Muscle Builder, Vol 14, Num 2, Page 24, May 1973

The Battle of the Year

By BEN WEIDER, International President, I.F.B.B.


On September 16th, 1972, bodybuilding afficienados from allover the East Coast jammed their way into the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York to witness one of the greatest bodybuilding events ever held in the United States. Highlite of the gala spectacular affair was the tremendous battle for Mr. World which saw a much improved Mike Katz barely edge popular Ken Waller for the crown. Ed Corney won the Mr. America title going away. Beautiful Maria-Elena Alberici outclassed her rivals to win the Miss Americana in a breeze.

The whole show was beautifully staged and executed with clock-work precision by hard working Tom Minichiello, President of the American Amateur Bodybuilding Association for the State of New York, and Mr. Peter A. Vita, Vice-President, along with their complete committee and staff. Over seven months of preparation went into this show and it was one of the most successful and enthusiastically received bodybuilding events ever held. The capacity crowd was on its' feet wildly cheering and encouraging their favorite stars during the last part of the show. They went home happy.

1972 I.F.B.B. AND A.A.B.A.


  1. Ed Corney
  2. Leon Brown
  3. Paul Keough


  1. Roman Austin
  2. Gordon Babb
  3. Nick Perrotti


  1. Chuck Fautz
  2. Anthony Mancion
  3. Bob Klez


Best ARMS - Ed Corney
Best CHEST - Leon Brown
Best ABDOMINALS - Gordon Babb
Best BACK - Leon Brown
Best LEGS - Ed Corney
Best POSER - Ed Corney

1972 I.F.B.B. MR. AMERICA -

1972 I.F.B.B. AND A.A.B.A.


  1. Elliott Cilchrist, Canada
  2. Loftus Roach. Barbadps
  3. John Bianculli, USA


  1. Franklyn Greene, Trinidad
  2. Steve Burnett, Trinidad
  3. Javier Medina, Mexico


  1. Mike Katz, USA
  2. Ken Waller, USA
  3. Harold Poole, USA


Best ARMS - Harold Poole, USA
Best CHEST - Mike Katz, USA
Best ABDOMINALS - Ed Bates,
Best BACK - Mike Katz, USA
Best LEGS - Ken Waller, USA
Best POSER - Ken Waller, USA

1972 I.F.B.B. MR. WORLD -


I officially opened the festivities by explaining the recent progress of amateur bodybuilding in international circles. In brief, the following facts were the key to my brief oration:

(a) That bodybuilding is now an officially recognized amateur sport, and is respected on the same level as all other sports.

(b) That we made an application for affiliation with the International Olympic Committee, and a favorable answer is expected in the near future.

(c) That negotiations were continuing with the Organizing Committee for the 1976 Olympic Games to be held in Montreal, Canada, and there is every hope that we will participate as a demonstration sport.

(d) That progress was continuing in our negotiations with the A.A.U. I stressed that A.A.U. President John B. Kelly Jr. agrees that it is the international governing body of a sport that has the right to affiliate with the national federation. Therefore, he would like. to see the A.A.U. affiliated with the I.F.B.B.

This information drew tremendous applause from the audience which proves that they appreciate the work the I.F.B.B. is doing on their behalf.

The Vice-President of the I.F.B.B. for Asia, Mr. Ch Mohammad Amin of Lahore, Pakistan, and his colleague Mr. Butt, a high official of the Pakistani Olympic Committee, stopped in New York on their way home from Munich,. Germany, especially to see this contest before they returned home.

We were happy to see Ed Jubenville back again, and wish to thank him for his continued support. Ed is President of the A.A.B.A. for the State of Massachusetts, and he has been a tireless worker in organizing I.F.B.B. amateur contests in his state.

Also present was Ralph Johnson, President of the American Amateur Bodybuilding Association. He helped in the awards presentation.

Canada and Mexico both sent strong teams to participate in the Mr. Americas contest, which was open to bodybuilders from America, Canada, and Mexico only.

The Mr. America title was annexed by Ed Corney in an unanimous decision, although he did get some stiff competition from Leon Brown and Charlie Fautz. Corney, who flew in from San Francisco, was at his best - massively muscular and extremely cut up. His smashing victory enabled him to represent the USA at the I.F.B.B. Mr. Universe contest held in Iraq. (Complete reports with photos in the next issue.)

Over 40 years old, Corney proves that a champion in bodybuilding can keep improving year after year - far into the forties. He was a very popular winner.

