Muscular Development, Vol 10, No 1, Page 40, January 1973


By The Staff

THE 1972 MR. USA physique contest in Denver recently turned out to be a well-planned affair and, judging from the audience's reaction, was well received by the crowd. Jim Morris, the man who won the title also took top honors for the Chest and Back.

Only last June in the Mr. America contest that was held in Detroit, Jim although winning most of the subdivisions, took third in the overall competition, and since then has intensified his training and is now reaping the benefits. He didn't have any trouble winning the title.

Although nearly 20 contestants competed, nevertheless, the contest was fairly close among the top five, and the first four were all Californians. In fact any of the top five could have won the title - and would deserve it. Ralph Kroger, for example, has been out of competition for some time and came back strong enough to take second place. Paul Love, who placed third, also looked fit and amazingly muscular. Paul Hill who also competed in the Mr. America contest last June showed marked improvement and won the Best Abdominal award to prove it. And in fifth place the perennial Ken Covington of Philadelphia looked great and continues to place among the top group in most of the contests he enters.

Most of these men looked very muscular under the posing lights and gave the audience a good show. All showed improved posing ability and displayed fine musculature. However, as we go to press only the pictures reproduced here have been received but we're hoping that we get some good pictures of the other contestants which we can use in future issues.

Thus ended a great power championship and physique contest, and plans for the 1973 event is already being planned. We'll see you there!


- The husky group of contestants that compete in the Mr. USA contest in Denver.

- Jim Morris, Los Angeles, the winner!

- Paul Hill, W. Los Angeles, 4th; Ken Covington, Phila., 5th; Ron Thompson, Flint, Mich., 6th; Ralph Kroger, El Cajon, Calif., 2nd; Paul Love, San Jose, Calif., 3rd; Fred Shandor, Manville, N.J., 7th; Jim Handley, York, Pa., 8th; Tom James, Portland, Ore., 9th; Dan Howard, Tulsa, Okla, 10th.

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