had been gathered with painstaking care. The components were in the form of IFBB contests that were held all around the country. Reg Lewis had the honor of adding next to the last "ingredient" with the Mr. Western America contest which was won by Dan Mackey. Mackey then jumped a plane and headed for Brooklyn and a try for the Mr. America crown. Now it was left to that master "chemist" Bud Parker to add the last component and stir well to see if a brilliance would burst upon the eyes. Everything was held in the embrace of Joe Weider and the IFBB.

The night of the show was charged with more electricity than a power plant. you could feel it so strongly that you were afraid to rub your feet on a rug. This was it. The World Series and the Super Bowl all in one. Who would win Mr. America? Who would win Mr. World? Who would win Mr. Olympia? Who would be crowned the new arm wrestling champion of the world? And when would all of you reading this now be able to hear the results?

Joe Weider decided that you should have the news as soon as possible and so here I am three in the morning with one eye closed so it can have its turn at sleep while the other scans my misspelling in horror. Simply put, the results are as follows: see right

So that's the ball of wax, but not the story. That is too long to tell, for too many things happened to fit into the limited space that was allowed for this special report. now listen real good -- things happened this night of nights that will make bodybuilding history brighter than ever before. There was more excitement and news than I have ever gathered at a contest before. So much, that it'll take me a week just to find the end of the string to pull to unwrap the whole package. Just like in the serials -- stay tuned and you'll never forget what you read. Till next month -- patience.


- MR. AMERICA - FRANK ZANE, IFBB Chief Joe Weider congratulates Frank Zane on his victory. It was a tough contest . . . closest rivals were Rock Stonewall and John Decola, but Zane, in the best shape of his life, emerged victorious.

- BEST BACK WINNERS, The greatest backs in the world - Roy Callender (left), MR. WORLD Best Back winner, and Rock Stonewall, MR. AMERICA Best Back winner. Callender placed 2nd in his class; Zane won his height class and Best Back.

- BEST CHEST WINNERS, Mike Katz (left), MR. AMERICA Best Chest winner, and Chuck Sipes . . . he won the title, Most Muscular, Best Arms, Chest, Abdominals.

- MR. WORLD - JOE WEIDER - MR. AMERICA, The fans call for a most muscular pose and IFBB Chief Joe Weider strikes one in fun. MR. WORLD Chuck Sipes (left) and MR. AMERICA Frank Zane take a breather between poses. Both men also won other awards.

- SPECIAL HONORS TO THOSE WHO TRAVELED THE GREATEST DISTANCE, Many contestants traveled thousands of miles to compete. To those who traveled the greatest distance went special recognition awards. Each man was given a bronze IFBB medal. Left to right: Odd Erling Hauge (Norway); Gainsford O'Brien (Venezuela); Jose Donato Munoz (Spain); Nobuo Takemoto (Japan); Takeshi Kimura (Japan); Bikash Datta (India); and Jay Gonzalez (Phillipines).

- IFAW WORLD ARM WRESTLING CHAMPION, It was a record turn-out of the strong-armed men. Referee John Haemmerle briefs the finalists . . . and the winner was big Maurice Baker (left) - 1968 IFAW WORLD ARM WRESTLING CHAMPION.

- BEST ABDOMINALS WINNER, Chuck Sipes (left), MR. WORLD Best Abdominals winner, and Zabo Koszewski, MR. AMERICA Best Abdominals winner. Both champs were equally great - but it came as no surprise that Zabo won this division . . . he always does.

- BEST ARMS WINNERS, John Decola (left), MR. AMERICA Best Arms winner, and Chuck Sipes, MR. WORLD Best Arms winner. John Decola placed 2nd in his class, losing 1st place to Frank Zane, who won the overall title.

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