Muslce Power, Vol 6 No 5, Page 10, October 1948

MUSCLEMEMORY NOTE: While Dan Lurie's Mr. New York State contest in January 1948 was the first to use the name of the International Federation of Body Builders, the Weiders had distanced themselves from him and that contest. Here is a description of the first bodybuilding contest held under Weider's IFBB name.

Results of the "Mr. Eastern North America" Contest

by Dr. Frederick Tilney

IF an automobile manufacturer had been displaying his new models of cars he would probably use such expressions as 'Bodies of exciting new beauty' -- 'Models of Perfection' -- 'Designed by Experts' -- and such comments would be equally appropriate in describing the sensational line-up of the approximately fifty contestants in this First International Federation of Body-Builders Exhibition held May 28th at the Central Opera House, New York City.

I spoke to many people who told me that never before had they seen anything like this inspiring display of magnificent muscular manhood, they were so thrilled and wouldn't have missed it for anything. The entire evening's full program created the greatest enthusiasm among the large audience. Indeed, several folks said to me words to this effect: "If this is the FIRST of such International Federation sponsored Contests, the Organization is an assured success right from the start."
Mr. Eastern Noth America
1Abe GoldbergAm
2Alan PaivioCan
tieLeo RobertCan
4Robert RoyCan
tieFred MassaroAm
6Santo LeoneAm
7Frank GaliardiCan
tieJohn GallagherAm
9Fred HackerAm
10Leone GottesmanAm
12Joe KoytilaAm

Best Abdomen
Robert Roy87Can
Abe Goldberg86Am
Leo Robert85Can
Fred Massaro71Am
Santo Leone64Am

TEAM POINTS - Canadian 252, American 221

Best Arms
Abe Goldberg88Am
Leo Robert83Can
Santo Leone83Am
Fred Hacker81Am
Joffre L'Heureux80Can
Leo Robert76Can
Alan Paivio76Can

TEAM POINTS - Canadian 315, American 252

Best Back
Abe Goldberg86Am
Allan Paivio84Can
Joffre L'Heureux82Can
Santo Leone81Am
Fred Massaro80Am
Robert Roy77Can
Leo Robert74Can
John Gallagher70Am
Fred Hacker70 Am

TEAM POINTS - Canadian 317, American 317

Best Chest
Abe Goldberg89Am
Allan Paivio83Can
Leo Robert76Can
Robert Roy76Can
Rene Blanchette71Can
Fred Massaro71 Am
Santo Leon71Am
Leone Gottesman70Am

TEAM POINTS - Canadian 306, American 372

Best Legs
Ed Tjeroai;t86Can
Abe Goldberg81Am
J Koytila74Am
Leo Robert70Can
Allan Paivio70Can
Fred Massaro70Am
Santo Leon69Am
Joffre L'Heureux69Can
Leone Gottesman69Am

TEAM POINTS - Canadian 295, American 363

Abe Goldberg89Am
Joffre L'Heureux83Can
Allan Paivio80Can
Leo Robert80Can
Robert Roy79Can
Fred Massaro79Am
Santo Leone72Am
Leone Gottesman69Am
Fred Hacker69Am

TEAM POINTS - Canadian 471, American 378

Fred Massaro81Am
Abe Goldberg80Am
Leo Robert79Can
Robert Roy79Can
Allan Paivio79Can
Joffre L'Heureux75Can
Santo Leone73Am
Leone Gottesman69Am

TEAM POINTS - Canadian 455, American 303

Short Man Class
NameBestMost Muscualr
Ed Theriault11
Rene Blanchette23
Joe Piccirilli32

TOTAL POINTS: Canadian - 2411, American - 2206

I suppose Mrs. Tilney and myself travelled the greatest distance - from Coral Gables, Florida, to New York City to personally witness this thrilling event. However, many travelled hundreds of miles to see and enjoy this great Show - and all were so glad they came. Let me say right here whenever these Federation sponsored Contests are held anywhere within a few hundred miles of your home, it will be more than worth your while to attend them; and prove one of the truly outstanding and memorable events in your entire life. here you see muscular marvels at their finest and under the best possible conditions. Not just one man, but the 'cream' of all of North America's most splendid specimens - dozens of them displaying proudly their heroic physiques under proper lighting conditions.

First on the stage came the Canadian Team and presentation of flags headed by Ed Theriault. After this, each of the Canadians appeared on the stage, mounting the pedestal, assumed three different poses before the judges who sat in the front seat among the vast audience. All contestants were fairly judged by the point system, with a possible maximum of 15 points. So that all readers may know exactly how each judge rated the points of muscularity of each contestant they are being published elsewhere in this issue.

At one end of the stage were tables loaded with an elaborate display of glittering costly trophies for the various winners. The most impressive was a massive four-foot high Trophy beautifully designed to be given the winner of a forthcoming "Mr. North American" Contest. Also on display were the artistically designed diplomas complete with official seals and silk ribbons awarded to all contestants by the officials of the International Federation of Body Builders. No winner had to be ashamed or apologized for the truly exquisite Trophy and Diploma he took home. Proudest of all was Abe Goldberg's father who helped carry some of his son's well deserved trophies home after the contest. Abe was considered so exceptional in every respect by all the judges and the audience he went away loaded with trophies and his Dad had to help him carry some of them. What father wouldn't be proud and excited, too, in knowing his son was such a model of physical perfection! All the Awards Abe won he richly deserved. Some contestants had parts of their bodies developed to a greater degree than other parts, but the various muscle groups of Abe's body have each been brought to the acme of physical perfection. His bodily beauty was so outstanding, so exceptional, every one of the judges unanimously gave him the highest rating.

