Your Physique, Vol 12, No 4, Page 16, January 1950

The I.F.B.B. and the A.A.U.

our announcement of complete co-operation with the national body


Do not fail to read the accompanying article word for word! In it is explained how the I.F.B.B. and the A.A.U. have ironed out their difficulties and from this day on will cooperate fully with each other.

This means that the Weider publications will now be able to immediately bring you a more compelte coverage of weightlifting news and A.A.U. activities, thereby making each issue of more vital importance to the body builder and strength fan.

This does not mean that the I.F.B.B. will cease to function as the most dynamic influence in bodybuilding that has ever existed . . . but in the future I.F.B.B. contests will be classified as PROFESSIONAL events . . . and amateurs who wish to hold their amateur rating cannot compete.

A number of important shows will still be held yearly by the I.F.B.B. in which the greatest professional talent in the Country will appear. All the other benefits and ideals of the I.F.B.B. will remain exactly as previously, and all bodybuilders are urged to join and to enjoy the hundreds of benefits of this non-profit organization without any fear of losing their amateur standing, provided that they do not compete in the professional events.

This happy solution to an awkward situation will mark another great triumph for all bodybuilders and is of the utmost importance! At the moment only the U.S.A. branch of the A.A.U. has officially announced their stand in this matter, but similar arrangements are anticipated in the hear future with the Canadian branch as well as other foreign countries.

Under the powerful combined leadership of the I.F.B.B. and the A.A.U. both bodybuilders and lifters will now enjoy an era of progress unequaled ever before. Both bodybuilding and weightlifting now take a giant step FORWARD!!

IT is a self-evident truth that you cannot make a success of yourself, without making enemies of others. In stepping up the ladder, you automatically tread on some one else's toes.

Since YOUR PHYSIQUE and MUSCLE POWER appeared, the publications have been attended with what might be understated as "SUCCESS". Every alteration in policy, every change in layout and composition, was with one view in mind - to give you, the weightlifter, the body builder and the health seeker, as fine and informative a magazine as your pennies could buy. We sought a square deal for all who supported us.

We organized the International Federation of Body Builders for one single purpose. We did not seek to make any money. To us it wasn't a financial transaction reduced to terms of dollars and cents. It was an organization to further the game, to obtain a fair basis on which to build up the body building game in both the USA and Canada, and later, over the entire world. We held, rightly or mistakenly, that a promotional organization did not exist which could take care of the needs and aspirations of American and Canadian bodybuilders. It was with this view in mind that Weider Publications brought the IFBB into the picture. We sought to remedy the situation with its birth, to stimulate bodybuilding in every state, city, town and village across this great continent. With the growth of the infant organization to maturity, so Body Building grew. It inspired thousands upon thousands of new men to take part in physique competitions. It brought untold numbers into competitive lifting. The IFBB organized competitions all over the country. The Nation's finest strength athletes, the most wonderful physical specimens appeared in our shows. We paid for their transportation no matter where they came from. We footed the bill so that the youngsters who took part in our shows would be inspired to bigger and better things. The finest trophies ever presented, were so presented at the IFBB contests. Deserving contestants had their fares paid and medals and awards were distributed galore.

From the very beginning, the IFBB has been a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION. Weider Publications didn't make a RED CENT. In fact we wound up on the wrong side of the ledger. What we took in on the gate, went right back into the organization and OUT AGAIN in the form of the wonderful trophies and awards, and as payment for the OUTSTANDING professional acts which took part in our shows. It went out together with large grants PERSONALLY made by myself - in the form of CASH AWARDS, Prizes and Vacation Trips to those who had the good fortune to win or place in one of our contests. It has been a costly undertaking, but an extremely worthwhile one, for we have had the satisfaction of doing a job - a good job and one with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

We made one mistake. It was a genuine error. There was nothing deliberately calculating in this. It takes a DAMN good man - and we make no apologies for the word - to admit he was in fault. What fault? The non-distinction between AMATEUR and Professional. The offer of a money award to the top place winners in our SENIOR competitions. Naturally the AAU was extremely concerned over this. According to their rules - and they are FAIR rules - any person who competed in a contest for money, and the intention to compete for that money prize was obviously there if a man entered, was automatically disqualified from any further amateur competition. It banned them in each and every sport recognized by the AAU.

To the officials of the IFBB, this was a grave matter. We have our feelings of patriotism as much as the next guy. We desire, as much as the other fellow, to see the USA remain TOP DOG in the world of weights. So many thousands of young men were entering our physique competitions, that we saw we were endangering the supply of future championship material. That we should have foreseen this eventuality, is a reproach which could be flung at us, but we HONESTLY believed that so long as a man did not ACCEPT a money prize, then he retained his amateur status.

