Your Physique, Vol 9, No 3, Page 30, June 1948

The International Federation of Bodybuilders Circles The World

WHILE newspapers and magazines all over the American continent have been denouncing hypocritical amateurism with withering scorn, your magazines, Y.P. and M.P. took the lead by tossing the first, bombshell that has torn the first real gap into an outmoded organization. On the strength of its new structure, body builders throughout the world have founded the I.F.B B. in the interests of progressive, body building advancement. In the last issue of Y.P. we explained the reason for the I.F.B.B. and gave a concise outline of our fact findings. Now that the I.F.B.B. is an actual reality, we are explaining herein the status of its government, and how it is all planned to best serve you.

As far as body builders are concerned there are no longer any differences made between a professional, and an amateur in competition or In the financial rewards which both are entitled to receive. It matters not if at some time you received a pair of boots for a prize, or fifty cents for travel expenses, this does not bar you from equal competition with another. If you are a physical director in some gym you will not be discriminated against as a professional, but meet on equal terms with the body builder from the farm, the factory or the office. This being made clear to you let us make another epochal announcement. If you are one who lives in a remote part of the country, and not fortunate enough to belong to a popular club that can pay your expenses to the place of contest, the I.F.B.B on receiving proof of your body building merit to compete will pay your round trip expenses to enable you to enjoy the same privileges in competition as the one who is well enough off to afford his own expenses.

Instead of paying contestants off with insignificant prizes that have no intrinsic value, the I.F.B B. will provide substantial monetary prizes to the winners, in addition to rewarding them with a Grand Trophy. We feel, as others do, that every winner should be financially rewarded in addition to the winning trophy as an appreciation for his former efforts, and as an inducement to keep striving. The prize money, ranging from $100.00 to $1,000.00, may be used to help pay, the winner's way through college, or start him in business. It can be used to help him travel, pay for a home, or build for himself a magnificent gym.

This is the first time in body building history such a duality of prize winning has been offered. This is not all. The winner of a contest earns his expenses to the next major contest with the same chance of winning the dual awards.

Every contestant will win a prize as a recognition of the fact that his physique was considered meritable to contest in the particular competition he entered. In this manner every man is a winner, possessing a record of his achievement which he can display at all times as proof of his contesting accomplishment.

If you live in a small rural village, or in a city, and lack the funds to enable you to travel to the scene of the contest to compete, as stated before, on receiving proof of your physical merit, we will pay your round trip expenses even if you do not succeed in winning one of the major prizes. Could anything be fairer than this? The only stipulation required is that you are an I.F,B.B member in good standing at the time of contest.

The interest of the I.F.B.B. does not begin or end in, catering to the finest examples of body building. Our main object is to serve all of you, and help you reach the zenith of this magnificent estate.

Undoubtably, there will be thousands of body builders within the ranks of the I.F.B.B. who enjoy body building for the splendid benefit it provides in health, strength and muscular development. They too can reap the value of reward. Every month there win be conducted special improvement contests for your increase in measurements, and also posing contests for your perfection in interpreting a muscular pose.

To further help you, the I.F.B.B. will allow a reduction of 5 % on all Weider barbell sets, and, other apparatus, and a 10% reduction on all books and courses published by the Y.P. Publishing Co.

If you desire to open up your own gym, and you can prove to us that you are earnest, with a reasonable opportunity for success we will help equip your gym with all the necessary apparatus, at a great saving, besides providing you with advice on How to Successfully Operate Your Gym. In this way you can easily be launched to success in a profession that would otherwise never be anything else but a dream.

What do you pay for all this?

All you pay is your membership annual fees into the I.F.B.B. There are no application fees. You simply pay the small sum of $3.00 a year, and in return you receive your membership card with a special number, and your lapel button that proclaims you a member of the I.F.B.B. wherever you go.

The discounts allowed a member are such that one purchase can more than pay for your annual membership fee.

Moreover, there are no entrance fees requited to enter any I.F.B.B.contest. They are all free in this respect. Something unheard of in the so-called amateur union's.

All funds received, and gate receipts, at shows are turned over into an I.F.B.B. treasury account to be used ONLY FOR THE BENEFIT AND HELP of our members. We do not funnel the receipts into a few favored pockets as is the case with certain other organizations. In fact, no executive of the I.F.B.B. will receive any salary for his services to this great organization. They serve you voluntarily without reimbursement, to give you the chance you have long longed for.

All I.F.B.B. members are entitled to a 1O% reduction on all I.F.B.B. show tickets. All you have to do is show your membership card at the ticket office to win this discount. Also, it is important that every member when seeking to obtain discounts on Weider apparatus and books must supply his membership number with his order; and show they are in good standing.

