Muscle Builder, Vol 12, Num 10, Page 52, May 1971


It is fitting that I should give thanks to Joe Weider, on behalf of Dave Draper, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane and myself, for making our trip to London and the Mr. Universe contest possible. It cost Joe a whole heap of dollars, some 3,000 in fact, and I am really happy with the way things turned out.

The London fans expressed their gratitude too, for this was the greatest line-up of top physiques ever assembled together on one London stage. It says much for Joe's love of bodybuilding that he actually spends money to help make the NABBA show a success.

I have listed the results of the contests, the Amateur and Professional sections, below. But I wish to comment here on these results. I thought Reg Park was indeed lucky to have placed above Dave Draper and I believe the accompanying photographs will supply the evidence.

Frank Zane was lucky too. He was pushed all the way by Frank Richard. It is interesting to note that a special judging panel of girls was .asked to vote for its choice. They all voted in favor of Frank Zane. I guess this must prove something.

I totally disagreed with the results of the short class contest. How Chris Dickerson ended up ahead of Franco Columbu still puzzles me. I thought Franco was so far ahead. Again judge for yourself from the accompanying photos. One judge actually told me Franco displayed too many muscles. He just had to be kidding!

I am sorry I had to be the one to burst the Reg Park bubble. This was only the second time that Reg was beaten in a physique contest. The first time by Reeves. Reg is to be congratulated, however. He was not satisfied to rest on his laurels. He trained and competed. I am sure he was not disgraced. Let's not forget he is now over forty and I am just twenty-three. It was Reg who first inspired me to take up bodybuilding. I read about his background in the Weider magazines during my youth in Germany and I made up my mind to be as great as he was. Later, of course, I decided to be even greater, and, thanks to Joe Weider, I accomplished my dream. But back to Reg Park. I hope he will not allow this defeat to end his days of competition. I am almost certain he will be back next year. I so wish he would decide to compete in the Mr. Olympia event. You have shown the stuff you are made of Reg; you are not a coward. More than I can say for some of the so-called greats in America.

Wouldn't it be nice to see Bill Pearl on the Mr. Olympia stage? I am positive your fans would like to see how you make out against Sergio and me Bill. How about it? A year's hard training should get you into contest condition!

I am rambling. Let's get back to the Mr. Universe contest. This turned out to be a great show. The packed house received the IFBB team most enthusiastically and begged us to return next year. I don't know about that, this is my fifth win over there. But you can bet I shall be in the greatest shape of my life, I say that each year I guess, at the next Mr. Olympia. What more can I say. I try to be as good as I possibly can each year. And with Joe Weider as my trainer, I manage to keep my word.

Editor's Note: Three years ago I appeared in a show in London with Reg Park and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Backstage, Reg made this prophesy. "In just two years this kid will wipe the floor with all existing competition. He'll be the greatest!" I don't know whether Reg included himself however. Strange coincidence that Arnold should have found himself training under Joe Weider soon afterward, just as Reg had done a couple of decades before. But such is a life!


Winner Chris Dickerson,
Franco Columbu second.
Winner Frank Zane
Albert Beccles second
Winner Frank Richard.


Frank Zane


Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Reg Park second,
Dave Draper third.


- The victors with their haul. Arnold gives thanks to Joe Weider for making the NABBA contest the success it was.

- A familiar picture. Arnold Schwarzenegger in victory pose. This time Arnold shares the spoils with another IFBB and Weider star, Frank Zane. The scene is the London NABBA Mr. Universe contest where Arnold took the professional section and Frank the amateur.

- Franco Columbu displays his prize-winning abdominals for comparison with Chris Dickerson's. Dickerson beat Franco for the short class award. What do you think?

- The big three. Dave Draper (left) and Arnold Schwarzenegger could hardly wait to meet Reg Park in competition. The result was a win for the incredible IFBB star Arnold. Reg took second place, with Dave making third.

- Frank Zane believes in keeping bodybuilding's top awards in the family. He wife Christine, the 1967 Miss Americana, took NABBA's Miss Bikini title. And Arnold is happy to lend a hand.

- One of the early Weider stars, Reg Park shakes Dave Draper's hand in friendly greeting, while Arnold Schwarzenegger looks on.

- A typical Dave Draper pose and Dave proves he is a great as ever. Note his streamlined look at a bodyweight of 230 lbs.

- Possibly the three widest backs in bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger (left to right), Reg Park and Dave Draper stand before the judging panel shortly before the pre-judging began.

- The medium height class consisted of a very high standard of physique. Frank Zane and Albert Beccles (front row) make an interesting comparison.

- Boyer Coe was the 1969 winner of the Amateur Mr. Universe title. This year he decided to compete against the big boys in the Professional division. He had to be satisfied with a class win. Boyer was beaten by Franco Columbu, in Ohio one day later!

- Mr. Britain Al Beccles has had quite a run of success this year. Shortly after his Mr. Britain win his flew to Switzerland to take the Mr. Europe title. Frank Zane stopped him taking the Amateur Mr. Universe award as well.

- A show of mighty arms. Left to right, Dave Draper, Reg Park and Arnold Schwarzenegger. We wonder if Reg will decide to compete in the next Mr. Olympia contest. Fingers crossed!

- The tall class Pro Mr. Universe contenders. Reg Park is to be congratulated on his showing. He proved he is man enough to compete against today's crop of bodybuilders, fellows half his age!

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