Muscle Builder, Vol 17, Num 3, Page 17, April 1976



NOVEMBER 7-8, 1975


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The occasion of the I.F.B.B. World Body Building Championships, featuring the Mr. Universe contest, and the Mr. Olympia Professional Bodybuilding Championships in Pretoria, South Africa, has lifted muscle competition to unprecedented levels as both sport and spectacle. Bodybuilders from 37 countries converged at that sunny city's posh Burgers Park Hotel in a round of activities for a solid week that included training information exchanges, new friendships, suntan, and finally, the very real battles for the world's most prestigious physique titles.


Ken Waller, U.S.A.
Short Class Below 5'5"
1. Wilf SylvesterEngland178
2. R. BertagnaItaly175
3. Nicolas KempBelgium168
Medium Class 5'5" to 5'8"
1. Robin RobinsonU.S.A.189
2. Albert BecclesEngland179
3. Gerard BuinoudFrance173
Tall Class Over 5'8"
1. Ken WallerU.S.A.182
2. Roger WalkerAustralia179
3. Paul GrantWales173

IFBB MR. OLYMPIA (Professional):
Arnold Schwarzenegger, U.S.A.
Under 200 pounds
1. Franco ColumbuU.S.A.181
2. Ed CorneyU.S.A.176
3. Albert BecclesEngland172
4. Frank ZaneU.S.A.170
Over 200 pounds
1. Arnold SchwarzeneggerU.S.A.191
2. Serge NubretFrance178
3. Lou FerrignoU.S.A.173

Under nothing less than ideal conditions the great bodies of the world turned on the muscle at the University of South Africa's (Universiteit Van Suid Afrika) velvety auditorium. Filled to capacity on both contest nights, November 7th and 8th, the 1200 seats went from 30 to 50 bucks apiece.

The MR. UNIVERSE Contest

Short Class:

Wilf Sylvester of England started out the amateur activities by winning the Short Class, (below 5'5") of the Mr. Universe contest. With perfect proportions he has muscle as compacted as diamonds. It was impossible to find a weak point on him. A veteran with a flawless posing routine, given the grace of a few more pounds, he might one day emerge an over-all winner.

Medium Class:

Robin Robinson, U.S.A., Medium Height winner (5'5" to 5'8") in his first appearance in international competition, turned on a display of raw muscle that had the South African audience shrieking for more. Broad, massive and muscular with incredible proportions, he was a bit too much for even England's great Albert Beccles.

Tall Class:

Ken Waller, U.S.A., Tall Class winner, had to be in the best shape of his life. He had never shown more mass and cuts. With a miraculous rescue from excessive bulk shortly before the contest, he came on with a slashing, powerful posing routine that gave him a three-point edge over Australia's impressive Roger Walker, and eight ahead of arch rival Paul Grant of Wales.

In a fierce posedown, Ken Waller out-pointed Robby Robinson and Wilf Sylvester to win the overall I.F.B.B. Mr. Universe title. The U.S.A. won the team title.

The MR. OLYMPIA Contest

On the second night of the Championships the Mr. Olympia contest also drew a capacity crowd. The greatest bodybuilders alive came from across the earth to put their muscles on the block for this event.

Under 200-lbs. Class:

Franco Columbu, U.S.A., took the under 200-lbs. Mr. Olympia title. He displayed his overwhelming mass with a dynamic posing routine. It's doubtful if Franco could have packed another ounce of muscle on his body. He had everything it took to win, a steely-hard mass with perfect tone, yet, Ed Corney, U.S.A., came uncomfortably close to winning. Ed's magnificent posing routine held the audience enthralled. It impressed on other contestants the need for, and the advantage, of presenting muscle with maximum power and high style.

Over 200-lbs. Class:

Once again, Arnold Schwarzenegger took the Mr. Olympia title in the heavyweight class (over 200-lbs). Sleek and powerful, he performed as smooth as a racing machine. He never looked better in his life. Had he been anything less he would have fallen to Serge Nubret who came on strong, every pose perfect, glittering with muscle. Lou Ferrigno, big beyond compare, obviously tried to lean his excessive bodyweight on the lighter, more defined Arnold and lost his chance.

The highlight of the contest had to be the posedown between Schwarzenegger and Columbu for the over-all Mr. Olympia title. Highly trained performers both of them, having given dual posing exhibitions on many occasions, they battled pose for pose, this time for real, in their deadly aim for the title. In a scary decision Arnold edged out the smaller Franco by a vote of four to three.


A word of praise and thanks should be extended to Ben Weider, President of the I.F.B.B., the Executive Council of the South African Amateur Bodybuilding Union, and the entire Organizing Committee for the Mr. Universe Championships.

Dr. Piet Koornhof, Minister of Sport and Recreation, deserves a special commendation for having supported these championships by placing his department totally behind the organization of this great spectacle. Also deserving mention for an outstanding job are Mrs. Johann Bester, the President and Secretary of the South African Amateur Bodybuilding Union, and their Organizing Committee, together with Mr. Dany Swanoepoel, of the South African Sports Organization for their very capable and dedicated organizing. These are the people that co-ordinated all the activities that assured total success.

Although more than 250 delegates and bodybuilders participated in the World Championships and Congress, not a single complaint was received. This was due to the tremendous efficiency and dedication of the following I.F.B.B. officials, delegates, and members of the Executive Council: Winston Roberts, Dennis Stallard, Oscar State, Victor Copra, Dr. Jokl, Dr. Golding, Dr. Martinez, Mr. and Mrs. Cabric, Mr. Byeres Hoek, and Mr. and Mrs. Eteinne de Boever, Marc Hankard, and many others too numerous to mention.

All of the delegates, officials and members of the Executive Committee did a fantastic job. They are helping to make bodybuilding, the fast growing sport that it is, continue its progressive accomplishments.

(To be continued next issue.)


- The utterly fantastic Serge Nubret shocked everyone with his rope-like strands of fibrous muscle density

- The power and massiveness of Franco Columbu subdued the tough "under 200" Mr. Olympia competitors.

- Robby Robinson and Ben Weider raise Ken Waller's arms in triumph, acclaiming him Mr. Universe. Short Class winner Will Sylvester admires the ceremony.

- Robinson decimated the medium class by beating Albert Beccles (left) by 10 points. Gerard Buinoud was 3rd.

- Waller won the contentious tall class. An unheralded Roger Walker (left) edge Paul Grant for 2nd. Mike Katz only managed a 4th place.

- Arnold was the over-200 lbs. winner in the Mr. Olympia, defeating Serge Nubret (2nd) and colossal, 270 lb. Lou Ferrigno who nabbed 3rd.

- A spectacular "double biceps" posedown between the under 200 Mr. Olympia finalists. magnificent Franco Columbu emerged victorious over the dynamic Ed Corney (far left) who was 2nd, and astounding Albert Beccles (center) earned 3rd.

- Arnold out-dueled Franco in an epic Mr. Olympia posedown finale, then announced his retirement from competition.

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