A chance meeting with a high official of the AAU, and the subsequent conversation we had with him, brought home to all of us that we could work for the good of the GAME more efficiently and with greater benefit TOGETHER than we could apart and at daggers drawn. The world we live in is full of squabbles and fights. Far be it for us to add to a cauldron already overflowing with ill will. The very simple fact is - if we may be permitted to philosophize - that we ALL need each other AND depend on each other. It is a CHRISTIAN attitude for each to help the other.

Late in May, a meeting of the IFBB executive council was called, and a momentous decision was taken. That decision was that we could COOPERATE 100 per cent with the AAU. That we would draw STRICT lines where amateur and professional was concerned. That only in this way would we assure the USA the very finest of strength athletes when it came to competition of an International nature. It is no news to IFBB members, that we have ALWAYS been ready AND willing to co-operate. When the Canadian AAU attacked our organization and OUTLAWED us we made no reply. They had acted in GOOD FAITH and according to their rules and regulations as did the American AAU. Well, all this is now water under the bridge. All we can say is that we extend the hand of friendship to the AAU and as previously stated, our offer of 100 per cent co-operation.

We GUARANTEE that from this very day and hour, the IFBB will no longer conduct mixed amateur and professional contests. We GUARANTEE that we will work hand in hand with the AAU and as AAU MEMBERS. We will do all in our power to protect the amateur status of US athletes. Each and every contest will be conducted with the approval AND sanction of the AAU and will be subjected to its regulations and rules. Any professional contests which take place will be STRICTLY for PROFESSIONALS and will be run along professional lines. Thus the status of the amateur will not be placed in jeopardy, and the future champion will be preserved for the glory of American lifting.

In BOTH YOUR PHYSIQUE and MUSCLE POWER, publications which reach HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of enthusiasts every month, valuable space will be devoted to the promotion of weightlifting competitions, and Physique Contests APPROVED by the AAU. We will leave no stone unturned, no avenue unexplored, which will give the lifter and the body builder of America a better break. Hitherto, a great deal of responsibility has been placed on the shoulders of one man. His unostentatious generosity has provided the financial sinews of the American weightlifting teams. It is asking too much to expect this to go on forever. It is time someone else helped and from now on we will all put our shoulders to the wheel and call on every bodybuilder to help our American lifter.

If this policy of co-operation works well -- and we can perceive no earthly reason why it shouldn't -- then we intend to publish a third magazine devoted entirely to COMPETITIVE LIFTING. We intend to publicize each and every Weightlifting meet no matter how small. From the New York City Development meets right through to the Senior Nationals and the World Championships, we are willing and ready to provide FULL coverage. There are few amateur sports in the world which have a regular publication supporting their activities. Imagine the terrific impetus, the rapid advances, which Olympic Lifting and Body Building will make when two of the World's most popular magazines are thrown behind these companion sports. There will be no physical activity which will be able to compare with the popularity of our IRON GAME. Imagine then, if our third magazine comes into being, to what heights our sport will reach. With a magazine devoted entirely to weightlifting in its competitive sense, there are no levels to which we might not aspire. We feel, we are CERTAIN, that the NEW POLICY OF FULL CO-OPERATION BETWEEN THE IFBB AND THE AAU AND WElDER PUBLICATIONS, which is even now being put into effect, will go down in the history of the Iron Game as the GREATEST SINGLE ADVANCE ever made.

We will do our part. That much we promise wholeheartedly. But it does not rest with us alone. We MUST have not only the co-operation of all IFBB officials, but of all AAU officials and members. We must have the support -- and we speak not for ourselves but fur the sport of Weightlifting -- of every reader of our magazines, of every weightlifter and each and every bodybuilder. We end this announcement with an appeal to all of you. Throw your weight behind the wheel of progress, behind the AAU, and help our wonderful, grand sport, reach the unprecedented heights of which it is capable.

modern note: As far as I can tell, for nine years after this, the IFBB did not conduct any body building contest in the US, amateur or professioal, until the 1959 Mr America contest. I know of no Weider magazine dedicated to weightlifting. Your Physique ended in July 1952, and Muscle Builder started up in August 1953.


- Energetic Dietrich Worthman has given generously of his time and valuable help to the A.A.U. For the past 30 years he has been totally unselfish in helping the American Weightlifter. His sincere attitude has brought about a complete understanding between the A.A.U. and the I.F.B.B. - bringing these two important organizations into complete accord. Few people know that Mr. Worthman was a champion wrestler and top notch weightlifter many years ago. His vigorous good health to-day, as plainly shown in this photo is full proof that he too knows the joys of physical fitness.

- John Farbotnik was a strong contender for the A.A.U. Mr. America tititle a few years back. Had he remained in active training there is no doubt but that he would have some day won this title. Now happily married, John has not been heard from for some time. We sincerly hope that he will come out of his retirement and once again take his rightful place among the GREATS of bodybuilding.

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