The I.F.B.B. offers you another very important service that will delight you. We know how difficult it is for body builders to obtain photographs to do their physique justice. therefore, we have arranged with all the leading physique photographers in America and Canada, to take your photo, and pose you properly at a small labor charge that will be less than half the cost of the fee of a common inexperienced physique photographer. If you have the merit to be so photographed we will make the arrangement between you and the nearest physique photographer at this great saving, and provide you with a photograph that will do your body justice in every way. One you will be proud of.

We intend to give every body builder, and strength fan his chance. A prize will,be given for the best strength feat of the month. Also we will issue prizes and diplomas for any feat of strength other than the three Olympic lifts. These are not limited to national records, but can be a rural, village, county, town, city, state, interstate, national and world's record at every body weight class. Here is encouragement to thousands who cannot excel at the Three Olympic Lifts. All you need do is send us a sworn statement signed by witnesses before a notary of public, proving you have performed the feat and you will not only receive your reward but have it registered in the I.F.B.B. Annual Handbook. We are only starting with this program. We expect to expand it according to the requirements, the demands and changes of progress.

There will summer training camps. Get together Travel Trips, Banquets where you will meet the body building greats. Opportunity for travel abroad. Winners of body building best physique contests will have the chance to be taken abroad, all expenses paid, and compete against the best of the 22 European countries that are affiliated with the I.F.B.B. Imagine the thrill of a trip around the world all expenses paid, and the chance to come home with big money prizes in your pocket, and all for the small sum of $3.00 a year.

We know there are always people who are looking for all they can get for nothing, but the low membership fee, with the great financial benefits the I.F.B.B. offer you, is not made to them. We know, by and large, that the average body builder is a fair minded person, with a honest desire to truly receive what he deserves, and nothing more. Because we know there are a great many earnest body builders handicapped for money, and opportunity, is the reason why we have made the fee so small, without question we turn the possible profits of our organization over for your benefit in a true spirit of helpfulness. By this attitude we intend to bring a boom to body building never experienced before. The helpfulness of the I.F.B.B. reaches all over the world, into all remote places to enable every aspirant to build, and enjoy the richness of a fine, well developed body.

Remember. This is your organization. Created for you at your request. It is formed to serve you, therefore, the first step for you to take is to rush in your enrollment by return of mail and receive your membership card, and number, and your lapel button, right away. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will be able to enjoy the wide field of reward the I.F.B.B. offers you.

Moreover, if you feel you are capable of serving the I.F.B.B. in an official capacity in your locality, let us know so we may appoint you. The more help we get the faster we can expand, and the greater the benefit to you. Watch these pages every month for all the news worth while in body building. Its doing, its shows and contestant announcements. But first of all be a member of the I.F.B.B. the first world organization to take a positive stand for the helpfulness of body builders all over the world.


- Percigou, symbolizes the European type of Physique. It will be interesting to see their men in open competition agains ours. The I.F.B.B. is presently conducting contests in Syria and Belgium. India will follow shortly with numerous events.

- Raymond Aubry although a newcomer, has one of the finest physiques seen in a long time. He is 5 feet 3 inches and will compete in the short man class at the coming I.F.B.B. event. His muscular proportions are well worth travelling to see. Photo by Lanza

- The heavy muscular Ed Theriault will complete for the first time in open competition in the U.S.A. He is presently in hard training and hopes to take top honors in the short man class. Will he win? There are to many good men around to do any predicting. Photo by Lanza

"Mr. Eastern North America"

The First International Bodybuilders Contest In America

May 28th, 1948 - 8:30 P.M.

Central Opera House, 205 East 67th St, New York City

For the first time in bodybuilding history a Canadian Bodybuilding team will complete [sic] against an American Bodybuilding team to determine who will win "Mr. Eastern North America." All of Canada's best, will be represented, such stars as Theriault, Robert, Galiardi, Scalzo, Desjardine, Aubry, etc., and will compete against, Leone, Goldberg, Leight, Stephan, Massaro and many others yet to enter this great event. That night we will pick the best man in the 5 feet 5 inch class and under and those in the taller class. There will be two winners. Tall and short - every bodybuilder has an equal chance. Master of ceremonies will be George F. Jowett and Dr. Frederick Tilney. The famous Louis Cyr dumbbell will be on exhibition. $100. to anyone who can lift it overhead with one hand. Everyone welcome to enter this contest. you can get your entry forms or tickets from the following addresses.

Admission $2.25 for Reserved Seats, $1.75 Orchestra and $1.25 for Balcony

Weider Barbell Co. (Warehouse) 452 Ocean Ave., Jersey City, N.J.
Joe Pleia, 132 East 109th Street, New York City.
Lon Hanagan, 406 2nd Ave., New York City.
Hy Schaffer, 1711 Pitkin Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Sponsored by The International Federation of Body Builders

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