Muscular Development, Vol 2, No 12, Page 32, December 1965


By Steve Stanko

IT WAS WELL PAST 2 A.M. (Sept. 5th) when the winners of the Mr. United States physique contest were finally announced. And though some of the crowd began leaving after midnight, several hundred still remained to cheer the happy winners.
1Robert Gajda, Chicago, Ill.94½
2Dennis Tinerino, Brooklyn N. Y.86½
3Jim Haislop, Tampa, Fla.84
4Gene Wells, Runnemede, N. J.83
5Gilbert Hansen, Waterloo, Iowa81
6Charles Estes, Nashville, Tenn.80½
7Bill St. John, Glassboro, N. J.78½
8Tom Helms, Claymont, Del.76½
9William Collins, Washington, D. C.75
10Jerry Clark, Rossville, Ga.74
11Nick Spano, Columbus, Ga.73
12Gene Kuczinski, Baltimore, Md.70½
12John Prendergast, Massapequa, N. J.70½
14Charles Fautz, Neptune, N. J.68
15Bill Parker, Atlanta, Ga.67½
16Ed Cook, Waco, Texas64½
17Ronald Buchanan60
17John Kaczynski, Baltimore, Md.60
19Steve Johnson, Philadelphia, Pa.59
20Owen Smith, Toledo, Ohio58½
21Ted Brown, Clifton, N. J.58
22Joe Arizzi, Jr., Baltimore, Md.56
23Ray Malendez, Philadelphia, Pa.52
24Ray Dotterweich, Baltimore, Md.47
25William Pickels, Jr., Enola, Pa.37
1Robert Gajda
2Gilbert Hansen
3Dennis Tinerino
4Gene Wells
5Charles Estes

This was the first official United States physique contest and was part of the National AAU Power Meet held here in York over the Labor Day weekend. The splendid facilities of the York Catholic High School proved ideal for the big meet. The auditorium was filled to capacity during the evening session. From the standpoint of competitors and attendance, the entire affair was highly successful. The enthusiastic crowd that remained to the bitter end proved this.

Because this was the first official Senior National meet, practically all the lifts made in this championship represented some kind of a record, making it necessary to weigh several of the final lifts in each class. Although this was necessary it proved very time-consuming and overworked the loaders. These fellows, our since thanks to them, actually lifted more weight than any of the competitors and really deserve a rousing hand of applause.

The anticipated physique contest got underway well past the midnight hour, yet in spite of the lateness all the fellows who competed were eager to do their best for the judges and the enthusiastic fans that still remained. These contestants were split into two groups and were asked to line up before the panel of judges and the audience without any special lighting effects. However, while the power meet was in progress all these men were pre-judged backstage although the final decision of who would be the winner was not reached until after each man had the opportunity to present his posing display.

Today more than ever before the judging of these men is becoming increasingly difficult. This is because all of the top men are so closely matched that often there is only a point or less that separates them. Therefore, careful tabulations are necessary to avoid the slightest error which can place one man ahead of the other without justification. All this takes time and results in a lull. This time, however, several fine exhibitions were presented while the judges tabulated the scores.

In vying for the Most Muscular and Mr. United States titles each man was allowed the usual number of poses. However, some of the contestants did more than they were allowed. While this is not objectionable it is unfair to the other contestants and may, in the future, result in the loss of points for those who fail to abide by the rules.

To select the Most Muscular Man two of the contestants, Gilbert Hansen and Bob Gajda, were recalled for further study. Each man did a few poses and, sometime later, the results were announced. Bob Gajda took first, Gilbert Hansen second, Dennis Tinerino third, Gene Wells fourth, and Charles Estes fifth . . . which was approved by the crowd.

After the fine and inspiring posing exhibitions of Billy Parker, Val Vasilieff and Jerry Daniels, the present holder of the Mr. America title, 10 of the Mr. United States contestants were recalled upon the stage. Again each man went through his posing routine and from this group the winner and four runner-ups were chosen. The fifth place man was called up first. This was muscular Gilbert Hansen, next was Gene Wells who got fourth, Jim Haislop third, Dennis Tinerino second, and Bob Gajda the winner. The choice was favored by the remaining crowd which responded with terrific applause to cheer the winner.

Robert Gajda achieved a clean-cut victory over the other contestants. But it should be remembered that in the recent Mr. America contest he placed a very high second in this big event and also took second in the Most Muscular Man contest making him the natural choice. Nevertheless, all and other contestants scored very well and just about every man in this contest was a champion in his own right.

Thus ended another extraordinary power meet and an outstanding physique contest. And as the people were leaving, which by now was nearing three o'clock, you could hear them making plans to return next year for another big show and power lift competition. All in all the whole affair, including the picnic the following day, proved very enjoyable and highly successful. To be sure some plans are already being made to assure next year's show to be even better . . . and it will be!


- Winner of the Mr. United States contest was Robert Gajda from Chicago, who also won the Most Muscular Man title. Robert Gajda has a well-rounded physique with sharp muscularity. He was a favorite with the crowd.

- Dennis Tinerino of Bryooklyn got second and was third in the Most Muscular contest.

- Jim Haislop of Tampa, Florida placed third

- Gene Wells, Runnemede, N. J. took fourth

- Gilbert Hansen, Waterloo, Iowa got fifth

- Robert Gajda was the overall winner of both titles and proved to be a popular choice this year.

- Five of the winners of the Mr. United States physique contest who received trophies. They are, left to right: Jim Haislop of Tampa, Florida 3rd, Gilbert Hansen of Waterloo, Iowa 5th, Robert Gajda from Chicago won the overall title, Gene Wells of Rennemede, N. J. 4th, and Dennis Tinerino of Brooklyn 2nd.

- Winners of the Most Muscular Man contest, all of whom got trophies, were left to right: Charles Estes 5th, Gene Wells 4th, Robert Gajda winner, Gilbert Hansen 2nd, and Dennis Tinerino 3rd.

- Bill St. John, Glassboro, N. J. 7th.

- Tom Helms, Claymont, Del. 8th.

- Charles Estes, Nshville, Tenn. 6th.

- Bill Collins, Washington, D. C. 9th.

- Jerry Clark, Rossville, Ga. 10th

- Billy Parker, Atlanta, Ga.

- John Kaczynski of Baltimore, Md.

- Nick Spano of Columbus, Ga.

- Steve Johnson of Philadelphia, Pa.

- Ray Melendez, Philadelphia, Pa.

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