Muscular Development, Vol 4, No 12, Page 14, December 1967


By Steve Stanko

As usual, the Mr. United States physique contest drew a lot of speculation and kept the audience interested to the very last. The contest was held on September 2nd at the Central High School in North York and was attended by a large and interested throng. The physique competitors were prejudged in a separate building while the lifting was going on in the main auditorium.

Originally the lifting and physique contests were scheduled for two days but a suitable auditorium for that length of time was not available, due to classes beginning right after Labor Day. Holding both contests in one day made things a bit more difficult but with careful planning and with every man and official being "on the ball" kept things moving at an easy but steady pace so that the entire championships were not only over shortly after 11 P.M., but the whole affair appeared professionally runned . . . a great tribute to the men in charge.

1.JIM HAISLOP, Tampa, Fla.77½
2.Will Whitaker, Chattanooga, Tenn.71½
3.Craig Whitehead, USAF71
4.Ken Covington, Philadelphia, Pa.70
5.Bill Seno, Chicago, Ill.69½
6.Gene Wells, Philadelphia, Pa.66
7.Gilbert Hansen, Waterloo, Ia.65
8.Bill St. John, YBBC64½
9.James Morris, Queens, N. Y.64
10.William Grant, Morristown, N. J.
Charles Fautz, Barnegat, N. J.
Bob Cameron, Kokomo, Ind.
Robert Cooper, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
14.Kent Kuehn, E. Lansing, Mich.57
15.Art Turgeon, YBBC
Robert Woods, Chicago, Ill.
17.Herb April, Chicago, Ill.52
18.Bob Byrd, Chicago, Ill.49

In arranging the posing lights for the physique contest something new was tried, more lights and wattage with two of the lights being covered by amber gelatine. It worked out beautifully. All the contestants looked marvelous. Not only was their muscularity emphasized but each of the contestants exhibited excellent body tone due, perhaps, to the gelatine placed over two of the one-thousand watt spots.

There wasn't any competition for subdivisions only the Mr. USA and the Most Muscular Man titles, and the latter award was won by Ken Covington from Philadelphia. Jim Haislop placed second, and third went to Gilbert Hansen, a very muscular fellow from Waterloo, Iowa. Fellows like Bill Grant, Will Whitaker and Bill Seno also placed high in this competition.

The posing display of each contestant was better and of higher caliber than in some of the previous contests, and with the improved lighting effect the whole event looked more professional. However, as all the contestants lined-up on stage without the benefit of the posing lights, it was quite obvious who the winner and runners-up might be. Then as each man took his turn upon the pedestal and went through his posing routine these conclusions were confirmed, even though ALL the contestants presented themselves in a magnificent manner. After this display the winner and four of the runners-up were named, with Jim Haislop the winner (and a popular one, too), Will Whitaker second, Dr. Craig Whitehead third, Ken Covington fourth, and Bill Seno fifth.

However, during the prejudging one of the leading contestants presented his credentials for his athletic ability achieved during his high school days. One of the judges felt that since these were over five years old they were invalid. . . so a lengthy discussion ensued. After a time it was resolved but this issue may become a point of debate in the coming AAU convention, since such points, or the lack of them, could very easily win or lose a title for the contestant.

It is therefore an important issue and any physique contestant getting less than four points for his athletic ability will find it difficult to win a physique title unless his other score is perfect. . . and this is not always possible.

On the whole AAU officials are efficient and reasonable but occasionally some differences do arise under such conditions but are resolved easier. Thus ended another great contest with less disgruntled contestants and spectators. Congratulations for a job well done!


- Winner of runners-up of the Mr. USA contest. L. to R: John Terlazzo, director, Bill Seno 5th, Dr. Craig Whitehead 3rd, Jim Haislop, the winner, Will Whitaker 2nd, Bob Hoffman, sponsor, Ken Covington 4th and Most Muscular.

- Jim Haislop, Mr. USA winner, is from Tampa, Florida. Jim appeared to be a favorite from the beginning, and was in great shape.

- Scott Cooper, Art Turgeon.

- Judges interviewing contestant Kuehn. L. to R: Bob Bendel, Karo Whitfield, Dave Mayor, Bob Crist, Peary Rader, Frank Szymanski, Dennis Tinerino, Bob Gajda.

- Part of the physique line-up as the contestants came out on stage without the benefits of any posing lights. L. to R: Art Turgeon, Ken Kuehn, Charles Fautz and Jim Haislop. All photos by Doug White except the Covington pose below.

- Ken Covington, winner of the Most Muscular Man award is from Germantown, Pa. and was very muscular. Fritshe photo

- Charles Fautz, Will Whitaker.

Results box from Muscular Development, Vol 4, No 11, Page 29, November 1967

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