Because of the intense interest in this International Federation Contest, and the very full program, all of the various speeches were brief and to the point. Ben Weider introduced me, I made a short talk, then introduced George Jowett as the 'Father of Weight Lifting in America' and a World's Champion Strong Man. Mr. Jowett stressed reasons why everyone should join the International Federation of Body Builders and what the membership means to all who are active in it. He predicted a tremendous expansion and growth of the Organization during the coming month. (And incidently, because it offers you personally so many unique advantages and savings, you simply can't afford not to join -- so be sure and mail in your application right away if you haven't already done so).

Ben Weider made an excellent Master of Ceremonies, and as far as possible conducted the Program with efficiency and dispatch. Between the different events, and to give the judges an opportunity to weigh and consider their decisions, a number of fast-moving stage events were given by expert performers, including hand-balancers and other specialty acts, not overlooking the mystifying tricks performed by Ed. Zebrowski -- Master Magician, and assisted by his wife.

The huge audience was particularly impressed by the way Ed. Theriault had taught his four year old son a series of remarkable hand-balancing feats. The deafening applause Ed and his son received indicated how appreciatively the audience enjoyed the different feats Ed's son had mastered and performed with all the masterly skill of a veteran showman. Ed says his other youngsters are being trained by him in the same way. It would be wonderful if far more dads encouraged and helped their sons at an early age to develop co-ordination, poise, balance, self confidence and courage instead of discouraging and suppressing their children or appearing indifferent to their future welfare.

Terry Robinson (former MR. NEW YORK CITY) introduced a sixteen year old young man who had been a victim of Polio and heart weakness. This youth gave a startling performance of single handed planches and other amazing strength feats proving that with the proper training, serious and baffling physical handicaps can be overcome and conquered when one is determined to do so.

Photographers had a busy time catching interesting phases of the posing, the speakers, the winners, the awarding of trophies, the acrobats and hand-balancers so that all readers of this magazine will have an opportunity to see some of the highlights of this first great Federation Contest. Mrs. Tilney and I regarded it as more than worth while to make the almost three-thousand mile round trip to see this greatest Cavalcade of Best Physiques in Eastern North America and I was delighted to again meet many of my old friends, such as George Jowett, Sig Klein, Frank Leight, Santo Leone, Kim Voyages, Terry Robinson, Lon, Earle Forbes, Barton Hovarth, Ben Weider, Joe Weider and his lovely wife, Diane, as well as many of my students and followers. Meeting the Champions and Leaders in the Body Building field is always an inspiring and happy occasion, and congratulations to all the winners, particularly to Abe Goldberg who won the highest title.


- Terry Robinson presenting to Ed Theriault the trophy he so richly deserved for winning best legs. Theriault won ALL wards in his class and best legs over all others despite their size.

- The mountain of muscles, phenomial Ed Theriault was unchallanged in his class. he is here seen in a muscle control pose.

- Ed Theriault shown with his two trophies, for winning BEST LEGS and Best Built short man of Eastern North America.

- Robert Roy of Canada tied for third place with Fred Massaro of the U.S.A. team. Roy placed high in all events.

- Frederick Hacker placed sixth in his class and took third place for best arms.

- Santo Leone chalked up points by taking fourth place, a tieing second for best arms. [sic]

- Ed Theriault led the Canadian team in gathering up the points.

- Leo Robert tied second place, won third best abdomen, second best chest and third best poser.

- Rene Blanchette took second place for the Canadian team in the short man class and piled up many points.

- Walter Podlak looked very impressive that evening and we wee surprised to learn that he didn't place higher.

- Photos of Abe Goldberg, winner, didn't come out too well, the few good ones will be seen in the coming issue of "Your Physique" magazine.

- Santo Leon is here seen displaying his amazing arms, shoulders and back. We're wure that Leone will place much higher in the coming "Mr. America" event.

- Although not a clear photo, it gives you an idea of the impressiveness of Abe Goldberg's physique. Too bad his photos all came out bad.

- Frank Galiardi, "Mr. Montreal" was impressive and scored most of the points for best abdominals. Many believed he should have placed higher.

- The Canadian team line up before going into action. This team surpassed the American with a score of 2411 to 2206. Americans will have a chance to even the count this February at the National (I.F.B.B.) event.

- John Gallagher, tied for 6th place should have received high merits, as he reduced 20 lbs. for the contest in a few months training. We are willing to bet that shortly Johnny will win most events.

MUSCLEMEMORY NOTE: The next IFBB contest was the 1949 IFBB Mr California, followed by the 1949 Mr North America. I find no other references to US or international IFBB contests that year. In 1950, there was only the IFBB Mr. Eastern America. Nothing in 1951. In 1952, another IFBB Mr. California. Then nothing until the 1959 IFBB Mr. America. Of course if it didn't get written up in one of the magazines, I'd have no way of knowing about it.

The Canadian AAU washed its hands of bodybuiling in about 1948, so all Canadian shows can be considered IFBB.

Note that the AAU banned anyone who entered an IFBB contest. So the only people who entered IFBB contest were people already considered Professionals by the AAU, or naive kids who didn't know better.

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