Muscle Builder, Vol 17, Num 9, Page 44, December 1976


by Armand Tanny

"The posedown in bodybuilding was started in order to make it a more competitive sport. No one expected it to be sucha mind-blower."

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Under 200 Pounds

  1. Franco Columbu
  2. Frank Zane
  3. Boyer Coe
  4. Ed Corney
  5. Bill Grant

Over 200 Pounds

  1. Ken Waller
  2. Mike Katz


- Joe Weider (opposite page) is off to see yet another edition of the contest he created. Joe is seen with Robby Robinson, Anita Columbu and Frank and Christine Zane aboard the big bird.

- A packed house awaits anxiously for the greatest lineup of muscle ever, seen here oiling up.

- The Under 200 class gave a posedown which had 4,000 crazed fans on their feet screaming 'till the rafters shook. Bodybuilding has never seen such a close race of such calibre.

- Ken Waller triumphed over Mike Katz in the Battle of the Bigs. Only two men competed for the Over 200 class title, but if the crowd's response is any indicator, it wasn't a disappointing display.

- Frank Zane has never looked better. Franco Columbu has never looked bigger. Boyer Coe, who gave those two something to reckon with, showed amazing arms and legs.

- In his first IFBB appearance, Boyer Coe earned the respect of all the competitors after his dramatic presentation. But Coe was in some prety fast company. Like Frnco Columbu who packed enough meat to stock a butcher shop.

- Ed Corney, several pounds heavier than last year, lacked the hardness which he had come to be associated with, but still remains the finest poser in the game. Bill Grant was as musuclar as one could hope to be, but lost points because of his poor calves.

- Perhaps bodybuilding's best proportioned athlete, Ken Waller had little trouble in dispensing Mike Katz, but was not impressive enough to beat Columbu for the overall title.

- It is a title Columbu had been striving towards for several years, and now it is his. Arnold Schwarzenegger with the valuable help of Jim Lorimer produced what everyone agreed was the best physique show ever.

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