Muslce Power, Vol 3 No 1, Page 26, May 1947

West Coast Adonis


Mr. California of 1947

THE most amazing mass of muscles that have entered the strongman's realm this year are owned by an 18 year old kid, Eric Pedersen, who seemed to leap out of nowhere and suddenly be crowned Mr. California in the midst of thunderous applause. Not only is his development piling up with speed and breath-taking interest, but his metabolism appears to be working in a phenomenal manner, for he is adding more and more definition and size week by week. Just what Eric will be a year hence is beyond detailed prediction. He stands about 5'10" in height, weighs a trifle over 200 stripped, has a 17 1/2 neck, 18 (cold) biceps, 48 chest, 30 waist, 24 1/2 thighs and 17 calves. And before these words get into print, I am sure that these measurements will be larger, especially his thighs, for he is enthusiastically working on them to attain the physical perfection necessary for the Mr. America title on which his thoughts rest. And if he doesn't win the cup this year, I firmly predict that he will in 1948, so watch him!

He does not smoke nor drink, is a strict vegetarian and religiously adheres to thrice weekly training at Bert Goodrich's gymnasium out here in Hollywood. And to watch him go through his work-out is inspirational, for his unusually thick muscular arms, and his amazing deltoids, turn, slide and squirm all his other muscles as he curls or presses or performs his deliberate movements. This is the sight that holds everyone in a spell.

Study his photographs on these pages. These were taken in late January and portray him during the first time he ever posed before a studio camera. They speak for themselves and offer anyone an overwhelming desire to further body betterment. His biceps are actually larger than baseballs in some positions.

At present Eric is devoting full time to body-building and has shelved all strength work, although, at any time, he can clean and jerk 312; two hands snatch 230 three times with ease; military press 235 and do numerous other mighty feats. When the time comes he will take up lifting seriously and then -- who knows? Remember, he is only eighteen! . . . and still growing! You will read much about this Western sensation and see many more photographs of him in forthcoming issue's of Muscle Power.

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