Your Physique, Vol 8, No 3, Page 28, December 1947

Here Is Dynamic News For Body-Builders

International Federation Of Bodybuilders To Be Formed

by Joseph E Weider
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

LIKE thousands of other bodybuilders throughout the world I have become sick and tired of the petty quibbling associated with physique contests, the farce of amateurism and professionalism, and the raw deal which hard working bodybuilders have received since these contests were first started.

When women take part in a body beautiful contest they can receive awards of thousands of dollars and still remain amateur athletes. When the men take part in similar contests their ward is a medal or a trophy and they are not even allowed to receive sufficient money to pay travelling expenses to the meet. Suppose you live in California and there is a Physique Contest in New York, what chance have you got of taking part in this meet if you are an ordinary working man and if your salary stops coming in the minute you stop working?

What happens to the money which is made at Physique Contests? Why shouldn't it go to the bodybuilders and to the promotion of their sport? Why should the women receive thousands of dollars and still remain amateurs when the men spend many hundreds of hours working hard to build their bodies and receive nothing more than a trophy or a medal? Why shouldn't all bodybuilders qualified to take part in our State or National Meets have their expenses paid to these meets and thus have an equal chance of taking part? Why should a man become a professional in all other sports just because he possesses a well developed body and receives a cash award? You might as well call a man a professional swimmer because his voice is better than some one else's and thus gets paid for singing. What about the professional dancer, he is performing a physical act which depends on strength, physical condition and muscular coordination. He makes his living at this activity and can take part in all the amateur sports he wishes.

Many hockey players who receive as much as two or three thousand dollars a season for playing hockey can compete as amateurs in other sports. One hockey team which openly admits that its players are all paid was recently invited to take part in the Olympic Games. What a farce! In many countries the controlling bodies of important sports aren't even affiliated to the Amateur Association and yet they are recognized by the International Federations and are allowed to compete in the Olympics.

There is no reason under the sun why bodybuilders or physique contests should come under the control of the amateur athletic union. Bodybuilding is not a competitive sport in any sense of the word. Just because a man gets paid for coaching, or for posing, or for running a gymnasium does not give him a bigger and better body. Just because a man is a professional bodybuilder does not mean that his body will be four or five times better looking than some hard working young chap on a farm who trains regularly.

What can we do about it you ask? Here is my answer and I am looking forward to your wholehearted support. I talked the matter over with dozens of leading bodybuilders in various parts of the continent and they have agreed 100% to the idea. Here it is. I am organizing an International Federation of Bodybuilders. Already letters have gone out to prominent men all over the world. My brother Ben has just returned from a 30,000 mile tour of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He has sold the idea to leading bodybuilders in dozens of different countries. Already official representatives of this international organization of bodybuilders have been appointed in most of the important countries of the world. Before the year is out the ground-work for the organization will be complete. It will be the greatest organization of its kind in existence. There will be hundreds of thousands of members. It will run its own sport in the interest of bodybuilders without interference from organizations which have little interest in bodybuilding or bodybuilders.

When Physique Contests are organized part of the proceeds will go toward paying the travelling expenses of contestants. Winners will receive suitable awards in recognition of the effort they have put into the game. These awards may include such things as a fully equipped gymnasium for the winners or cash awards of substantial size to help the champion to get a college education or to establish himself in business. Mr. Americas, instead of medal or a cup, will receive awards which will really mean something to them. Then instead of being cast aside and forgotten like an old pair of shoes they will have an opportunity of capitalizing on their victories by appearing in shows all over the country and at the same time help to stimulate and inspire others to build bigger and better bodies.

Your Editor and his magazines, Your Physique and Muscle Power and Sante et Force, will give the champions the publicity they deserve and will help them establishing gymnasiums if they want them, by providing all the necessary equipment to establish a fist class gymnasium. In this way thousands of additional bodybuilders will receive the benefit of their great experience and training.

With the formation of an International Federation of Bodybuilders it will be possible to organize physique contests in every city in the world. It will be possible to promote provincial and national meets and finally to have world championships. As there are more bodybuilders in the world than any other type of athlete this organization will be able to manage its own affairs to suit itself. A certain percentage of the profits from every show that is held will go into a common fund and will be used to promote bodybuilding, to organize the bigger meets and make it possible for the Mr. Americas, the Mr. Canadas, the Mr. Frances, the Mr. Egypts and all other national champions in the world to get together for a Mr. Universe Physique Contest.

If this idea appeals to you sit down and write us immediately. Address your letters to The International Federation of Bodybuilders, 4466 Colonial Avenue, Montreal, Que. Your suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated. At present only the groundwork has been laid and all the details are being worked out. Your recommendations will be given serious consideration by the organizing committee. Remember, this is your organization, and the sole purpose of its existence is to fight for your interest and to promote bodybuilding. If you are a bodybuilder and interested in helping the game then you are eligible for membership.

A permanent office is to be set up with regular officials. Branch offices will be established in each participating country in the world and there will be district and regional supervisors. Every cent raised by this tremendous organization will be used to promote bodybuilding, to run physique contests, to provide travelling expenses to contestants and to provide suitable awards for winners, and help them get established in life.

Further details and rules will appear in the next issue of this magazine so be sure to watch for them. In the meantime let us know what you think about it. We will publish as many of the letters we receive as possible. Naturally it would be impossible to publish all of them but a special selection committee will pass on those filled with worthwhile recommendations and these will certainly appear in print. You will undoubtedly want to become a member so watch for membership details and be sure to send for your application form the minute that they are announced.

Our aim is to give you the type of organization that you want, hence the committee working on rules and regulations and the constitution of the federation will be largely governed by the letters which are received from readers. Bodybuilding clubs and associations are asked to call meetings of their members to discuss the entire proposition and then to send in their group recommendations. Your Physique Magazine and Muscle Power are going to spend thousands of dollars to organize this federation but only with your full cooperation will it be able to develop into the most important sports body in the entire world.

Let's spread bodybuilding to every nook and cranny of this globe; let's work together to help ourselves and our fellow man, let's all strive to produce a healthier, happier, stronger human race.

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