Muscular Development, Vol 10, No 2, Page 8, February 1973


By Don Sherman and Staff

THE MR. WORLD Physique Contest and the Powerlifitng Championships were held this past November in nearby Harrisburg and turned out rather successful, especially the lifting part of the meet. In fact about 80 lifters sent in entries but only 64 lifters competed for the individual class titles in the contested eight divisions. Competition was fierce in most classes and all the lifters gave an excellent account of themselves, breaking dozens of World and American records in the process. A complete resume of the lifting appears in this issue and starts on page 14.

Mr. World Results

1Ron Thompson, Flint, Mich.346
2Fred Shandor, Manville, N.J.336
3Don Ross, Oak Park, Mich.327
4Jack Boos, N. Babylon, N.Y.318
5Joe Dodd, Trenton, N.J.309
6Ken DiAngelo, Pennsauken, N.J.307
7Joseph Arizzi, Baltimore, Md.306
8Joseph Sasso, Lynnfield, Mass.304
9Dom Coroniti, Olyphant, Pa.296
10Curt Haywood, Pataskala, O.295
11James Karas, Pittsburgh, Pa.284
12Precious McKenzie, England283
13Robert McNeill, Secane, Pa.283
14Ron Jumper, Carlisle, Pa.282
15Tom Campanaro, Springfield, Pa.278
16Safeli Kanada, Zambia, S. Africa273
17Mike Forgione, Hazel Park, Mich.268
18William Garcia, Puerto Rico250
19Jesus Garcia, Puerto Rico249
20Roger Servin, Jenkintown, Pa.228

Best Abdominals - Don Ross
Best Arms - Ron Thompson
Best Chest - Don Ross
Best Legs - Ron Thompson
Best Back - Don Ross

Most Muscular

  1. Ron Thompson
  2. Don Ross
  3. Fred Shandor
  4. Joe Sasso
  5. John Boos

Because championships of this magnitude come only once a year, we have devoted a number of pages to this lifting account and hope that powerlifters around the world will enjoy this outstanding report.

This, of course, was York's second consecutive World Championships. The first was held last year here in York. They were switched to Harrisburg, however, because last year's venue was not available due to expansion alterations. And because we wanted to make sure that we had a place large enough to accommodate the crowd that was expected, the large Zembo Mosque in Harrisburg was selected. The facilities there were excellent, and though the attendance on Friday was mediocre, Saturday's attendance, especially the evening session for the Mr. World competition, was nearly filled to capacity.

It should be mentioned here that the first Mr. World contest in this country was held 20 years ago, in 1952, in Philadelphia and sponsored by the York Barbell Club. That year, Jim Park, the reigning Mr. America, won the Mr. World title over some strong competition which included a number of outstanding physique champions. Unfortunately, this year's line-up lacked some of the "big names" who were expected to compete, even though several of them expressed the hope of entering but failed to show up.

Although almost 30 contenders sent in their entries only 21 actually showed up to take part in the competition, but none of the big names that were expected. Of course no explanation was given as to why they did not show up . . . they just didn't! It's very possible that anyone of the top five who competed in the Mr. America and the Mr. USA competition might have won the crown when based on their placing in the aforementioned contests, but since none appeared it gave Ron Thompson, the Jr. Mr. USA winner, a clear field to victory.

Contestants were offered first class lodging and food for five days, which amounted to well over $150 per man, so was certainly a good deal for most. But apparently most of the top contenders could not get any additional time off after using up their vacation period when they took part in the other physique contests. But even without these men the contest turned out very well indeed. Those who did enter gave a very fine account of themselves, although more than half of the contenders were very well matched making the task of selecting one man more difficult for the judges. Nevertheless, the audience responded with great gusto by applauding for each and every participant.

However, the man who seemed to get a lot of the applause as the contest was drawing to a close was Don Ross, a well-built muscular fellow of 26. He apparently got all fired up over the rousing reception the audience accorded him, so he did more poses than ever before and, because of this, many people thought that he was the winner. Yet in the final line-up Ross placed third and was beaten out by Ron Thompson and Fred Shandor. Subsequent inquiry of those "in the know" revealed the fact that during the prejudging. Don did not perform his best, nor did he want to, and this was partly the reason for him not placing higher. Moreover, under close scrutiny, as is generally done during such prejudging, certain "weak spots" become evident to the judges of which the people are not aware of when they see the man go through his posing routine on stage. Contestants should realize this, and most do, that they are rated on points during the prejudging and hot during their posing display on stage.

Some contestants feel that just because no special posing lights have been arranged that they don't have to do their best poses or display themselves to advantage. This is the wrong attitude. Under such conditions it's all the more important to try even harder and show only your best poses, because when there are no special lights all the weak spots show up more sharply When the lights are good any experienced poser can strike poses to do justice to his development and hide any weak areas that he may have. But when the lights are just ordinary even the best poser cannot hide ALL his weak spots. Consequently, once the contestant is judged and given his points, no matter how super his posing exhibition is on stage, nothing will change his rating. This is why the contestant who does better on stage but not as well backstage may get a better ovation from the crowd, and this often results in some discord. On the other hand, had the audience been present during the prejudging they might have been more inclined to side with the judges decision.

Nevertheless, the contest went along smoothly and Len Bosland who MC'd the event, did a great job of introducing each contestant as he came out to pose. Each man could do as many poses as he liked, and when finished, bowed and left the stage. The appreciative crowd applauded every man's efforts. Then the awards for the Most Muscular Man and the subdivisions were given out. Bob Hoffman made the presentations.