The real fireworks were provided in the Mr. World portion of the show when gigantic Mike Katz and Herculean Ken Waller collided head-on in one of the most exciting, hard fought battles in recent memory. The drama was heightened by the fact that Waller had beaten Katz just three weeks previous at the Mr. International contest held in Tijuana. Mike had flown all the way from Maine to Mexico and suffered a disappointing loss. On the way back home, he stopped in Santa Monica and spent a week training with Arnold at Gold's Gym. This was just the spark he needed to inspire him to be in the best shape of life in New York. It was a sweet victory for him when he reversed the decision on Waller.

You had to be there to appreciate just how great Katz looked. Massive as ever and weighing about 245 pounds, the former New York Jet football star displayed fantastically cut up muscles, among the most muscular ever seen, His legs had improved greatly, and his posing ability was far superior, thanks to help from Joe Weider. His overall appearance was 100% improved over previous years.

Ken Waller was in great shape more muscular than ever. However, Joe Weider pointed out that if he had carried a bit more bulk, about eight pounds, he would have looked better and possibly have beaten Mike. Ken was fantastically defined - about the best ever for him - but he paid the price in massiveness to get it. He trimmed down too fast and too far.

Although Mike won, Ken had many fans in the audience who backed him up. The final decision was very close and, as the photos in this article will verify, Mike towered over Ken in size 'and definition. . . While Ken had more depth of mass overall. Mike looked more graceful in build, massive, well defined, but more on the slender side with a greater taper, Ken had mass and excellent definition on the more Herculean side. . . and many of the audience preferred him.

The muscular quality of the contestants was better this year than usual. The posing was noticeably improved also. This shows that the contestants are beginning to master the art of posing and, consequently, additional time spent on this important activity is resulting in better definition and shape.

Arnold and Franco gave their usual exhibitions - singularly and together. The crowd went wild. Neither of them were in their best shape as both were to enter the Mr. Olympia the following week, and they had a full week of hard training and strict dieting to be at their best. (A complete report on the Mr. Olympia will appear next month.)

The Miss Americana winner, Maria Elena Alberici, was one of the most popular beauty queens to ever win this event. She was outstanding and far outdistanced the competition. She is beautiful, with a sexy but regal figure. We were told that she has several sisters at home that are just as beautiful. Right On! We have invited her to visit our West Coast office and while there she will have photos taken with the stars.


- Arnold and Franco (left) participate as guest judges at the Mr. America/Mr. World contest. Competition was extremely close and the judges deliberated long and hard to arrive at the final decision.

- Mike Katz and Ken Waller raged a terrific battle for the Mr. World title. Both men looked sensational but Katz's edge in muscle density earned him the nod.

- Katz, Waller, and Poole compare leg development for the "Best Legs" subdivision . . . Waller won.

- Many of the audience thought that Ken Waller should have beaten Katz. With about 8 to 10 more pounds and the same cuts, he would won for sure.

- The veins pop out and the muscles bulge like a raging volcano of muscular density as Mike Katz turns it on for "Most Muscular."

- The caliber of contestants at the IFBB Mr. America was excellent. Every man was outstanding and posing was first rate.

- A delightful distraction in the form of a curvaceous contestant from the "Miss Americana" shows Bruno Sammartino (left) and Arnold a copy of Muscle Builder.

- Popular Ed Corney swept the Mr. America title with ease. He also won "Best Arms", "Best Legs", and "Best Poser".

- Lovely Maria Allen Alberici is one of the most gorgeous gals ever to win Miss Americana title. She exercises daily.

- Weider training techniques have enabled thousands of bodybuilders to reach the competition stage of perfection.

- Nick Perotti (right) made a terrific comeback and placed third in his class.

- Leon Brown (right) easily won the "Most Muscular" award as well as "Best Back" and "Best Chest".

- Chuck Fautz (center) won his height class in the Mr. America. With 15 more pounds of muscle, he could have possibly won the title.

- Leon Brown and Ed Corney dueled for "Best Back" with Leon getting the nod.

- Leon Brown and Ed Corney are seen battling for the "Most Muscular Man" award.

- John Maldonado displays terrific mass and a very muscular midsection.

- Ben Weider hands the Mr. America trophy to a jubilant Ed Corney.

- Massive Mike Katz smiles from ear to ear as he accepts his trophy and victory hand shake from Joe Weider.

- Ben Weider (center front) and Joe Weider (center top) are shown with all the winners of the Mr. America and Mr. World and the Miss Americana. The IFBB always puts a spectacular show.

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