Strength & Health, Page 22, July 1967


by Bill Pearl

Chris Dickerson is certainly no new name to the up-to-date bodybuilder on the East Coast and it will not be long before he is as well known on the West Coast. During 1966 Chris won at least one major physique contest a month in the New York area. His list of titles include: Mr. Atlantic Coast, Mr. Region 9, Mr. New York State, Mr. Junior USA and Mr. Eastern America. In addition he placed second behind Jim Haislop in the Mr. North America contest and won the short man's class and the best legs award. he was named outstanding bodybuilder of 1966 for the Metropolitan Association of the AAU at a dinner given in his honor.

From early childhood, Chris always enjoyed exercise and admired physical strength. he went to a Quaker Boarding School in the south hills of Ohio during his high school years where soccer was his chosen sport. Hiking was stressed in school and Chris hiked over 500 miles in his junior and senior year in a 9-month period. All students were granted one Saturday a month off from school to go into nerby Barnsville, Ohio, and it was in Barnesville at a newstand that Chris was intorduced to weight training via Strength & Health magazine. Unfortunately Chris was not able to begin weight training at that time as no facilities were available. But he did begin to read and study everything he could find on modern bodybuilding.

After high school Chris decided to try his hand at acting and moved to New York City where he registered at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. The academy also taught body movement, fencing, and exercises for correct posture. In the three years he attended the academy he played in several plays and summer stocks around the city.

In 1963 Chris moved to Los Angeles and while glancing through a bodybuiding magazine came across an article covering my gym and me being interviewed by George Eiferman. Chris lived in the area of my gym and decided to come down and look around. I remember the first day he came in and asked about getting started. He mentioned he had done a little training at the local YMCA, be he felt he was not getting proper instructioins and was wasting his time. While measuring Chris for his new program, I couldn't believe the calf development he had as well as the tremendously well shaped thighs. I asked him about his calves and he said he used to play soccer and hike and had been doing 2 sets of 20 repetition for them on the calf machine at the YMCA. Nearly every member in the gym had a look at them and I am sure he spent more time flexing his calf than training the first day. He was very congenial about it and took the situation in stride.

Chris has the type of physique that will grow on any type of program and his progess has been remarkable from the start. however, he has a tendency to want to train too hard and always strives for even faster progress. Since returning to Los Angeles, Chris has concentrated on the Olympic lifts in an effort to earn his 5 athletic points. At present he is combining weightlifting and bodybuilding and is improving his total as well as his physique. His current training routine is as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Lifting Movements - for back, shoulders, and leg
Seated Press - 5 sets x 6 repetitions
Cleans from Hang - 2x8, 2x6, 2x4, 2x2
Dumbell Press - 2x8, 2x6, 2x4, 2x2
High Pulls - 5x6
Press From Eye Level - 5x3
Back Squats - 5x6
Light Snatches For Form
Body Building Movements - for chest
Dumbbell Bench Press - 5x6
Incline Press - 5x6
Decline Press - 5x6

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Sit-ups On Incline Bench - 100 repetitions
Sit-ups Over Bench - 50 repetitions
Side Kicks - 50 repetitions each leg
Incline Press - 2x8, 2x6, 2x4, 2x2
Incline Flys - 3x12
Curls On Preacher Bench - 5x6
Dumbell Curls - 5x6
Press Behind Neck - 2x8, 2x6, 2x4, 2x2
Lateral Raise To Rear With Pulley - 3x12
French Curls 4x8
Decline Tricep Curls - 4x8
Dips - 4x10
Toe Raises - 4x30

Chris' goal in bodybuilding is to build his body to its maximum potential. He is certainly well on his way and should be a threat to win the 1967 Mr. California title.


- The current Junior Mr. U.S.A. shows his well-proportioned physique in these three shots by Cliff Swann.

- MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND FRIDAY, Lifting Movements For Back, Shoulders, and Legs Bodybuilding Movements For Chest

- TUESDAY, THURSDAY, AND SATURDAY, Shoulders, Chest, Biceps, Triceps, Calves

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