As all the winners were announced and the howling and applause died down, pictures of the top five were taken, then some of the three finalists, after which the stage was cleared and people started filing out. All in all it was a good contest. Maybe everyone wasn't pleased with the decision. . . no one ever is. But there's no doubt that the winners were pleased and those who failed to place as they expected can take heart and come back again next year. They should do better. . . if they continue to train and keep the title in mind. The positive approach is the best!

Additional Information about the Contestants:

Short class--Up to 5'6"

John Boos, winner in this class, is from N. Babylon, N.Y. Is married and 26 years old. Works as a computer operator.

Precious McKenzie comes from South Africa originally but has been living in England these past few years. He's 36, married and works in a shoe factory. Precious is also the l23-lb. powerlifting champion. Probably the strongest contestant among the physique men.

Tom Campanaro, Springfield, Pa. Tom is 24, single and self employed. He appeared on the cover of MD,January 1971.

Michael Forgione, Hazel Park, Michigan. Mike was the oldest fellow in the competition and showed how a man in his late 40s can stay in shape. He's a salesman but still finds time to train regularly.

Medium class--From 5'6¼" to 5'10"
(Not in the order they placed)

Ronald Thompson, Flint, Michigan, Mr. World titleholder, is 25 years old and married. Earlier he won the Jr. Mr. USA crown. Is manager of a building supply firm.

Fred Shandor, Manville, N.J. is 28 years old and single. Has won the Mr. Eastern USA contest. Is a probation officer.

Joe Arizzi, Baltimore, Md. is 28 years old, married. Won the Mr. Region #2 contest. Continues to show improvement in each contest he participates.

Ronald Jumper, Carlisle, Pa. has done well as a competitor for the past few years. Ron is 25 years old, married and works as a traffic manager.

Safeli Kanada, Zambia, South Africa has won the Mr. Zambia title for 1970 and 1972. Has fine proportions. He's 26.

Ken DiAngelo, Pennsauken, N.J. is the current Mr. New Jersey titleholder. He's 24, married and works as a salesman. We plan to feature his picture on MD cover and training story soon.

Jesus Garcia from Puerto Rico is a college student. He's 25 years old and single. He placed 2nd in the Mr. Puerto Rico contest recently.

William Garcia (a brother to Jesus) is the Mr. Puerto Rico titleholder. He's 27, single and works in the stereo industry.

Joseph Sasso, Lynnfield, Mass. is 31 years old and married. Has won the Mr. Eastern America title.

Curt Haywood, Pataskala, Ohio won the short man's Mr. World title in 1970, and recently appeared on an MD cover with his attractive wife, Sharon. Curt is 32 and he and his wife train regularly.

Tall class--From 5'10¼" and over

Don Ross, Oak Park, Michigan, winner of this division and third in the overall competition is single and 26 years old. Recently won the Mr. Eastern States title. Is very muscular and continues to improve. Works as an art teacher.

Joe Dodd, Trenton, N.J. is 28 and single. Has won several physique titles, including Mr. Eastern Shores. He's a teacher. Teaches retarded children.

Dominick Coroniti, Olyphant, Pa. is 25 years old and married. Was third in the Mr. Pennsylvania contest. Is bricklayer by trade.

James Karas, Pittsburgh, Pa. is single and 31 years old. Has won the Mr. Eastern Pennsylvania contest. Works for US Steel.

Robert McNeill, Secane, Pa. is 39 and married. Placed second in the Mr. Philadelphia contest. Is private investigator.

Roger Servin, Jenkinstown, Pa. was the second oldest in the competition, 42. He gave a fine muscular display. Is salesman for health club.


- Don Ross, third place winner, congratulating Ron Thompson on his victory.

- A muscular pose of the winner, Ron Thompson.

- Winner and runners-up, left to right: Joe Dodd 5th, Don Ross 3rd, Ron Thompson Mr. World winner, Fred Shandor 2nd, and John Boos 4th and winner of the short man's title.

- Some of the men in the medium class line-up, they are, left to right: Joe Arizzi, Ron Thompson, Ron Jumper, Safeli Kanada, Ken DiAngelo, Jesus Garcia, Joe Sasso, Fred Shandor and Curt Haywood.

- Joe Boos 4th place winner

- Fred Shandor 2nd place man

- Don Ross, who placed 3rd, goes through his posing routine while contestants in background look on.

- Three photo of the subdivision winners.

- Best Back winners: Ron Thompson, John Boos, Don Ross. Thompson was winner.

- Best Chest: John Boos, Ron Thompson, Don Ross. Ross won this award.

- Best Abdominals: Don Ross, Ron Thompson and Tom Campanaro, Ross also won this award.

- Left to right: Joe Dodd 5th, Don Ross 3rd, and Ron Thompson, the Mr. World winner.

- Judges look over some of the entries in the medium class during the pre-judging.

- Three contestants waiting to be interviewed, left to right: Jim Karas, Fred Shandor and Joe Dodd.

- The two Garcia brothers from Puerto Rico look on with interest.

- John Boos - 4th; Ken DiAngelo - 6th; Joe Arizzi - 7th; Robert McNeill - 13th; Dominick Coroniti - 9th; Jim Karas - 11th; Curt Haywood - 10th; Precious McKenzie - 12th; Safeli Kanada - 16th;

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