Your Physique, Vol 14, No 1, Page 28, October 1950

mr. U.S.A
miss. U.S.A
amateur mr. western America
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ON the nights of July 1st, 2nd and 3rd, at the Embassy Theatre, Los Angeles, there were staged three separate events, yet all blended into each other and formed a gala occasion and a treat for all who witnessed this muscle and beauty jamboree.

On the first night there was staged the Mr. Western America contest, under the sanction of the AAU. This consisted of the finest amateurs in the West, and it was won by Victor Nicoletti, with Monty Wolford, second, and Pepper Gomez, third. Oddly enough, this is the identical order in which these fellows finished in two previous contests. Nonetheless it was a close affair, for in it were such famous stars as Roy Hilligenn, Malcolm Brenner, Alex Aronis, Joe Sanceri, and numerous others, each worthy of being a prize winner under easier conditions.

The second night featured the Miss USA contest in which each of the final eighteen girls was a prize winner, having but recently won a contest staged somewhere in Southern California, in order to be eligible to compete in this gala event. After much judging, the number was weeded down to seven and finally to the best remaining five, and from these was chosen Miss Evelyn Lovequist as Miss USA 1950. Hazel Shaw received second awards, and Lynn Roebuck was third.

But the third and final night held the greatest of thrills. it was then that Clarence Ross posed as he never posed before in a special exhibition apart from the USA event which he did not enter. His entire five minute routine kept the audience in constant applause, without let-up, to be followed with shouts and cheers for more and more after Clarence took his final bow. Never before has he receive such an ovation!

Next came the judging of the seven contestants for the $1,000. cash, large trophy and the title of Mr. USA for 1950. Finally Armand Tanny was proclaimed the winner! He never looked better. His muscles were in great definition and his control over them perfect. His lats and thighs are most unusual and brought most generous applause. Well does he deserve to win, for today, Armand Tanny stands out as one of the finest developed men in the world!

George Eiferman received second honors despite his popularity. He is well liked wherever he goes, for, of all the strongmen, George is about the most congenial and pleasant. He beat our Floyd Page, after a long tie between them, for being the most muscular.

Floyd Page who received third honors, showed a most superb body and a greatly improved athlete over previous years. He is a top-flight strongmen and prize winner on his own, and was narrowly beaten by both Eiferman and Tanny according to points.

This is about the first time a physique show has been staged for three days in length, and Bert Goodrich, who arranged everything and promoted the affair, deserves credit for the way things went off to everyone's satisfaction. The special vaudeville acts were grand as well as funny, and Jack LaLanne presented his special hand-balancing routine atop uprights which also brought him great applause.

John Davis, the champion lifter, was the highspot of the whole contest, for his great lifting was amazing, and at one performance he curled two hands, 205 lbs. without the slightest back bend. Then he did a one-arm military press of 145 lbs., to follow with a 400 lb. jerk. And to top these, he did one squat with 520 lbs.

Climaxing the previous three days of contests, exhibitions and general physical excitement, on July 4th the annual Mr. Muscle Beach Contest attracted a huge audience. This event is always one of the most popular of the summer season, and each year the winner is selected from a huge group of entrants, for the honor of being Mr. Muscle Beach is a great one and competition is always extra keen. The winner and Mr. Muscle Beach for 1950 is popular PEPPER GOMEZ. Pepper keeps improving with each contest and very shortly will be a serious threat in National competition.

Next month we will feature a great pictorial display, of about 30 photographs bringing you the highlights of all these contests. Look for it.


- Three great stars, George Eiferman, former Mr. America and 3rd place Mr. U.S.A. Armand Tanny, winner Mr. U.S.A. Armand is an enthusiastic Weider booster and magazine contributor. Vic Nicoletti, Mr. Western America.

- The WINNERS!! Lovely Evelyn Lindquist, Miss U.S.A., poses with handsome Armand Tanny, Mr. U.S.A. of 1950.

- Heavier and more impressively developed than ever, popular Floyd Page took third place in the Mr. U.S.A. contest, bowing to Tanny and Eiferman.

- The final standing in the Amateur Mr. Western America Contest. Left to right, Pepper Gomez, 3rd, Vic Nicoletti, WINNER, and Monty Wolford, 2nd. Pepper Gomez won the Mr. Muscle Beach title on July 4th.

- A great champion!! The greatest weightlifter in the world, John Davis, pressing 340 pounds! Her is a display of POWER which is almost unbelievable.

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