Strength & Health, Page 30, November 1954

Richard DuBois
Mr. America, 1954

by George R Bruce

Under the hot stage lights of the beautiful Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday night June 26, 1954, and amidst the popping of camera shutters and the glare of flash bulbs, Richard DuBois was receiving homage as the new Mr. America. Suddenly he swayed and reeled as he became lightheaded due to the release of strong emotional tension which he had been under for weeks and the final climax of winning the Mr. America title. Led to a chair, he recovered in a few seconds.

The Mr. America contest was held during the National Senior Weightlifting championships at the world's most beautiful outdoor theatre, located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles' largest recreational area. The theatre is built in the style of Greek Doric architecture; has a seating capacity of 4,419 persons. The amphitheater extends up the side of a canyon 241 feet from the stage which is 100 feet wide and 60 feet deep, and is surrounded by beautiful trees and foliage. Surely this was a perfect setting in which to select America's most perfectly developed and best proportioned amateur athlete.

Born March 4, 1933, in New York City in the Bronx, Richard DuBois, 21, is the youngest man to be crowned Mr. America. He has always been athletic, having won the Long Island championship in the 100 meter swim, and he used to amuse himself by diving 125 feet off bridges. He also did quite a bit of boxing and was in the New York City Golden Gloves Tournament twice in the 147-lb. class.

He began weight training at the age of 16. At first he did mostly lifting, then gradually changed to bodybuilding as he wanted to win contests in order to make his mother proud of him. She now plans to come to Los Angeles to live with him.

Dick's case could very well be called a "Rags-to-Riches" story, for his family was very poor and lived in the Harlem district in south Bronx. This again proves that man can resist his environment and rise above it. If he had been a favored son of life, he might never have striven to become a Mr. America.

Shortly after beginning bodybuilding, Dick met George Eiferman, one of the most popular of Mr. Americas, who immediately saw Dick's latent possibilities and encouraged him in his bodybuilding. He now trains at Eiferman's Gym, located at 1732 N. Cahuenga, Hollywood.

Prior to the contest he trained faithfully, following Coach Eiferman's instructions to the letter; that these instructions were just what was needed is self-evident.

Dick does not have any particular favorite exercise, but does all exercises, high repetitions, low repetitions, but adhering to progression in weight always, gradually bringing the body to its peak in muscular development, definition, strength, coordination and endurance. He follows a strict diet, being very particular about the quantity and quality of food he eats.

He is now turning professional in order to capitalize on his publicity. He has studied acting with the Ben Bard School of Drama in Los Angeles and has just finished a movie at the MGM Studio called "Athena." In this picture he plays the part of Bill Nichols, with Debbie Reynolds and Vic Damone. Debbie Reynolds falls in love with him (in the picture). Nice work if you can get it!

Dick is a handsome fellow 6'1 1/2" tall and weighs 215 lbs. He is blond, has a 50" chest, 32" waist, 18" biceps and 17 1/2" neck. He is unmarried.

Richard DuBois is a fitting representative to hold the title of Mr. America. He is all that a person would visualize Mr. America to be. If only more young Americans would follow his example, we could wipe out sickness, ill health and lack of bodily vigor. His title was won over such nationally known figures as Malcolm Brenner, Jr. Mr. America and 1952's second place winner; Gene Bohaty, 1954 Jr. Mr. America; George Paine, Mr. Eastern America; Erwin Koszewski, Mr. California; Bert Elliot, Mr. Ironman; Monte Wolford, Mr. So. Western America; and Dom Juliano, present Mr. Muscle Beach.

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