Muscular Development, Vol 16, No 6, Page 28, December 1979


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Mr America

Class A

  1. Ron Teufel
  2. Jim Seitzer
  3. Bob Jodkiewicz
  4. Ernest Santiago
  5. Tony Pandolfo
  6. Don Peterson
  7. David Campbell
  8. David Mastorakis
  9. James Gaubert
  10. James Underwood
  11. Lionel Gaubert
  12. Wesley Brown
  13. Steve Gross
  14. John Ruehlman

Class B

  1. Ray Mentzer
  2. Greg Deferro
  3. Joe Means
  4. Les Galvin
  5. Mario Nieves
  6. Bill Arlen
  7. Stephen Sepaniak
  8. Richard Baldwin
  9. Robert Reis
  10. Jessie Gautreaux
  11. Gary Goss
  12. Ron Mangum
  13. Casey Schneider
  14. James Allen
  15. Alex McNeil
  16. Tommy Alaimo
  17. Sam Sanchez
  18. Micheal Farley
  19. Fred Shandor
  20. John Mazo

Class C

  1. Gary Leonard
  2. Dave Rogers
  3. Clinton Beyerle
  4. John Kemper
  5. Rod Koontz
  6. John Brown
  7. Caesar Juliani
  8. Frank Calta
  9. Bob Jordan
  10. Gregory Comeaux
  11. Patrick Hayes
  12. Douglas Williams
  13. Frank Wainwright
  14. Paul Montminy
  15. Douglas Nagy
  16. James Buckery
  17. Mark Brazen

Subdivision Winners

Best Abdominals
Ron Teufel
Best Arms
Gary Leonard
Best Back
Ray Mentzer
Best Legs
Ray Mentzer
Best Chest
Don Pederson
Best Poser
John Brown
Most Muscular
Greg Deferro


- Mr. America for 1979 is Ray Mentzer from Ephrata, Phennsylvania, but now living in California. Ray also won trophies for Best Legs and Best Back plus his height division. His size and musularity made the difference.

- Doc Neely (left) and Jim Manion, Physique Chairman, congratulate Ray on his Mr. America vicotry. Doc Neely and his staff dis a fine job on the contest.

- Greg Defarro won Most Muscular.

- Ron Teufel won his height class (short) and took the Best Abdominal trophy. He looked very musuclar in the contest.

- Gary Leonard was one of the favorites. he won his height class (tall) and the Best Arms trophy.

- A view of some of the Class-A contestants in the lineup. The massiveness of the lettering AMERICA in the background make the setting even more dramatic.

- Dave Rogers placed second in his class division and looked heavier and mroe muscular than when he appeared on our cover in 1978, the October edition.

- The top contestants in the tall class lineup. Extreme right is John Brown whose posing routien was nicely done. He got the Best Poser award...and deserved it.

- Jim Seltzer placed 2nd to Ron Teufel. He was among those favored in the short class.

- Bob Jodkiewicz, short class, placed 3rd.

- Joe Means was back on the scene. He picked up a 3rd.

- Clint Beyerle also placed 3rd in Class-C.

- The top men in the medium height class. From left: Dick Baldwin, Mario Nieves, Greg Deferro, Ray Mentzer and Joe Means. All potential winners.

- Two well-built contestants; Bill Arlen (left) and Les Galvin.

- A fine pose of Richard Baldwin.

- Mario Nieves displays a great physique.

- Another impressive musular pose of the winner, Ray Mentzer.

- Mr. America waves his hands in a victorious gesture while the huge throng that packed the auditorium that night applauded vociferously. Unidentified young lady and fellow (on right) gave out trophies. The massive lettering can be appreciated in this photo by Denie.

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