Muscle Builder, Vol 11, Num 6, Page 24, October 1970



A fantastic year for the IFBB ended when Julian Blommaert presented the IFBB Mr. World show, in Belgium

European correspondent and Editor of the French Edition of Muscle Builder Magazine.

Julian Blommaert had been preparing three years for the big one. He had staged numerous shows building up to what he promised would be the swingingest bodybuilding extravaganza. And when at last the big day arrived everyone looked to him to deliver.

True to his word, Julian delivered. First there was the International flavor without which no Mr. World contest can be taken seriously. There were entries from England, America, South Africa, Canada, Turkey, Sweden, Guadeloupe, the West Indies, practically every territory in the world.

Then there was a top rate entertainment bill including John and Connie Citrone's strength act, the Dianne Bennett Girls, A Karate Demonstration, Rick Wayne singing, The Golden Fingers Hit Group. To top the bill, who else but Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the greatest shape of his fantastic bodybuilding career!

The Judging was held the day before the contest, on October 11th, and the list of contestants read like a who's who of all-time bodybuilding greats. Serge Nubret, Frank Zane, Albert Beccles, Conrad Laframboise and others. I almost forgot one of the big hits of the evening, Frank Richard. This was to be his last appearance before moving to California and all eyes were on the young Briton. Frank Zane, perhaps not as big as British bodybuilders had expected, was nevertheless every inch a champion.

Champ after champ, they appeared before a judging panel that included Lud Shusterich, Wag Bennett, Peter Fasching, Yonet of Turkey, and other IFBB Directors, Pierre Vandensteen and Franco Columbu looked truly fantastic, with every muscle standing out in bold relief under their tanned skins.

The show which Julian presented the following evening further enhanced his reputation as Europe's foremost show promoter. The hall was packed to capacity with the most enthusiastic audience I have ever seen in action. They applauded every poses, regardless who the bodybuilder was. Of course, there were special favorites like Columbu, Zane, Vandensteen, Richard, and Beccles who practically caused a riot everytime they appeared.

The Bennet girls appeared in their now famous exercise to music routine and were warmly received. There was some controversy when it was announced that Vandensteen had beaten Columbu for the short class award but Pierre stood smiling throughout the episode. Columbu, great sport that he is, refused to comment. Frank Richard beat a great Serge Nubret for the class two award and Frank Zane made it to the Mr. World title. Arnold Schwarzenegger blew everyone's mind with a dazzling display of super muscle.

And some there hours later it was all over. The best show ever staged in Europe and Julian Blommaert may be justly proud of his achievement.


- Beauty and might at the IFBB Mr. World / Miss West Europe show. Left to right, Frances Blythe, Albert Beccles, Frank Zane, Pat Wheldon, Franco Columbu and Pierre Vandensteen. Read text for details of placings.

- Short class competitors line up before the judges. Pierre Vandensteen in black trunks was eventual class winner.

- A battle for best legs. Once again Frank Zane's baby!

- Michael Baker of England was great. Watch him!

- A show of arms and Albert Beccles beat out Franco Columbu and Serge Nubret.

- Dig the unbelievable biceps of Albert Beccles of Barbados.

- Pierre Vandensteen of Belgium, every inch a champion.

- Guest poser Arnold Schwarzenegger knocked em out, predictably.

- The sensational back of young Dirk Warnez of Belgium.

- Movie star and physique champ, Serge Nuberet was 2nd in Class I.

- Serge Jacobs . . . pride of Belgium is headed for the stars.

- John Citrone was another guest poser. He performed strongman feats at show.

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