Muscular Development, Vol 8, No 9, Page 8, September 1971


IT WAS A GREAT WEEKEND -- a hot one, but one of the BEST. Contestants and spectators from allover the country converged on York for the important festivities that took place on June II, 12 and the 13th. But of the three days, the 12th was the hottest night when the battle for the honor of being chosen as the 30th Mr. America was staged. And from this great array of contenders, it was the massive and husky Casey Viator that came through as the winner. During the past year he has been unusually successful in winning ALL the contests that he decided to enter. Still a teen-ager, Casey is the youngest ever to achieve this great honor. Quite an achievement for one so young!


1.Casey Viator
New Iberia, La.
2.Peter Grymkowski   
Rochester, N.Y.
3.Bill St. Joh
Glassboro, N.J.
4.Edward Corney
Freamont, Calif.
5.Carl Smith
Louisville, Ky.
6.Anibal Lopez
New York, N.Y.
7.Charles Amato
Milwaukie, Ore.
8.Joe Tete
Florence, N.J.
9.Bob Gallucci
Hartford, Conn.
10.Michael Mentzer
Ephrata, Pa.
11.Michael Dayton
Napa, Calif.
12.William Grant
Orange, N.J.
13.Curt Haywood
Pataskala, Oh.
14.Ken Covington
Philadelphia, Pa.
15.Kent Huehn
Orlando, Fla.
16.James Handley
York, Pa.
17.Joe Dodd
Trenton, N.J.
18.Frend Shandor
Manville, N.J.
19.Ron Neff
Philadelphia, Pa.
20.Anthongy Pace
Pittsburgh, Pa.
21.Robert Birdsong
Louisville, Ky.
22.Don Ross
Detroit, Mich.
23.Douglas Beaver
Fremont, Oh.
24.Ronald Gibson
Fremont, Oh.
25.Bill Aspaugh
Noblesville, Ind.
26.Robert McNeill
Broomal, Pa.
27.Thomas Willert
Trenton, N.J.
28.Spyros Loukas
Washington, D.C.
29.Sam Stamoulis
Roebling, N.J.
30.Ronald Thompson
Flint, Mich.
31.Tom Campanaro
Fremont, Oh.
32.Thomas Johnson
New Albany, Ind.
33.Thomas Crawford
Greenboro, N.C.

JUDGES: Bob Crist, Chairman
(Virginia Assn.), Morton Steuer
(Metropolitan Assn.), Peary Rader
(Midwestern Assn.), Bob Bendel
(Middle Atlantic Assn.), Joe Paul
(Central Assn.), Jack Lipsky
(south Atlantic Assn.), Jerome
Weis (Ohio Assn.), Gordon Andrews
(Michigan Assn.).

SCORERS: Messrs, Bendel, Paul, Weis.

Most Muscular Man

  1. Casey Viator
  2. Michael Dayton
  3. Bill St. John
  4. Anthony Pace
  5. Peter Grymkowski

Best Arms

  1. Casey Viator
  2. Michael Mentzer
  3. William Grnat

Best Back

  1. Casey Viator
  2. Peter Grymkowski
  3. Charles Amato

Best Chest

  1. Casey Viator
  2. Peter Grymkowski
  3. Bob Gallucci

Best Abdominals

  1. Charles Amato
  2. Anthony Pace
  3. Bill St. John

Best Legs

  1. Casey Viator
  2. Michael Mentzer
  3. Bob Gallucci

Little over a year ago Casey entered and won the Teenage Mr. America title here in York, and less than a month ago, in Bay town, Texas on May 16th, Casey took the Junior Mr. America title, along with most of the subdivision awards. . . which he again repeated in the Seniors. A most impressive string of victories for anyone.

Of course the line-up of contestants this year was one of the best, and certainly one of the largest groups in recent years to assemble, though several failed to put in their appearance at the last minute. Unfortunately, Ken Waller, one of the formidable contenders, was disqualified on the grounds that he allowed his picture, knowingly or unknowingly, to appear in a commercial advertisement circulated in a widely distributed magazine. At a special meeting that morning a final vote was taken on the issue, with only two votes given in his favor, while five opposed him. Naturally, this eliminated him from the competition and Casey had it all his way. If Ken Waller was eligible there would have been a much closer battle for the top honors, since Waller is bigger and heavier and apparently was in top shape, against the shorter but more massive Casey Viator. Of course reaching a decision under those circumstances would have given quite a headache to the judges, and the results might have been different than they turned out. At least it's something to speculate about. However, even as things turned out, a tie for second place resulted between Peter Grymkowski and the perennial Bill St. John. On the second voting ballot, Grymkowski scored 137 points over St. John with 132 points, putting Grymkowski ahead of St. John in the contest. However, another tie for 10th place was also broken by a second ballot. In this case the relatively new-comer, Mike Mentzer, forged ahead of Mike Dayton by one point, 128 to 127. But the overall competition was excellent, and most of the contestants looked really great under the lights.

