Muscle Builder, Vol 17, Num 1, Page 70, January 1976


By Bob Berry

With the fast-growing popularity of bodybuilding competition the teenagers are stealing some of the thunder from the big guys. Their latest package shows they have gotten it all together with a dazzling display of big-time muscle and super enthusiasm.

Roland Teufel wears the 1975 Teenage Mr. America crown. He will display that award forever because it happens to be all muscle. The kids have learned what it means to have a great body, and this year, more than ever, competition for the teenage title was raised to the highest level. The results of their determined training could be seen in the battle for both the crown and subdivision awards.

The senior quality of Teufel's posing routine, along with his neatly sculptured midsecion and far-out legs, put him ahead of the pack. How on his heels were John Wisialowski second, and Steve Borodinsky, third.

Teufel, from Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, at 18, could send a chill through Senior Mr. America contestants. He copped the Best Abdominals and Best Legs awards over a field of strong contenders. Wisialowski muscled in to take three subtitles, Best Back, Best Arms and Most Muscular. Ron Mangum romped off with the Best Chest award.

With a bit more arm size and sharper definition Teufel can continue his winning form. Wisialowski packs a might biceps peak, and with increased mass on his waiting frame he should be ready for the big time. Borodinsky, up from fifth place in 1974, as the proportions of a winner, but like many of the others, needs work on his posing routine. In fact, everyone should read Arnold Schwarzenegger's article in the July issue of Muscle Builder/Power, "Techniques of Posing For Competition".

All of the contestants truly represented the caliber of talent that make future Mr. America contests ever more difficult to judge. An enthusiastic audience cheered the final decisions, a rare occurrence in these days of emotion-charged posedown battles of bodybuilding contests.

Ed Jubinville presented his famous muscle control routine and kept the crowd roaring with his impressions of unskilled posers.


- Three of the top winners at the recent Teenage Mr. America contest are (left): Brian Homka, 19, of Utica, N.Y., 4th place; (center) Roland Teufel, 18, of Prosepect Park, Pa., 1st place; (right); John Wisialowski, 19, of West Allis, Wisc., 2nd place; (Third place winner Steve Borodinsky is not shown).

- Ron Teufel, also won best legs and best abdominals at the Teenage Mr. America contest.

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