Periodically, it seems, York has been plagued with the heat of Hades during most of the Nationals that are held here, and this year was no exception. However, the weeks and days BEFORE the York weather was pleasantly cool. . . only to soar near the 90s during the championships. Those who sat through this may be a little shocked to know that immediately following the championships the weather got much cooler, so much so that by Tuesday many places here in York had to turn on the heat! Unbelievable? Yes, but nevertheless, true! In fact ever since the Nationals the weather has been pleasant. . . not nearly as warm as it was during the Nationals. Yet in spite of the heat very few people walked out, and those who did went out only to get a drink of water and returned to their seats promptly. Everyone stayed to the bitter end, so you know it was a good contest and interesting enough to keep everyone in his seat. However, once the winners were announced, and the awards presented, the auditorium began clearing out--but not one minute before!

All in all it was a great championship, and although many people didn't mind the heat, a few did complain. . . but even they did not leave until the finish. Matter of fact, portable air conditioning units were considered prior to the event, but inasmuch as the weather was pleasantly cool earlier, there was no reason to suspect that temperatures would rise near the 90s, as it probably did on Saturday evening when the auditorium was filled to overflowing. Every seat was taken; the aisles were filled, the space along the back row of seats, even the lobby was jammed, all trying to get a glimpse of the contestants as they went through their series of poses. This overcrowding contributed to much of the heat in the auditorium, but as mentioned earlier, everyone remained in his seat until the last of the winners was announced. It was a great contest, and it was put over in a big way. Everyone who witnessed this great event seemed to enjoy it immensely.

There was very little grumbling about the selection. A few thought that Grymkowski should have taken the Best Chest award, and Michael Mentzer should have gotten the award for Best Arms, while Tony Pace should have won the Best Legs trophy. But on the whole the majority of spectators agreed with the decision of the judges, consequently no one booed thus making it a unanimous decision.

Among the assembled throng a number of former Mr. Americas showed up, and everyone of these former title holders looked fit and in top shape. Even muscular Sergio Oliva and massive Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Dan Lurie were about, all looking impressively husky. Matter of fact, Sergio and Arnold plan to compete against each other in London this coming September, along with Bill Pearl, Reg Park, Dennis Tinerino and several others. And in the amateur division, a proposed battled between Viator and Waller is pending; not to forget Chris Dickerson who is again flying over to make his bid for the title. Chris gave a very impressive posing display just before the Mr. America contest got underway, and this man still retains a high degree of muscularity and symmetry that should be a threat in any physique competition.

Our thanks to the appointed photographers who covered the event for Us, especially to John Fritshe, Doug White, AI Antuck, Dave Sauer and Achilles Kallos from South Africa, all of whom did a great job:, but unfortunately due to our deadline we had only contact prints to choose from, therefore used them only in their original size. However, we will feature more of the photos in months to come, and in much larger size. So if you missed this contest, keep a watch on MD. You'll be seeing most of the men in some of their finest poses.

Our thanks goes out to all the men who helped to make this a successful affair, and we look forward to next year's event that will be held in the Detroit area. . . hope to see you there!


- Winner and runners-up in the Mr. America Contest. Left: Bill St. John, tied for second got third on second ballot. Center: Casey Viator - Mr. America. Right: Peter Grymkowski placed second. Contest was one of the greatest in spite of the heat!

- Dickerson giving Casey his award.

- Contestants line-up on stage.

- Line-up during prejudging.

- Bob Gallucci - 9th.

- The Most Muscular Man winners.

- Lined up before the audience.

- Behind the scenes - prejudging.

- Robert Birdsong - 21st.

- Massive Peter Grymkowski - 2nd.

- The New Champ - Casey Viator!

- Muscular Bill St. John - 3rd.

- Photos shot behind the scenes during prejudging.

- Ken Covington - 14th.

- Joe Tete - 8th.

- Some of the contestants L to R: Mike Dayton - 11th; Ron Neff - 19th; Don Ross - 22nd; Ed Corney - 4th; Bill Grant - 12th; Aniabl Lopez - 6th.

- Casey Viator - The winner!

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